Arris Modem: How To Login With Default Password, IP & Check Status Lights Meaning

Arris Modem is one of the many products of the telecommunications equipment manufacturing company, Arris, that has been in existence for more than 60 years, a time in which they have become a global innovator and provider of data (IP, video and broadband technology) and telephony systems for homes and businesses for cable operators.

The company, which is incorporated in England and Wales but has its principal executive offices in Suwanee, Georgia, United States, takes pride in mentioning that it has worked side-by-side with their customers all across the world, where many designs, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, service, and sales offices are located, to solve the most pressing challenges of 21st century communications. They were notably groundbreakers in the telecommunications manufacturing business as they were amongst the first to propose and initiate the use of several system innovations. They include:

1. Being the first to propose, test and prototype an Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® system
2. Creating the first wireless broadband gateway
3. Creating the first operational all-digital HDTV system
4. Creating the first whole-home video gateway
5. Creating the first MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 digital ad insertion
6. The first to demonstrate HEVC compression system
7. Third to market with onboarding software for wired and wireless devices
8. Having more than 5,000 patents

Arris has clearly redefined connectivity and partnered with the world’s leading Service Providers and Enterprises to provide core-to-edge network innovation and constant connectivity that meets consumer demands and cost-effective, scalable solutions that enable them to succeed.

In November 2018, Arris, who had a year earlier announced an agreement to acquire the Ruckus Wireless unit from Broadcom Inc. for $800 million, was acquired by CommScope for $7.4 billion. According to the press release by both companies, they said they were joining forces to accelerate a vision to shape the communications networks of the future. The combined companies are now looking to provide additional value and benefit to their customers, partners, and other key stakeholders through greater technology, solutions, and employee talent, with broader access to new and growing markets.

Undoubtedly, the combination creates a communications company with great potential and unrivaled breadth, depth and capabilities.

Arris Modem

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Arris modems are one of the company’s most popular products, of which they have managed to produce a number of. The firm has different types of modem; the telephony modem, cable modem, and what it calls the world’s fastest modems through the ARRIS SURFboard® series. According to the company, the SURFboard® modems are perfect for things like 4K Ultra-HD video streaming and Virtual Reality gaming. With the high demand of internet speeds by connected homes around the world today, the SURFboard® Cable Modem is sure to meet all demands with blazing speeds and a rock-solid connection to the internet.

Below is a look at a few specific Arris Modem from each of the series.

1. TOUCHSTONE® CM820 Cable Modem: This modem was designed to support the services desired most by advanced users as it delivers ultra-high speed data access to cable service subscribers’ homes and businesses. It features include:

– Flexible NxM downstream/upstream channel bonding for superior throughput
– Two independent 96MHz wide RF tuners to receive downstream channels up to 1GHz
– Built-in MoCA® immunity filter
– Downstream scanning override via web GUI for rapid installation
– Supports Business Services over DOCSIS

2. TOUCHSTONE® TM3402 Telephony Modem: This modem is for customers and subscribers who are looking for gigabit high-speed data services and telephony services. Its features include

– Switchable UpStream Support 42 MHz – 85 MHz – 204 MHz
– Switchable DownStream support 108MHz – 258 MHz – 1002 MHz – 1218 MHz
– Battery Backup supports connection to external PSU with 8-hour and 24-hour standby options

3. SURFboard® SB6141: This modem is an economical choice for your home network, perfect specifically for low-bandwidth households as it provides you with 343 Mbps download speeds which is suitable for streaming HD Video, online gaming, shopping and downloading. Its other features include:

– 8 x 4 Modem Channels
– One 1-Gigabit Ethernet Port
– Supports IPv4 and IPv6
– Compatible with Major U.S. Cable Providers

How To Login to Arris modem (Default Password & IP)

Arris modem is equipped with diagnostic and setup tools for configuring security, Internet Protocol addresses, and other settings. If for some reason you would need to make changes to your modem’s settings and troubleshoot any problems, you can log into your Arris modem via your computer’s internet browser and use the following steps.

1. Make sure your Arris modem is turned on before opening your computer’s internet browser.
2. Enter the IP address in your browser’s address bar and press Enter.
3. The Login window will prompt for the router configuration username and password. The default username is “admin” while the default password is “password”.
4. With the opening of the Arris diagnostics website in your computer’s internet browser, you can click on any of the links to view security, modem status, and other settings and information about your modem.

Recommended Wireless Settings

Enable Wireless: Checked
Wireless Network Name (SSID): ‘Choose a name that you can identify’
Broadcast Network Name (SSID): Checked
Tx Power Level: High
Channel: Auto
Language: English
Security Mode: WPA/WPA2-PSK**
Encryption Algorithm: TKIPAES
Pre-Shared Key: ‘Choose a password that you can remember’
WPS Enable: Checked
Encryption Mode: PBC

Note: It is NOT recommended to “disable” the Arris Wireless security as it will allow others to gain access to your network, causing a potential security risk to personal folders, files, and documents while also allowing others to contribute to your bandwidth usage.

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Arris Modem Status Lights

Arris Modems have status lights that can help you in figuring out whether or not the modem is working properly. There is a light to show that the modem is turned on and has power and a light for the Wi-Fi connection. There is also another light to show whether or not the modem is online or offline. This is necessary because even when a modem is connected via Wi-Fi, it is possible to not have Internet access. Below is a description of the various functions of the lights on an Arris Modem.

Power: The power light on the modem blinks when it is seeking a connection to the network. Continues blinking indicates that it is unable to establish the connection. To resolve, check the cable line and make sure it is secure. If necessary, bypass any splitter and run the cable directly from the outlet to the modem.
Online: The online light blinks when your modem is in standby mode. To come out of standby mode and resume a normal connection, press the standby button on top of the modem. The standby button will, however, not reset your modem’s connection to the internet.
Cable: The cable light blinks or remains solid when your modem is connected to the internet.
USB: When the USB light is solid, your modem is connected to your computer using the USB cable in the back of the modem. If the USB light is blinking, your modem is showing current internet activity from your computer.
Ethernet: If the ethernet light is solid, your modem is connected to your computer, or your router if you are using one, or using the ethernet cable in the back of the modem. If the ethernet light is blinking, your modem is showing current internet activity from your computer or home network.


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