Netgear CM700 (32×8) Cable Modem Review

Whether you are an individual who wants to enhance his/her internet connection, save some substantial amount of money or just trying to make it harder for your ISP to spy on you, the prospect of purchasing your own cable modem is always an excellent idea. Cable modems are fantastic devices that bring the connection to the internet faster as compared to their dial-up connection counterparts. What’s more, they are relatively affordable, and this implies that they can potentially save you a few dollars in the long run.

If you’ve been using cable modems, then probably you know that Netgear has maintained its status as the arguably best manufacturer of consumer and commercial equipment. The CM700 32*8 is its typical product, boasting of robust and useful features that anyone seeking some top-tier performance would expect from a top-end cable modem.

So today in this particular post, we want to discuss in excruciating detail, what makes this particular device a standout performer, read on and enhance your knowledge.

Netgear CM700 (32×8) Cable Modem Review & Key Features


One of the most notable improvements to the modem platform is perhaps the design. Right out of the box, it looks attractive thanks to its bright green LEDs, sharply angled lines as well as glossy triangular vent holes. It is relatively larger, and this is because it is packed with incredibly powerful hardware which needs a bit of extra space. It is good to note that this particular modem uses both sides for the cooling process and this implies that it should always be kept in an upright position. This is because if you block the vents, you could somehow impact its performance.

The Setup Procedure

Many cable modem devices usually involve a more complicated setup process, a factor that makes them difficult to operate. However, the Netgear CM700 is easy to set up and use, and you’ll only need to connect it to a power source, plug in your cable and Ethernet connection and then push the power button. Again, this modem can automatically test and choose the best method of communication with your ISP, and this makes the whole setup procedure remarkably flawless.

Netgear CM700 Compatibility

This is an important factor to take into account when shopping for a new cable modem. While almost every modem can work with virtually every provider, there are always a few exceptions. Thankfully, a significant number of cable providers have a page that shows the modems that can work with their services. In this regard, the CM700 cable modem from Netgear follows the DOCSIS 3.0 standard to a T.

If you didn’t know, this implies that it is virtually compatible with almost every ISP on the market. Whether you are using a large or small internet provider, this particular device will always be compatible. Many Netgear devices are certified to work with nearly every network provider, including Bright House Networks, Time Werner Cable, the XFINITY from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox as well as Charter, among others.

However, it is imperative to note that some of the larger internet providers may require cable modems to be certified before they can access the service. Apparently, this certification process is often a daunting task and equally a costly process. Thankfully, as a company, Netgear boasts of a healthy relationship with most ISPs.


It is critical to mention that DOCSIS is the standard that is used by all cable companies to transmit data over the wires, and there are currently three distinct iterations: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. This implies that if you purchase a cable modem which is DOCSIS 3.0, you are possibly getting the best performance-driven device, whith relatively higher download speeds. The Netgear CM700 cable is a typical high-speed modem and provides a connection to high-speed cable internet with speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps. It utilizes the fastest communication technology out there, giving it an enormous bandwidth potential of 1.4Gbps. This means that you can download data at a rate of 175 MB every second. At this speed, you can easily stream your 4K UHD content. It is equally ideal for high-speed online gaming.

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As we previously mentioned, cable modems operate on a platform known as DOCSIS. To be more precise, DOCSIS is just a procedure of changing data into a frequency which can easily be transmitted over a cable line. The earlier version which is DOCSIS2.0 supported a maximum of 42 Mbs per channel. The DOCSIS 3.0 currently uses a maximum of thirty-two bonded channels, and the Netgear CM700 supports all of them.

There is a huge advantage of getting a 32-channel modem. If you may have noted, channels often tend to be crowded, especially those that are still using either the four or eight-channel system. However, a cable modem that features a 32-channel system can choose any of the free available channels. As a result, it allows you to take advantage of the least occupied channels ensuring that you get the best possible connection speed.

If you have been carefully examining cable modems, probably you may have realized that there is a combination of router and modem which means that such a device serves both purposes from a single box, take a look at our review on the best modem router combo. Most people usually prefer such devices perhaps because they are easy to setup, involves relatively fewer connection wires and less clutter as well.

However, I would strongly caution you against going for such devices. This is primarily because a modem/router combination can potentially affect your flexibility. If you decide to upgrade your wireless router, you will also need to replace the whole combination and buy a new modem as well.

Even though router/modem combination often comes equipped with robust features, there are lots of reason which might force you to upgrade your router; more ports, faster connection speed as well as better security. All these improvements are usually easy to do only if you have a separate router. In this regard, the Netgear CM700 functions separately, and you’ll need to install a separate router for Wi-Fi.

The other thing that is unique about this particular cable modem is it’s DOCSIS one Gigabit Ethernet port. Regardless of how fast your wireless router may be, if your modem has a slow Ethernet port, all your connections will typically run at a slower rate. If you didn’t know, for you to access the internet connection on your computer, usually the signal has to travel from the company’s cable lines, via your modem, across the Ethernet cord to the router and finally through the air to your computer device. The DOCSIS 3.0 not only unleashes 8* faster download speeds but equally eliminates any splitters that might be situated on your cable line and cable modem or router. Splitters are known to affect the signal quality of your cable line.


The Bottom Line

If you are an individual who needs the fastest internet connection possible and at all times, then the Netgear CM700 cable modem should be your ultimate choice. It is a high-performance piece of machine that will always allow you to be the first in line for the latest tier. What’s more, it is comparatively affordable and boasts of lots of incredible features.


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