Code Vein: 5 Remarkable Facts About The Dystopian Survival Game

Soul-like games are not the oldest games in existence, but they have managed to pull together a genre that is now enjoying rather faithful followership. With many games that have a lot to boast about, Code Vein is also set to join the ever-growing list. What is more interesting about this game beyond its genre is the fact that it is making its way from the stables of the developers of the God Eater series, Bandai Namco Studios.

The game which was released on September 27, 2019, for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One consoles has delayed for quite some time. Initially, Bandai Namco had announced in 2017 that it was going to be released in 2018 but other things came up and delayed the game for an additional year; making it 2 and a half years that gamers have had to wait.

With so much excitement raised by the game already, here are some facts that are worth knowing:

Notable Facts About Code Vein

1. What is it about the storyline?

One thing that has become very clear with Soul-like games is that they do not put much emphasis on the story even though they always have something pretty strong to build upon. However, taking things slightly different, Code Vein has a rather powerful story that the game is weaved around without losing the essence of the soul-game.

The world is in a post-apocalyptic state following the Thorns of Judgement havoc that has left the planet almost completely destroyed. Among the only things surviving are creatures that are known as the Lost, who were once humans but have now become monsters with an insatiable thirst for blood.

The game tells about how these blood-crazed monsters are looking to finish the remainder of anything that survives. The Revenants, also surviving as immortals, are vampires who fight each other and everything else for the blood that remains in order to prevent themselves from becoming feral and Lost.

Apart from the storyline which slightly takes it different from most others in the genre, it is featuring a rather anime look than photorealism. This has earned the game the name “anime souls” on the internet.

2. The gameplay of Code Vein

As already stated, the game is built with inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise which means that in terms of gameplay, the mechanics is fairly the same in many ways.

One thing you will find interesting with this open-world RPG is that you will get to team up with other players in order to defeat very difficult bosses.

More so, gamers can customize Revenant which you will play as. There are many weapons at your disposal from sword to hammer, glaive, naginata, rifle, and many others. One of the most interesting things about the game is how you can tag an AI character, NPC Companion, along with you as you continue your journey in the game. The characters do not only have their own combat skills but also their own stories.

The idea of the AI character is something that on one hand will aid progression but on another, affect the difficulty of the game. Also, it adds another layer of strategy and excitement to the game since you will find a way of managing your character alongside the secondary character that tags along.

Your survival is all tied to how you can kill off your enemies before they take you out. This will all be dependent on how you are able to attack, dodge, and parry when you are faced with normal enemies and the rather brutal bosses that do not fall easily.

3. Blood Code and Gifts

Obviously, Code Vein has taken another path entirely with its anime style. However, at the core, it still maintains a lot of features as expected as with other Soul-like games.

Adding to the great idea of having the AI characters, there is also the blood code and gifts system which you can use to upgrade your Revenant. Once you are able to equip it with gifts, you will have some added abilities which will also weaken the opposition among other things. Through the blood code system, you can also take on different character class that may be anything from fighter to Assassin, or Mage.

As one would expect, each Blood Code features its different Gift which you get to unlock and equip as you progress.

4. Blood Veil System and Focus

Code Vein
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More of a gameplay element, there is the blood veil that you use for mainly two reasons; armor and weapons. As armor, they serve to protect you while as a weapon, you can use them to collect blood from the enemy. The veil comes in four different types, all functioning differently in the way they can be used against the enemy. The veils are Ogre-type, Stinger-type, Hound-type, and Ivy-type.

Your sanity as Revenant is all tied to how much Blood Beads you are able to keep consuming. The beads which serve as a substitute for human blood is what keeps you from turning into a Lost.

Focus is another thing that you will find enjoyable with this dystopian survival game most especially during combat. This system will assist you in both dodging and attacking an enemy. The downside of Focus, even as it increases attack strength is that you are not the only one who has the luxury of this system; your enemy does as well.

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5. Online Multiplayer and Difficulty Option

Apart from your NPC companion, you can also make do with another online player. Take note, however, that communication with other players is limited.

For you to have the extra human player, you will need to send out a rescue signal and then the game will match you automatically with another player who will be summoned to your location. This will not take away your control of your NPC companion.

Finally, many games come with more than a single difficulty option so that when things get too tied, you can step it down a little bit. Well, that is something that Code Vein does not have. You will always have to find a way of defeating enemies with the only difficulty option available as well as with the help of your NPC companion. Also, you will have to know how to take advantage of your weapons; a one-handed sword, two-handed sword, two-handed hammer, spears, and rifles.

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