Perixx PX-1100

A serious gamer understands that having the best gaming experience means getting the best of your gaming components even if you will spend only $50 or even less. That is why he will always look for that best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars if that is all he has to spare.

Interestingly enough, getting the best is as easy as getting the worst. What makes the difference is how close enough you decide to look, or how easy it is that you decide to avoid little things.

There are different things that define a keyboard which will punch well for any gamer and the feel of the keyboard is one. Its durability is another, just as the comfort, responsiveness, and lighting in some cases.

Anti-ghosting feature is another thing that you want to have with that best gaming keyboard below 50 dollars. That is because you need to be able to simultaneously press different keys as you play and have them all registered.

There are great membrane keyboards that serve just as right as the mechanical keyboards and we have also taken a look at them as well.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 Dollars

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Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard

If someone who knows gaming keyboards get surprised that we have a Corsair at the top of our gaming keyboard under 50 dollars, the surprise will only be that you are able to get a Corsair at that amount and not the keyboard itself.

As far as I am concerned, the keyboard isn’t the most beautiful piece or even the one with the serious gaming look. But that is the only ungaming thing about it.

Still, to its design, it offers good customization and is designed with RGB Display. You also get to have 6 dedicated macro keys and anti-ghosting. There is also the wrist rest which makes it comfortable if you want to play games for a long time on the desk.

To the performance of the keyboard, it is important to know that although this is not a mechanical keyboard (as is wished and even speculated by some), it has a tactical response and a satisfying feel as you punch your way through.

I know that you can hardly compare membrane keyboards to mechanical, most especially when it comes to gaming, but with the performance of this, you can have a ground for a little talk.


  • Very responsive and tactical feedback.
  • There is comfort to the feel.
  • It comes with RGB lighting
  • Has media control
  • It is cheap


  • You can’t bet too much on the wrist rest.


This is a keyboard that you will not be far from being right if you call a premium piece. That is considering all that it offers including the RGB and fully responsive keys that one can put side by side Cherry MX Browns. Maybe not exactly, but close.

Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard 

gaming keyboard under 50
Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard

I cannot remember if there is a specific time that Razer has ever betrayed when it comes to design. Not with its keyboards, or mice, or any other thing and it didn’t betray with the DeathStalker.

To add to the beauty of the keyboard, it also has a reassuring quality and it is light weighted.

The keyboard which we find to be the best for a gamer who doesn’t have too many questions to ask is simply that, designed with good response and performance; and a good example is the Razer DeathStalker.

More so, it offers full anti-ghosting and also allows you to deactivate the windows key while gaming so that you do not get interrupted.

Although with fully programmable keys, the keyboard is still not mechanical. That said, it is important to point again that the response is better than the price it demands even as it is a membrane keyboard.


  • Has a good wrist rest.
  • Low-profile laser engraved keys.
  • It is well built and aesthetically on point.
  • Comes with good software.


  • Has no backlight.


The Razer Deathstalker is for someone who wants beauty stalked on his gaming desk while getting a good performance keyboard at the same time.

Logitech G105 Cheap gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard below 50
Logitech G105

Logitech has been one of the companies that have also brought serious competition into the computer and gaming components. This is because of how easily it blends together cheap price and performance.

Even though the Logitech G105 is not a mechanical keyboard, it has a design that could suggest otherwise.

It comes with blue LED backlighting that can easily be controlled as well as 6 g-keys that are easily programmable to up to 18 unique functions. This is even as you still Multi-key inputs with anti-ghosting.

With good response and feedback, you can deactivate the windows keys when you are gaming so as to avoid any unnecessary interruptions.

While everything is almost good with this keyboard, it only leaves one wondering what it would have offered if Logitech had taken a step further to make it into a mechanical keyboard!

To achieve some extra features with the keyboard, you will need the Logitech gaming software. The good news here is that it is detailed and easy to make use of to program your keys.


  • It comes with a very good design.
  • Fully programmable macro keys.
  • Offers anti-ghosting functionality.
  • There is general quality to the build of the keyboard.


  • Doesn’t have the brightest of backlighting.


If you need a complete gaming keyboard that doesn’t drag feet, this may just be your companion. In functionality, build, and gaming, the keyboard does not fail.

Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

gaming keyboard
Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming

Redragon is not as mainstream as Corsair, but it has been faithful to the competition when it comes to price in the same way it has been faithful to its cult-like followers.

For the best gaming keyboard below 50 dollars, I will not be wrong to say Redragon came very close to unleashing the dragon. Let’s face it, what other company could give out a mechanical keyboard for this price and this good?

The keyboard is not designed in any way to compete in terms of beauty, but it offers much in the quality of build. It doesn’t feel cheap or looks it with the red lighting that is strapped to it.

More so, as a mechanical keyboard that it is, the responsiveness and tactical feedback is very good. The switches used are said to be Cherry Green equivalent. Many of us would have loved to see that it is actually Cherry Green or closer than we get, but that will just be the Oliver Twists in us talking considering the price.

Finally, it is good to note that it is a tenkeyless keyboard, meaning that it doesn’t have the number pad.


  • Good backlight
  • Offers programmable keys
  • Cheap for a mechanical keyboard.
  • Laser Engraved Keys
  • Responsive and tactical feedback.


  • The keys are considerably smaller than normal.
  • Not Cherry MX keys.


One main point that this has is for those looking for a gaming keyboard that they can also use for other things as typing because the keyboard is versatile and complete. Also, looking at the fact that it is a mechanical keyboard and it is tenkeyless, it is a wise choice for gaming.

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Perixx PX-1100 Gaming Keyboard

gaming keyboards
Perixx PX-1100

The Perixx PX-1100 is a gaming keyboard that comes with good features, style, and performance. For how much it is accepted by gamers, I find it really surprising that it is from a company that is not in the class of the Corsairs, Logitech, or Redragon.

Looking at the design of the keyboard which is even made better with the LED lighting that can have its brightness adjusted, it will definitely be hard not to appreciate it.

What is even better than its looks is its performance. The board has twenty million key press lifecycle which is quite generous, and the clicks are good not just for a gamer, but for anyone doing anything on a keyboard. The feel is very good and comfortable.

It also has an arm rest that is likewise comfortable and durable. The thing though is that it comes somewhat large so you may not have this as your pick if you want to use a very small gaming desk.

A USB wired membrane keyboard, this is generally good, but somehow, it doesn’t come with programmable keys, and that is the only foot dragging issue I had with the keyboard.


  • Very good style
  • It is highly durable
  • Comfortable and nice feel.
  • Comes with good gaming features.
  • Good backlighting that is adjustable.


  • Non-programmable keys


If you are looking for a stylish gaming keyboard that will allow you do a lot of things, this may just be your best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars.

HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo 

Best gaming keyboard below 50
HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

HAVIT is one of the new kids on the block, yet it has grown way too fast and too good. With its Rainbow Backlit Wired gaming keyboard that features a gaming mouse, we are greeted by an anti-splash board that has sure given many older and more known boards in the market a run for their money.

The design of the board is very interesting as it has that crazy and beautiful gaming look that is enhanced by its rich backlighting.

The gaming keyboard allows you to achieve a simultaneous use of up to 19 keys without any form of conflicting response. More so, the WASD keys are interchangeable and you can have the Window keys deactivated so you can play your game without any interruption.

If it remains unused for up to 10 minutes, the keyboard goes into auto sleep and to wake it back, you just need to tap on any key. With the mouse it features, you get to have 4 adjustable DPI that goes as high a 2,400.

Finally, even though it is not a mechanical keyboard, the touch of keys is quite generously good, and it holds its ground well on any desk in case your gaming gets brutal and you punch angrier than normal.


  • Good backlighting
  • It comes with its mouse
  • Excellent anti ghosting.
  • Slash resistant


  • Not the one to last forever.


A very beautiful piece that comes with a mouse, splash resistant make, and backlighting, this could be the rabbit in the hat for someone looking to have a well-kitted keyboard that has it all at a nice price and still performs well.

EagleTec KG011 Office / Industrial LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

EagleTec KG011

This mechanical keyboard wasn’t designed with gaming in mind, even though it still has the gaming properties and it really serves well for gaming just as it does for other things including typing and other professional activities.

One of the first things you notice with the board is that although it may not be the one to beat in aesthetics, you cannot take it off the runway when it comes to the construction. It has an aluminum and ABS construction which means that it is here to stay for a long time.

With the blue switches from Otemu, it has a good response and a tactical feedback, just as you will get with other blue switches. Also, EagleTec has ensured that the board has blue LEDs that you can adjust easily.

Some people would prefer a keyboard that is more on a heavy side, but this comes rather lighter than a good number of others.


  • Fit for almost every purpose
  • Nice feel and tactical response
  • Good backlighting.
  • Has good value.
  • You get to have many options.


  • It is quite light.


This is your pick if you are looking for a gaming keyboard that you will also use for your office work or other professional stuff. What makes this choice even better is that it is enduring enough to survive a considerable level of bullying.

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Looking for the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars will need one to consider a lot of things. We took time to have our fair share of experience with these keyboards, we also reviewed feedback from other people that have used these gaming keyboards before coming to the conclusion that the above are the best in the $50 range. More so, we didn’t just stop at membrane keyboards but also their mechanical peers which offer better feel and response.

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