Top 7 Mechanical Keyboard Brands Redefining the Gaming Industry

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard built with high-quality spring activated key switches. These key switches vary based on the keyboard’s application or user preference. The mechanical keyboard produced by these top brands which we will discuss here are an indispensable part of any good computer, especially if you love ganing on your PC. Nothing productive can be done on a computer other than clicking and dragging the mouse without a mechanical keyboard. We simply spend more time interacting with our keyboards than dragging our mice around, as expected, keyboards have more functions inbuilt in them than any other computer accessories. With these top mechanical keyboard brands, you will do a lot more than typing and in fact look forward to using your keyboards again.

Typically, budget keyboard brands use a dome-switch technology to register and report your keypress when you type on a silicone dome shaped button. These have a short lifespan of about 5 million keystrokes. Alternatively, mechanical keyboards survive much more longer up to 50 million keystrokes or more per switch. They are thicker, heavier and often more expensive which makes them more of an investment purchase than casual expenditure items. They function by activating a real physical switch that registers what you type whenever you strike a key.

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Top 7 Mechanical Keyboard Brands


The Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one line of products that projected the Corsair company as one of the best manufacturers of choice in electronic gadgets. They achieved remarkable success in mechanical keyboard technology after 20 years of pushing the limits of innovation. Their products conform to the nitty-gritty of what a standard mechanical keyboard should feature. As expected, they comes with the almighty  Cherry key switches which give smooth, linear key response with a wide actuation zone. Each key has LED backlighting in addition to their anti-ghosting capability for fast typing.

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Logitech is one brand that comes to mind whenever computer gadgets are mentioned. From products as simple as touchpads and mouse to mechanical keyboards and more, they are known for making highg quality products and you shouldn’t hesitate about purchasing any. Their best selling mechanical keyboard brands have 10 keyless functions. This secures them a spot as an intelligent top mechanical keyboard brand. They come mostly powered with the unique exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switch.  It promises to be more durable and delivers 25% faster actuation more than any other switch. Each of its keys can be customized with a backlighting feature.

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CM Gaming Keyboards

mechanical keyboard brands

CM Gaming Keyboard made its mark as one of the few mechanical keyboard brands that introduced the option of a cheap mechanical keyboard in the market. As expected, many people desirous of purchasing mechanical keyboards on a smaller budget flooded stores to own them, thus leading to their widespread and quick popularity. Despite coming inexpensive, CM Gaming Keyboards are not void of any basic needed functions of a mechanical keyboard. They mostly have the option of a switch and LED lighting, windows lock key and 10 N-keys N-Roll Over. These are not commonly found on most mechanical keyboard brands.


top mechanical keyboard brandsA wireless keyboard brand that will last for 6 months of solid 5 hours daily usage without recharge is the Majestouch Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. The keyboard battery of this brand has a 6 months minimum lifetime. It was built with multiple charging options as well as a USB connection port. Our professional reviewers rated this brand as one of the top 7 mechanical keyboard brands because of its ability to connect and be used easily on smartphones and tablets. With a DIP Switch at the bottom of their models, you can easily stop or change any key codes.


A rainbow LED mechanical keyboard brand that is all beauty, easy to use, fully functional and reliably robust is the SADES brand. Their keyboards offer 3 levels of brightness, blue switches and LED light controls. Simply switch off the LED lights to turn it into a productivity mechanical keyboard. This, therefore, means that it is ideal for gaming and regular typing needs. Because of this dual usefulness, most people readily settle for the SADES brand and save up from buying a wholly dedicated typing or gaming keyboard.,

They merit a spot on our top 7 mechanical keyboard brands list because SADES design keyboards with complete keys including multimedia keys all made compact and compatible for either gaming or typing needs.

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DREVO Mechanical Keyboards

With a  4.0 Bluetooth version, the Drevo Calibur brand manufactures keyboards that seamlessly connects with your tablets and smartphones once paired up with them. Their best selling brands have 71-keys which are of first-rate keycaps quality that glows in the dark, thanks to the RGB backlighting feature. The lighting just like that of SADES can be controlled by switching on to the gaming profile mode or staying back in the professional typing mode.

Being a brand that carefully manufactures various models of its mechanical keyboard brands, you shouldn’t expect to see any lags in key responses. They work effortlessly without delays and for compatibility, you will find them easy to use on most devices your pair them up wirelessly with.


The Cougar manufacturers some of the best angular designed mechanical keyboards. They were made famous with their orange backlight keyboard that can be switched off and on. It has a Split Space Bar one of which acts as a custom space bar, while the other can be assigned a macro key function as you like. Cougar is generous with including useful features on heir products. Such include USB and audio passthrough options, multimedia buttons and standard Macro keys.

Their keyboard brands are quite unique in design and not too expensive as well, therefore they offer users more quality, control options and durability. It is no doubt, one of the top 7 mechanical keyboard brands you ought to know about.


These top mechanical keyboard brands have redefined the keyboard industry through optimal tactile feel, mixes of different key types on the same board as well as different board sizes. Each of these distinctions are part of what set them apart from the rest.


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