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Be it on how to use GameCube Controller on PC, or fixing a WIFI that doesn’t have valid IP Configurations, or step by step guide on how to wear your earbuds, and several more like that, be sure to find them here.

This is because we are not only committed to reviewing products and helping you make smart choices when it comes to selecting the best computer or networking products, but we are also committed to helping you learn how to do many other things through our useful tutorials and guides

And to achieve this, our team of experienced writers/reviewers have come up with a number of interactive video tutorials as well as well written guides and how to articles to help you take care of day to day tech needs that may arise

This tutorials and guides section feature several tech articles and useful guides showcasing how several gadgets, electronics, computers and accessories, gaming equipment and peripherals work, how to care for them, the Dos and Don’ts as well as the rules that guide these products in order to help you get the best results and ensure that they last longer – be it gaming computers, audio devices, gadgets, electronics and accessories.

Under the Tutorials and Guide section, you will also find extensive guides and information that will expand your knowledge about your device beyond what the manufacturer provides.

This could include learning how to gain administrative privileges on your device (rooting) – gaining superuser access to a computer system, or other electronic devices. It also includes guides and information on how to install custom firmware or operating systems on the device.

You will also find tips on things to put into consideration before setting out to buy any computer gaming or computer networking product, common problems you could encounter while using a product and how to solve them, how to care for your gadget in order to get the best results from them and how to make them last longer, how to use certain products, how to assemble products, uninstall connections etc.

In summary, this section offers users extra information on products found on other categories on this website.

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