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Best CPU Cooler 2020: Top 15 Liquid and Air Coolers / Fans Reviewed

It is no secret that games are now coming better than ever and increasing more demanding. To add to that, overclocking is becoming a more serious...


Is There Going To Be A Destiny 3, When Will It Be Out & What Features Will It Have?

When Destiny 2 dropped in 2017, it did not come as a very big game. In fact, the First-person shooter failed to make any...

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What is Backlight Bleed? How To Test & Fix It On A Monitor or TV [Easy Guide]

Whether it is a monitor that you are getting or a TV, there is the possibility that even from the box, you may find that something is not entirely right with it. Most of the time, just some calibration settings is all you need to adjust, but sometimes, you will find out that it is something much more as there is a defect which may just be the backlight bleed or something else. The first thing that you must understand is that it is not...

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