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AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side

Dual monitor stands are becoming very popular among gamers, video editors, programmers, and other professionals whose jobs require more than just a monitor.

While standing the monitors on their normal bases have always worked, the inconvenience that comes with that as well as the ergonomic disadvantages have been rather obvious.

This is why just the way LCD monitors have become popular, these dual monitor stands would definitely become very popular and a part of our daily lives as people who live around the computers.

Because of this, getting the best dual monitor stand is exceedingly important. Some of the things to consider before settling for any dual monitor stand include the flexibility and adjustability, build and durability, and stability.

You will also need to consider the type of monitor you will be working with and the convenience of the stand. All our best dual monitor stands are reached after considering each of the above.

Here are the Best Dual Monitor Stands

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AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side Monitor Display Mounting Arm

dual monitor stands
AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side

Obviously, this is not one of the cheapest you will find, but it is one of the most realistic and functional dual stands you can get. This is the main reason why despite its price, it is still highly loved by many people.

It gives many options when it comes to adjustments and motion range. It can tilt 70 degrees or 5 degrees forward or backward respectively. Also, it can rotate vertically even as it has a retractable arm.

To get that into perspective, you can decide to have one monitor rotate to give a portrait view while the other goes to give a landscape, or you can decide to have both on either portrait or landscape.

Another important thing with this stand is that it is extremely durable and it doesn’t take much space on the desk or get the place littered with cables as it keeps everything out of sight.

The AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side Monitor is able to carry monitors of up to 27 inches and not more than 20 lbs. on each arm in weight. Now, that is one thing that we would have loved to see go better.


  • Very easy to adjust even while in use
  • Takes most monitors to as high as 27 inches
  • Can take on various monitors
  • Keeps desk tidy and doesn’t take much space


  • With each arm only able to handle 20 lbs., it could have been better considering the price
  • Not the cheapest


This may just be the ultimate puck if you are looking the one to do it all for you. Unless the price is an issue, this piece that is stable and intelligent is definitely a good game.

Mount-It! MI-792 Dual Monitor Stand

dual monitor stands
Mount-It! MI-792

I want to describe the Mount-It! MI-792 as the one with all the moves. It is very generous when you look at how adjustable it is.

While it is in use, each arm can be adjusted independently. You can swivel it by 360 degrees on either side and tilt it up or down by up to 15 or -15 degrees up or down.

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Complementing its ergonomic angles, you can easily adjust the height of the stand just as you can adjust almost everything about it.

The main problem that comes with stands that can be adjusted in many ways is how complex they can become. This doesn’t come any hard, and in fact, it may just be one of the easiest to adjust on the list.

For stability and sturdiness, this Jack-of-many-trades has a V-shaped base which has shown again and again to keep to its promise.

The mount can take LCD monitors that range from 13 inches up to to 27-inch in screen size, and weighing a maximum of 2 pound on each arm.


  • Good and solid stand
  • Easily customized and adjustable
  • Allows for broad monitor screen sizes
  • Very valuable


  • Its arms only take 22 lbs. maximum monitor weight on either arm


Very easy to set and customize, this is a great piece for someone who does a lot of work on the computer. This is because sometimes you may need the monitor forward or backward, higher or lower, or in some other ways. This will serve almost all your needs.

Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

best dual monitor stands
Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

Dell is one of the most popular when it comes to monitors, as such, it will be very surprising if it fails to produce some of the best dual monitor stands. It has done an excellent job with the Dell MDS14.

The stand is above many others when you look at how customizable it is among other things. With the stand, you will be able to adjust the height, as well as make tilting and swivel adjustments on both your monitors. It doesn’t really matter whether the two monitors are of the same size or not.

With a very good and convenient design, the stand ensures that at every point, your monitors are on the same level and setting.

With VESA supported panels, it is able to handle any monitor of up to 24 inches and 14.3 pounds. More so, it is a clean piece if you consider how it can have all your cables well hidden from the table and view.

The stand is able to handle many models of Dell LCD monitors.


  • Great customizability
  • Occupies less desk space
  • Highly stable and strong
  • It is clean and easy to use


  • It is not the cheapest on the list


If you are a Dell LCD monitor fan, there is hardly any reason why you shouldn’t bank on this if you want to cash in on a good dual monitor stand that is convenient, clean, and very complete.

Mount-It! MI-725 Dual Monitor Stand

dual monitor stands
Mount-It! MI-725

The Mount-It! MI-725 Dual is definitely one of the best dual monitor stands out there for someone looking for one that is very easy to adjust and one that has good height.

Before going any further, it is important to know this stand is from a very great company that has made its marks in this area. It is designed in a way that it can take most monitor brands that are in the market.

Apart from the height adjustments, the stand also gives you the opportunity to have your monitor rotated to give a landscape or portrait set. More so, there is very good flexibility as you can adjust each arm to how best you will prefer it within three different locations.

To ensure that you get a stable and strong stand, it is designed with a C-clamp base that locks to the desk. This means that it all depends on how well you tighten it.

The heavy duty stand can take up 13 to 27 inches LCD monitors that are 22 pounds maximum on both arms.


  • Has good height
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Extremely easy to install and adjust
  • Saves much space and keeps desk clean
  • Very valuable


  • With the lock base, unless you are able to tighten it firmly, it may not be very stable


Because of the good height it comes with, it is a good choice if you need something for a standing desk. Above that, the stand is very easy to adjust thanks to its adjustability, hence if you are looking for a piece that will allow you different adjusting options and you want to spend less cash than you would on AmazonBasics, this is a good choice.

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Stand

 monitor stands
VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Stand

Vivo has come a very long way with different products that one who has followed the progress of the company wouldn’t find it surprising that it is serving us one of the best dual monitor stands.

The stand is one that gives a vertical option to people who have their eyes set on it. Still, it is able to be adjusted in interesting ways that include 360 degrees rotating and swivel.

More so, it gets interesting when you consider that it can tilt by up to 30 degrees and it supports both landscape and portrait monitor installations.

Designed for efficiency and longevity, the mount can take LCD monitors of 13 to 27 inches with a weight of up to 33lbs. on each of its arms.

With that much weight, it will only be fair to doubt if this will be able to steadily take the monitors. But we found that it can. This is because it has a very solid and stable base. And it is easy to set up, although you may need to do some screwing. Once properly done, you can count on the solidity.


  • Great quality
  • Easy to install and use
  • Many options for viewing and adjusting
  • It is very affordable
  • Strong enough to take much weight and different monitor sizes


  • May need care because the paint can easily scratch off


This piece that allows for a tall setup is most especially for someone looking for a vertical option in a mount. The best part is that even as it is great in performance and strong in build, it is very affordable even for a thin wallet that wants a great performing stand.

Halter Mount Freestanding Dual / Two LCD Monitor Desk 

dual monitor stands
Halter Mount Freestanding Dual/Two LCD Monitor Desk

A solid and strong piece, the Halter Mount Freestanding Dual LCD Monitor mount is one that comes with the ability to hold its ground even when strapped with many loads.

VESA compatible, the stand is able to hold 13 to 24 inches wide monitors on either arm with 22 lbs. as the maximum weight it can bear.

Like other good mounts, this can rotate by up to 360 degrees and can swivel the same degree. Also, it is able to tilt to + or – 90 degrees even as you get to adjust it in height or width. What this means is that you get to have it installed either vertically or horizontally.

While everything seems perfect with this piece, it may not be the pick for someone who is looking to save some desk space because it is on the larger side. This means that it is not very ideal for small desks.


  • A Very heavy base which gives balance and a good stand
  • Comes with different tools that are useful
  • Has cable management to keep your desk neat
  • Extremely durable
  • Very cheap


  • Could be a little big for some
  • You may need some effort to have it fixed properly


The best thing about the stand is how solid it is. But that is not all with the monitor stand which also comes very cheap. For ergonomics, this is the bull’s eye shot. Hence, there is every reason why I should recommend this because it crosses almost every obstacle placed on its path.

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Easy Stand (DS-227STN)  

Top dual monitor stands
DoubleSight Dual Monitor Easy Stand (DS-227STN)


This is the one for some that are always scared of using any sort of tool as well as those that are sure to always move their monitors around. This is because, among other things, this tops many others when it comes to the ease of installation.

Even as that is very easy to achieve, it also comes with much adjustability that can match any that needs screws to be well tightened.

It can secure 2 monitors that rise at a maximum of 27 inches. It doesn’t really matter what brand of monitor you are using; just ensure that it has 75mm & 100mm compatible VESA Brackets.

Looking at how you can adjust it, you can have the height increased or decreased, just as you can tilt and pivot.

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Considering its design, you will not find it hard working with this in any situation or surfaces including your desk or workstation. As a result of this, it will be good for almost anything including professional use and gaming.


  • Very fast and easy to assemble
  • Accepts many brands of monitors
  • A very friendly stand
  • Works on different surfaces


  • You may need some effort to get the monitors to stand evenly


For some of us that are bent of living on the convenient side of life, this may just be the one for us. More convenient is the fact that you can use this for gaming or other professional or casual purposes.


One thing you should understand at the end of the day is that there are no specific mounts for gaming monitors or monitors for other things. Instead, all of the above could be used for different things based on your needs.


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