Best Computer Speakers Under 50
The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602

What is better than great sound reproduction that comes cheap? That is basically what you get with the best computer speakers below 50 dollars. A great sound is the definition of the music you are listening to and to some extent, the movie or even game you are playing. The thing here, however, is that most times with audio components, what you give in price, is what you get back in sound. Nevertheless, that is not to suggest that you may not get great sets that offer you better sound than what you paid for.

Having gone through a good number of computer speakers ourselves, here, we have collected those that offer just what you are looking for – great sound and durability. The speakers offer amazing bass, clear sound, quality build among other things.

Best Computer Speakers Under 50 Dollars

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Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Computer Speakers

Best Computer Speakers Below 50
The Creative Inspire T12 2.0

Below $50, the Creative Inspire T12 2.0 is the one I strongly believe should blow you away. That is unless you start comparing it to way more expensive speakers.

Aesthetically, this piece is more beautiful than the average speaker. It is designed in a clean manner and it has the quality of speakers that demand a lot from your wallet.

A multimedia speaker, this is very good most especially if your ears are on the ground searching for good sound reproduction. The bass output is strong, and there is an overall balance as a testimony of the great product that it is.

Getting a $50 speaker that is distortion free is something you should not expect on a normal day but the Creative Inspire T12 2.0 gives you that. This is because unless you get the volume to the walls, you can bet your last coin not to get it distorted.


  • Great sound quality
  • It meets high aesthetic demands
  • Gives more than it asks for in price
  • Solid Bluetooth connection


  • May not be strong enough to shake the walls of a large room
  • It tends to distort at the highest volume


Getting a great speaker under 50 bucks could sometimes be compared to moving mountains. If Creative hadn’t done that with the T12 2.0, you can trust that it has done something very close to that. It is our pick among the best computer speakers under 50 dollars if you are looking for something really enduring.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers Under 50
The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602

One cannot help but appreciate the brilliance in the design of the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602. It may not be the most beautiful speaker out there, but there are brilliance and good looks in its build.

The simplicity and aesthetic appeal spread across the subwoofer, the satellite speaker, and the desktop control it comes with. What the desktop control does is to allow you fully control the speaker in many ways including turning on and off, sound control, and it provides for headphones to be connected.

What you should expect with every speaker is that it should give great sound reproduction. This does just that. The bass is generous without being muddy or insufficient. Also, thanks to the pro bass subwoofer, it is generally thunderous and solid.

At the end of the day, this speaker with 18 watts peak power is easily ready to serve for movies, music, gaming, and any other thing you may need it for.


  • Simplicity and brilliance in its design
  • The general sound quality is good
  • Comes with very useful desktop pod
  • Great functioning subwoofer


  • Again, there is distortion at max volume though you may never get to use this volume level


There is great satisfaction that comes with this speaker probably because of the convenience of use it promises. But more than that, the speaker has good sounds and can serve on computers, iPod, and other devices.

Genius SP-HF800A 3-Way Wood Speakers

Computer Speakers Below 50
The Genius SP-HF800A 3-Way Wood Speakers

For the records, I am a Hi-Fi enthusiast, and at least, we can agree with each other that Genius has indeed been among the geniuses with their speakers no matter at what price they are selling at.

The first thing that calls with this speaker is the design which can get you vouching for both its beauty and quality. This is mostly when you consider that it has a wooden design

Looking at the sound quality, there is a genuine performance in this Genius. There is clarity and strength all over. Where you get it performing lazily is when you want it to get the bass going. Nevertheless, you cannot take it off the piece when it comes to clarity of reproduction.

Again, like most other speakers in this price range, you get some distortion waiting for you at the end of the line when you decide to get the volume to the loudest.

That said, the volume is strong enough so you may not need to take it to the extreme except if you need something for a big room. For that, getting a better and more expensive speaker should do better.


  • It is very beautiful and it has a great build
  • There is clarity and fullness in sound reproduction
  • Very valuable piece


  • Not the best at bass reproduction
  • Distortion occurs when volume gets to highest


It may not satisfy the huge appetite of an audiophile, as you will hardly find any speaker at this price range that will satisfy. Nevertheless, if you need something with decency in design and performance, you will not bet wrong with this piece.

GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers
The GOgroove BassPULSE B004ALYGI2

I hate that I love this speaker, but there is nothing I can do about that. I hate it because I think there is too much effort in the design. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful and may be one of the most creatively designed speakers, but I always prefer them simple. That is a personal sentiment though so don’t take it so seriously.

As to why I love the GOgroove BassPULSE, it is a compact piece that performs better than most others in audio reproduction. Without exaggeration, the sound quality is complete and with clarity.

It features a subwoofer that does perform good enough but not excellently, however, it will not take you there if you are the demanding type when it comes to the bass reproduction.

The speakers also come with a glowing blue light on both the speakers and the subwoofers and if you are not in a mood for the lights you can have it turned off.

At the end of every session, you may just find that you are reminding yourself how this may not be the world changer but is definitely among the best computer speakers below 50 dollars price range.


  • Creatively designed
  • Great for gaming
  • Warm and rich sound performance


  • Not the strongest bass you can get


Because of its sound performance, this is a piece that one should easily love. It will take you through anything you want to listen to without any effort. Above that, it is for someone looking for uniqueness in a speaker design and good sound reproduction.

ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar

The ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar

Personally, I won’t take this to any kind of a popularity contest, because it is not as known as much as many others such as Logitech, Genius, and Creative.

However, it is one of the best when you are looking for a very simple plug and play speaker for your laptop or desktop.

With a very good, simple, strong design and build that is compact and convenient, the speaker also comes with great sound quality.

Looking at the audio performance, it is really exceptional that this compact speaker is able to produce the much crisp and clear audio that it brings out. Admittedly, the bass is not what you can beat your chest over, but still, it doesn’t go flat on its back.

It is good to know that this works with TV, smartphones, and any other device you may need to get music from.


  • It is a plug and play speaker
  • Has a good quality
  • Very compact and convenient
  • It is very affordable


  • It doesn’t come with a subwoofer
  • Not the best bass reproduction


It will be unfair to this compact beauty to judge it by its size. It has strong sound with good quality and strength. Another thing is that it is very easy to set up and use. For someone looking for a minimalist speaker that is convenient and easy to use on different devices, this may be a good bargain.

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Satechi ST-WDS20 Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers
The Satechi ST-WDS20 Dual Sonic Conical v2.0

The Satechi ST-WDS20 Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 still keeps you in the days before Bluetooth connection when speakers came with many wires. This may sound like bad news, but it isn’t. The best thing about those times is clean connection. It is the same with this speaker.

The speaker comes as a very simple piece in both looks and performance. The design is made in a different way from most others, bringing you back to the future.

Now to the performance. The speaker has a good sound reproduction which is considerably crisp and clear for the price it goes for.

That said, it goes limping when you are looking for a bass performance. It is somewhat thinner than all others on the list, and the volume isn’t the strongest. Where it beats more perfectly is when watching videos either from the computer or streaming on YouTube.

At the end of the day, the pick with this is the quality of build, affordability, and decency in performance.


  • It is a solid set of speakers
  • Very good bargain
  • Decent performance


  • Not the strongest bass
  • There is only USB connector and no dedicated charging cable


The Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 doesn’t ask for too much and doesn’t give too much for someone asking for what will satisfy an audiophile. Apart from that, it is not for one that seeks for something larger than life. Nevertheless, if you are looking to be prudent with money and still get what is decently good, this should fill your blank spaces.

Logitech Z323 Computer Speaker System

Top Computer Speakers below 50
The Logitech Z323 Speaker System

Logitech doesn’t need any introduction for anyone that has ever taken music or gaming audio components seriously as the speakers deliver with every generosity and correctness.

The Z323 is one that doesn’t only come good, but it also comes cheap. It is made of 2 speakers that have great fidelity tone and the subwoofer. All these form a team to deliver a 360 degree sound which is as rightly claimed by Logitech.

For the price it sells, the sound quality is very good most especially when looking at the fact that it is 360 degree.

For the bass, I must admit that the subwoofer doesn’t do a bad job and even without making many adjustments on the bass volume behind the subwoofer, you still get it good. On all levels, the sound is great.

One last thing about this speaker is that it has a quality that can get it running for almost forever. You don’t expect any less from Logitech.


  • It has good sound for gaming, music, and even movies
  • Easy to set and control
  • Good sound quality
  • Superb Quality


  • Don’t take the volume to the extreme as it is prone to distortion


Singing the praise of Logitech here will just be a cliché because that is what everyone is doing on almost all of the company’s speakers. The thing though is that the company has done a great job for all those on a low budget that are looking for good sound, great build, and adjustability in a speaker.

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We have been able to collect the best computer speakers under 50 dollars which should serve whether you prefer them for gaming, music, movies, or other computer tasks on both desktops and laptops. It is very important to understand that although these would serve you well, they may not beat other more expensive ones on the market.