What is a Mechanical Keyboard: Here is Everything You Should know

A mechanical keyboard is a computer keyboard made with high-quality plastic key switches under each key, each keypress can be physically and accurately felt.

A mechanical keyboard is a high-performance, high-quality keyboard with tactile and audio feedback so accurate that it allows the user to execute each keystroke with lightning-fast speed and precision. They are classic-looking, sturdy keyboards from the 1980s.

Mechanical keyboards have, over the recent years, become very popular. Serious coders and hardcore PC gamers alike, have all started to embrace this age old innovation. Well then, In this article, we will take a look at everything you must know about mechanical keyboards and why you ought to give them a try.

How exactly do PC keyboards function?

Essentially, to fully understand why these products are so awesome, you have to fully comprehend their exact functionality. Ideally, all PC keyboards currently made available in the market work in a very similar manner. When you depress their keys, the keystrokes are then registered by their electric circuits. The keyboards then relay a signal to your PC, which is ultimately converted into text on your screen. However, what really distinguishes the different sorts of PC keyboards from one another is simply how they can register keystrokes.

What differentiates mechanical keyboards from standard PC keyboards?

Basically, the standard PC keyboard varieties utilize a membrane system in which a rubber or even silicone dome switch separates the keys from the electric circuits. Whenever you hit on their keys, these membranes bob up and down. In turn, this lets the upper and lower contacts connect and the signal is then relayed to your PC. The keys in standard keyboards can only assume 2 positions ( up or down), and you will never register a keystroke with a halfway depressed key.

On the other hand, the mechanical kinds don’t have any membranes. Rather they come with physical switches for each of their keys. Each of these PC keyboards feature a metallic actuator and a spring that can depress on every hit and rise up after each strike. These types of PC keyboards register a hit when the keys depressed halfway down and not when they are completely down as with the standard types.

Why are mechanical PC keyboards so awesome?

In a nutshell, the primary appeal of these given products is their unparalleled versatility. The standard varieties can only provide 2 options on how they can respond to their keys been depressed. While the mechanical keyboard varieties come with diverse switch types. Some are difficult to depress, others can offer much more tactile feedback, and still others provide distinctive audible feedbacks.

With the wide variety of options that are laid out for you, you can be able to conveniently pick a keyboard based on your requirements and typing technique. For instance, if you happen to be a hard typer’ and tend to bottom out immediately after each hit, there are switches, which are designed specifically for that.

Alternatively, if you prefer typing lightly and quickly, there are switches that can cater for that. Also, there are switches that can register multiple keystrokes simultaneously. These kinds of mechanical PC keyboards are particularly a major boon for hardcore gamers in their gameplay. At the same time, virtually all mechanical keyboards are highly noted for possessing much more durable switches, which can be able to last significantly longer than most other alternatives.

At this juncture, it is very important to note that that the average durability rating for most membrane PC keyboards stands at around 5 million key presses. While, on the other hand, the average durability rating for most mechanical keyboards is about 50 million key presses. With all these benefits, it is hardly surprising to see many individuals opting to settle for these kinds of PC keyboards instead of the other varieties available in the market.

5 Reasons You Should Go For a Mechanical Keyboard

Many people tend to take their keyboards for granted. However, the computer’s mouse and keyboard are two peripherals that help users interact with a computer. In this case, the quality of your keyboard is a very important consideration. The quality of a keyboard is distinguished by how it resists keystrokes. Some keyboards resist keystrokes using rubber domes while others use mechanical switches for the same purpose. This web page will review some of the reasons why you should pick a mechanical keyboard for your computer.

Good Key Feel

Key feel refers to the characteristics like the speed at which a key goes back to its original position and the resistance that a key offers your fingers. Rubber dome keyboards are mushy because the resistance is not linear and the individual keys wobble on the rubber domes beneath them. Mechanical keys return to their original positions faster than rubber-dome keys. This is because of the increased resistance provided by a mechanical mechanism compared to rubber-dome designs.


The durability of mechanical keyboards, when compared to other keyboard designs, is one of its greatest advantages. A typical example of the long-lasting quality of mechanical keyboards is the IBM Model M Keyboard that was first manufactured in 1984 and is still produced today. Many IBM keyboards from the 80s are still functional and offer users the cheapest option for a mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard has metal switches that can withstand over 50 million key presses compared to rubber-dome keyboards that only offer 10 million key presses. Furthermore, the rubber in rubber-dome keyboards degrades in the course of time leading to collapsed domes, sticky keys, among many other issues.

Easy To Maintain

Many rubber-dome keyboards are difficult to maintain. Rubber attracts dirt easily especially when it begins to age and become sticky. Furthermore, rubber-dome keyboards are designed by placing a single layer across the width of the entire keyboard with the domes placed in their rightful places. This makes removing the rubber for cleaning a difficult task. In addition, rubber-dome keyboards use a key attachment mechanism that is hard to maintain. Reattaching the keys after removal becomes a difficult undertaking.

Mechanical keyboards allow you to remove each separate key. The keyboard switches are self-contained and the space between them is flat plastic. It is; therefore, easy to clean the keys and re-attach them after completion.

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The mechanical keyboard is much better than a rubber dome keyboard with regards to precision. When you use a mechanical keyboard, you can expect to reduce typos and improve the accuracy of every keystroke. A majority of mechanical keyboards are designed with Cherry MX switches most of which use tactile feedback to register a character. This means you are able to literally feel when a character is going to be input.


For gamers, accuracy is what helps one to be in their best form in any given game. Many hardcore gamers will only use mechanical keyboards. This is because of the tactile response and satisfying click that provides instant feedback that rubber-dome keyboards do not offer.

How much do mechanical keyboards generally go for?

It is noteworthy to mention that mechanical PC keyboards do not come on the cheap. This, for the most part, is due to the various special components that are necessary to produce them. Generally speaking, when it comes to the issue of just how much money you will be required to obtain these products, their price range is between $50 to $200.

This should not in any way discourage you from making the smart decision to invest in a good mechanical keyboard that can seamlessly match your typing requirements and preferences. Besides, the unparalleled versatility that these PC keyboards can present, they also come with many other advantages over the standard varieties.

This includes most of them been able to last at least 5 times much more longer than other types of PC keyboards currently awash in the market. So, you should never be stingy when you can access a host of value-added benefits, which can completely offset the investment you will have to make.

All in All

When it comes to choosing a keyboard for your computer, you are likely to find mechanical keyboards better than other keyboard models. Apart from having a good key feel and being durable, mechanical keyboards are also easy to maintain, have better precision, and are more accurate than rubber-dome keyboard models.


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