What Is The Best RAM For Gaming: Top DDR4 And DDR3 RAM Reviews

A typical gamer knows the difference having the best RAM for gaming can make on a system. Its performance is never optimal without a good RAM. This is whether you are using your system for gaming, video editing, programming, or other stuff.

One major problem most people have while choosing a memory for their gaming computer is that there are well so many options to choose from, but you shouldn’t only look at memory capacities but also heat spreader, latency, speed, LED lighting among other factors.

Even though the DDR4 RAMs are the newer versions of memory and they offer higher frequencies that are mostly between 2,400MHz and 3,200MHz, the DDR3 modules are still not out of the way and although their frequencies usually range from 1,333MHz to 2,400MHz, they offer better compatibility with most motherboards, unlike the DDR4 that is mostly for X99 Intel chipset and LGA 2011 processor socket.

If you are in a hurry, you can rest assured that having looked at a lot more factors than the usual memory capacity, we recommend that Kingston HyperX FURY is the best RAM for gaming, especially for someone whose eyes are on the DDR4 kits. Even though it is not as expensive as many others, it is a great performing piece that is also widely compatible. If, however, you are looking for the best DDR3 piece, the Corsair Vengeance Pro is our choice as it performs excellently well even under intense gaming conditions.

Why You Should Trust Our Reviews

This has rather been a long review coming, and at last, we have done it! Hundreds of hours of gaming (which we really enjoyed!), talking to computer experts and other gaming pros and the best of our experience were all put into play on this review.

We also tried to understand how different users have felt and their experiences using the various top-recommended RAMS we collected before making our final selection; placing our utmost priority on overall performance and speed.

DDR4 And DDR3 RAM Reviews 

Best RAM For Gaming

Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 RAM

ram for gaming
The Kingston HyperX FURY RAM

From our research and analysis, We found out that the Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 RAM is the best DDR4 RAM for gaming available today

Kingston does not need any form of introduction among enthusiastic gamers. At least even those who don’t know much about the company know that it has been there for some time dishing the best of various computer components.

With this DDR4 HyperX Fury, Kingston has brought one of the best RAMs for gaming. That is definitely not in beauty, as it offers very little in that regard except the furious look it has but, its monstrosity is in the performance and features that we think are some of the best.

One of such great features is the automatic overclocking that it comes with. The interesting thing with this is that it can move at 2666MHz, meaning it will be able to handle any game you throw at it without bulging.

That being said, getting it overclocked and getting the voltage a little higher will give you an even better performance.

More so, even as it performs as high as it does, this RAM has a very low power consumption which we found to be at 1.2V and essentially, getting heated up is one of the least worries you should have about it.

One great thing with this is that it has a fast latency in comparison to others.

Finally, while optimized for the Intel’s 100 Series as well as the X99 chipset, this is a RAM that complements the 2, 4, 6 and 8-core processors and it will not only get you covered for gaming, but also for other high demanding tasks including complex multimedia works.


  • It comes in different capacities
  • Automatic and easy overclocking
  • Because it is Plug-and-play, there is ease of installation.
  • You get a lifetime warranty with this.
  • It comes in various colors to increase your choice.


  • Nothing worth a blink against this module.


With a furious gaming look, this may as well be the best RAM for gaming you can get if what you want is a high performing piece that is still easy to install. More so, even as it gives you very good overclocking, it still manages power very efficiently.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM

gaming ram
The Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is a RAM that is all going for serious gamers and those who may have the need for serious overclocking and really appreciate beauty.

Optimized for Intel’s X99 and 100 series motherboards, the module comes in the DDR4 category and achieves a speed of up to 2,666 MHz without any tweaking.

For someone who may have so many things in mind, this comes with various kits that would serve a wide range of appetite.

The latency time you get with it is considerably short at 16-18-18-35. This is most especially when you consider that the power consumption is only at 1.2V which is excellent for a DDR4 RAM which comes with the advantage of low power consumption and higher frequencies and bandwidth.

With an aluminum heat spreader as well as an eight-layer PCB, what you get can pass for great heat control even when you are overclocking.

This RAM is centered on technology to improve overclocking and such include the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) 2.0  support which ensures that you get automatic overclocking without the hitches that are prone to it.


  • It is a top performing piece
  • Features a very good cooling system
  • Great overclocking
  • There is much reliability to it
  • Offers a lifetime warranty


  • It is not among the cheapest


Because this is not one of the average RAMs you get in the market, it doesn’t ask for an average price. Beyond that, it is a piece that should serve you generously if you are a serious gamer in need of serious overclocking capabilities.

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Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3 RAM

Best RAM for gaming
The Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3 RAM

Something to pull the Haswell CPU by the tail is the Ballistix Sport XT from Crucial. The memory came into the market not without making much buzz, and by the time the day was done, the buzz was all worth it.

This dual kit 16GB module came with a design that is not only fresh and sweet but also threatening and whole.

Where it bites rightly is with its performance. The kit brags of a speed of up to 1866 MHz even without any tweaking coupled with the fact that it features the XMP profile which makes it like most others on the list, easy to install and use.

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By default, it runs on a power of 1.5V and the timing is 10-10-10-30.

It comes with a heat spreader that is beautiful and effective in getting heat properly dissipated though it appears a bit large and because of this, it may have a problem fitting into a PC that has large coolers most especially those with dual towers.

That being said, it is important to know that once it is able to sit well in your system, you are sure to enjoy stable and reliable performance even when you overclock.

Finally, as you would expect, this offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Good performance
  • Can take extreme pressure thanks to the heat spreader.
  • Aggressive, beautiful, and quality build.
  • Stable and reliable run.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of systems.
  • Easy to install and overclock.


  • Because the memory heatsink is considerably large, there may be a fitting problem with some CPU coolers.
  • Doesn’t have the best XMP profile.


Although you will find some people who may decide that this is only but a basic kit, we strongly hold that it is for a mainstream gamer. Not only is it very great when it comes to taking the heat away, considering its heat sink, the performance, build, and capacity are just excellent.

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Viper Elite Series DDR4 16GB RAM

RAM for gaming
The Viper Elite Series DDR4 16GB RAM

Even though the Patriot hasn’t been able to attract much attention in the computer memory market, it has fared considerably well. With its Viper Elite series, it has brought something that has further taken its head out of the hole.

Optimized for the Intel 100 series platforms, the Viper Elite Series DDR4 16GB is a module that has at its core, a performance that sustains and meets the price it asks for.

For us at least, even though it offers various color options (red, blue, and black), we are unable to come around to love its looks. But we couldn’t but tolerate it because the performance is enough compensation and even more.

This dual kit has an impressive speed of 3000 MHz and a low Voltage of 1.3. The timing of the module is 16-16-16-36. Also, because it comes with XMP, you are able to achieve the 3000MHz speed it promises even without any BIOS setting.

What is more, is that the automatic speed is very solid and stable and you can count on that.

The heat spreader it comes with is not exactly beautiful, but it is efficient and performs really well in heat dissipation.

With this, you get the same lifetime warranty that others promise.


  • Performance that easily satisfies
  • It is very stable
  • Low voltage
  • The price is good
  • Features excellent heat spreaders


  • Even though it is a premium performing piece and is well priced, it happens to be slightly more expensive than the Corsair Vengeance LPX which is not only from a better-known company, but still, manages to perform slightly better.


The Patriot is not popular, but with this kit, you get plenty of surprises. This is not only because you wouldn’t expect it to perform that good, but because it performs as good as many in the competition. One of the best things about this is that it is very stable.

Corsair Dominator Platinum Series DDR4 RAM

ram for gaming
The Corsair Dominator Platinum Series RAM

If you are looking to build your own gaming PC, most RAMs should work for you. However, there are some that would do even better. One of such and the foremost for us is the Corsair Dominator Platinum Series. That is because while it is stable, it also has the stamina to take whatever burden you lay on it.

First, with the looks, this goes all the way, considering that it has beauty to it, intelligence, and the fact that it comes with LED lighting.

This 16 GB DDR4 ram which is built most especially for the Intel 100 series and most Intel X99 systems have a speed of 3000MHz automatically. It runs at a Voltage of 1.35V while its latency is 15-17-17-35.

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In addition, you get XMP 2.0 Support with this, which means automatic overclocking to your system’s strength. Nevertheless, with some nice tweaking, you will get even better performance.

For its reliable cooling performance, the Dominator Platinum Series features patented DHX cooling system which cools the PCB directly. There is also the Corsair Link that comes with this to enable you to monitor temperature and enhance the lightening speed it works at.

We didn’t expect that this would come any cheap considering everything it comes with, and it didn’t. It has a lifetime warranty though.


  • Doesn’t lose its cool even when the burden is much
  • It is very fast
  • Low power demands.
  • There is a beauty to it and it comes with LED light.
  • It is complete in every sense.


  • It is not cheap
  • Because it is a high profile module, it is tall enough to take some space, but this doesn’t affect its functionality.


For someone looking to have a customized gaming piece, hardly is there any RAM that can outwit the Corsair Dominator Platinum Series. This is because of the stability of the piece even as it comes with top notch performance and very good temperature control. Hence it is the choice for most builders because it has everything you should look for in the best RAM for gaming.

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Ballistix Tactical Low Profile 16GB DDR3 RAM

Top RAM for gaming
The Ballistix Tactical Low Profile 16GB DDR3 RAM

The Ballistix Tactical Low Profile module came to the market sometime in 2012. With the way that the memory market spins, many have lost out, yet this piece has maintained its place as one of the best when you look at the DDR3 kits.

Thanks to its XMP profile, this dual-channel kit has an automatic speed of 1,600 MHz. This is even as it has a low power consumption rate of 1.35v. What is more is that you still get a latency with the timings of 8-8-8-24.

If you are not satisfied with the speed you get, there should be no qualms tweaking a little to have up to 2000 MHz. That should naturally require some more voltage.

It is obvious that you will not get the fastest ride with this when compared to others on the list, still, it fairly compensates with other things most especially its low power consumption and the fact that it is a low profile memory, with a height of 20mm.

A little on the design, there is nothing that should make you screech your wheels with the looks of this. Nevertheless, it is well built with an aluminum heatsink which plays good at keeping heat well dissipated, meaning that you get it cool at all times.

Exactly as you are expecting, you will get a lifetime warranty with this kit.


  • The overall performance is good
  • It is a low profile memory.
  • There is stability and reliability due to its heat spreader
  • Good build and nice features


  • The speed could have been better.
  • Slightly expensive.


We are recommending this piece to you if you have your eyes set on building a gaming rig with a low profile module. That is not, however, the only thing that you end up with, as it also lets you have great speed even without any tweaking, and is even greater when tweaked.

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Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 RAM

Good gaming RAM
The Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM

Hardly is there a thing from Corsair that you would not love. That is whether it is CPU coolers, RAM or the best mechanical keyboards.

This Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM is one that we have found to be rather very faithful when it comes to speed and multitasking.

With a bold look designed for 3rd and 4th generation Intel users, the Vengeance Pro is a wise bet for anyone who thinks overclocking is the deal. This is because it comes with automatic overclocking thanks to the XMP 1.3 profiles which also allow for reliability.

The speed is interesting at 2400MHz. When you get the voltage higher from 1.65v and the timing is reset, your possibilities should be unlimited.

More so, it features aluminum heat spreaders which should provide very good temperature control. With the heat spreaders, they are not only heat regulated and well-performing, but they as well have a good fit and strong build.

Another thing is that it has a latency of 11-13-13-31 and a lifetime warranty just like others.


  • Has great speed and is good for multitasking.
  • Aesthetically on point and comes with different color options
  • Good for overclocking
  • The temperature control is very good.


  • Not exactly cheap


For those whose systems cannot support the DDR4 and are looking for a RAM that is great in performance, this shouldn’t be too low on your shortlist. It performs excellently well over most other DDR3 RAMs when you look at things like overclocking and heat control.

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G.Skill Ripjaws V Series

Good gaming RAM
The G.Skill Ripjaws V Series RAM

The G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series may just be the most aesthetically complete Ram you have ever seen. Well, you get that beauty with most G.Skills products as the company seems to have got every skill in making what kills in beauty.

With a rather unique design, it also has a good build and offers great performance.

A great performing kit, this offers a massive speed of 2,400 MHz. More to this is the fact that it even consumes an ultra-low voltage of 1.2V and a CAS latency of 15. The timing is 15-15-15-35.

The speed you get is even before you get to tweak the BIOS, which is due to the XMP 2.0 profile it comes with. Simply put, what that means is that with a little extra setting you should move mountains in speed.

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It comes with an aluminum heat spreader that is not only Sleek and stylish in design, but also very good in ensuring that heat is not concentrated.

The module is optimized for the Intel Z170 and the X99 platforms. Also, considering that it is 42mm in height, it is one that should go in line with large desktops.

With a lifetime warranty, the Ripjaws V Series comes with various capacities that rise as high as 64 GB in memory and other specifications. It has five colors from which you can choose.


  • The performance is top notch
  • Aesthetically complete.
  • It is affordable
  • Great overclocking potentials.


  • When the speed gets to the highest, it tends to drag a little as regards stability.


If it is all about beauty, this will definitely pass any race in deciding the best RAM for gaming. Nevertheless, even when performance and other things come to play, it still returns as one of the best. We easily recommend this for an enthusiastic gamer in need of an extreme performing kit. The good news is that it doesn’t come expensive

G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 16GB RAM

RAM for gaming
The G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 RAM

The first thing that pulls you to this good performing kit is not even the fact that it is from G.Skill. It is the looks. Other things come to make you appreciate it even more, but the first thing is definitely the fiery looks.

It is a dual channel kit that apart from having game-ready appearance, it also has good build and performance as part of the rings around its fingers.

Even without overclocking, the Ripjaws X gives you a speed of 1600MHz thanks to its XMP profile. The power consumption is placed at 1.5 Volts with a latency timing of 10-10-10-30-2N.

More so, this low profile module will offer you even better speed when overclocked.

The heatsink feature stresses on the beauty of the RAM on one hand and ensures that there is good heat dissipation on another to the point that heat is hardly a problem for this.

A lifetime warranty comes with this module and it is compatible with Intel LGA1155/LGA1156 and AMD AM3/Llano/AM3.


  • It has beautiful and threatening looks.
  • Good speed
  • Low profile module
  • You do not get to break your bank in order to buy it.


  • We would have loved to see it with greater speed, but looking at the price, it is very fair.


There is hardly anything that can turn you off if you are looking for a DDR3 kit that has good looks to it, great performance, and something of low profile. This is a good kit that should be able to serve whether you are an enthusiastic gamer or just another regular gamer. Finally, for its price, you can’t be wrong most especially when you are on a budget.


Best ram for gaming

Many people have expected that this was going to lose its place as one of the standard RAM for gaming desktops more than 3 years ago. Today, it is still balling and it looks like it will continue for some time to come.

There is no denying the fact that ADATA is not one of the big names or even one of the very popular in the RAM market. Never the less, the XPG V1 has maintained its place as a favorite module among gamers.

You do not get a beauty queen with this, but it is pleasing enough to the eyes and it comes with a rather good fit for any gaming desktop.

The performance which of course is the most important thing about this module, is a calm beast among other DDR3 RAMs, even though it is pointless putting it against the bigger Kingston HyperX FURY.

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It has a memory speed of 1,600 MHz and consumes power at 1.5 volts. Featured with XMP, you are sure to have it automatically overclocked even without any setting.

Definitely as expected, when tweaked, the performance even gets better when you can get to have up to 2133 MHZ in speed.

Because it is XPG module, it comes with a great cooling performance which enhances its stability and in fact, performance and durability. With the XPG feature, the heat sink is able to endure enthusiast gaming.

Like others, this also offers a lifetime warranty.


  • You can count on it to give you good speed
  • It is considerably cheap.
  • It is cheap and has good heat dissipation
  • There is endurance to the piece thanks to the XPG feature.


  • Doesn’t have the greatest performance on the list.


When the budget is tight and you still need something good enough for gaming, this may just fit into your cart. The best thing about it is how it has been able to bring performance, overclocking, good cooling, and nice looks all to the heels of affordability.

Kingston Technology HyperX Impact 16GB Kit DDR4 RAM

Best gaming RAM
The Kingston Technology HyperX Impact RAM

This is another good piece from Kingston, the HyperX Impact is a massive RAM for great performing gaming laptops. It has been optimized for the Intel’s 100 and 200 series chipset.

We can’t afford not to talk about the looks, even though once placed in the system, you don’t get to see it since you will not leave your laptop uncovered. Nevertheless, it is an ultra slim beautiful piece that wears a bold look.

Making use of a 16GB module made up of 2 8GB modules, the RAM has an automatic speed of up to 2400 MHz thanks to the fact that it is XMP-ready and it takes little power to achieve this at 1.2 Volts.

The latency timing you get with it at that low voltage is 14-14-14 but while it is a plug and play piece, you can decide to easily have it overclocked to get an even better performance. Just adjust your bios setting and hit yourself a surprise.

Considering that it doesn’t consume much power, it doesn’t bring any problem as regards heating for your laptop or even high consumption of battery power even when it is running at its full capacity and performance.

Finally, with this, you also get a lifetime warranty as you get with others on the list and it comes with various options for capacities that rise up to 64GB.


  • This is one of the best if you need extreme performance
  • Comes at almost a giveaway price considering its value.
  • Good power and heat management.
  • There is no complexity to its use.


  • Unlike us, we are unable to find anything that breaks the jaw with this piece.


Dare we say this may just be the best RAM for gaming for your laptop if you are looking for extreme gaming and solid performance. Apart from the fact that it is a fast DDR4 SODIMM memory, it is as well very enduring and the price right. Whether you have landed yourself a new gaming laptop or you are trying to upgrade an old one, this is still a very good bet.

Crucial Ballistix Elite 3000MHz DDR4 RAM

Even though it has not failed with most of its memories, Crucial has particularly done a good job with the Ballistix Elite line of RAMs.

Although in the premium side of things, the line has enjoyed generous patronage across its various capacities and speeds.

A dual channel 16 GB kit and a part of the Ballistix DDR4 series, this is a module that has returned as a piece that has performance strapped to its shoulder as it records a speed of 2666MHz as it runs on the XMP profile.

If you have your mind set on overclocking, this comes with decent promises both in bandwidth and latency, as well as in frequency.

Also, it has a power consumption which is good at 1.35V as the timing is 16-17-17.

The M.O.D. Utility and thermal sensor are some things that you get with the module. With these, you will be able to have a real-time temperature monitoring. For the temperature, it comes with an aluminum heatsink that ensures heat is well spread out and dissipated. You can as well take off the sink as it is made easily removable.

Even without any attempt to make it aesthetically on point, the looks still hit rightly. Even though we believe it is a gamble that the company chose to make the module all black, it still plays well.

Lifetime warranty, as you are rightly expecting, is what you get with this module.


  • The performance is top notch.
  • Increased bandwidth
  • It comes with intelligent features.
  • Has a removable heat sink that can improve its compatibility.


  • It is a little bit more expensive than others in its class.


There are many desktop modules in the market, but this still manages to hold for the very right reasons. It brings together all the ingredients of a good module and put them together to form a piece that will not only serve a mainstream gamer, but also a regular gaming enthusiast.


We want to emphasize again, that having the best RAM for gaming can make all the difference between having a perfect gaming experience and feeling like breaking your pad because of poor performance and experience, even when it has nothing to do with it.

From our collection, you are guaranteed a great performing RAM that should suit you right whether you are looking for a DDR3 module or a DDR4.

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