‘The Surge 2’: 5 Facts About The New Sequel With Gory Decapitations

If you have played Dark Souls, you will think you have seen as much blood as there is to be seen in a game. Well, you are wrong. Surge 2 is here, and it is more bloody and brutal than anyone would have expected. More than the blood there is to shed, this souls-like game is one that comes with so much fun.

In 2017 when The Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 released the first game in The Surge series which was considered to be the spiritual successor of Lords of the Fallen, it came as something that was pretty much out of the normal in many ways, although it was not the best game released in that year.

Building on the earlier game, The Surge 2 comes as a more daring game that speaks of blood, limbs flying, and heads leaving their bodies. Needless to say, when the first game came out in 2017, there was so much that was wrong with it. The storyline was at best bland and the gameplay would have done better with the so much that was left out. One of the things that Deck13 Interactive has made sure to do with Surge 2 is to improve on all the areas that have had flaws in the first installment, leaving us with a game worth every hour you spend playing it.

It is released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles. With a lot of things to know about the game, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know:

Facts About The Surge 2

The Surge 2
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1. Storyline

One of the main places of improvement for this thrilling granular action-RPG is in the aspect of a good storyline. Of course, Soul-like games do not necessarily lean very much on their storyline, but they always create something great that the story can lean on. Surge 2 notches it a little higher than that.

Set in the futuristic Jericho City, the story walks an entirely different path from the original game which was set in an industrial laboratory. In this game, you get to play as a new character exploring the city which has “Nano-Cultists,” which you will run into.

You are a lone warrior who has to fight the worst including hell and amnesia in order to find out the truth about the nanovirus that is sweeping the city. They harvest everything that they find on the streets and on its part, the government forces are trying to maintain its hold on the city through a rather violent means.

You will be led by a girl you have strong connection with, Athena to a destination you do not know.

2. Gameplay of The Surge 2

Inasmuch as there are some things that one could see going in the same direction as the first game in terms of gameplay but that is only on the basic level.

There is now more environment for the game which makes it much more engaging. More so, you get to create your own character instead of following one that has been pre-set as seen with the first. The character you create may not change the world for anyone but at least you are still able to have a character of your making. Some of the features you can customize are the gender of your character as well as other appearances.

The game features improved moves and more weapons, implants, and armor sets as well as improved bosses. To chop off the limbs, head, or any body part of your enemy, all you need to do is study the attack pattern of the enemy and then you can decide how best to take him out. Those body parts you take out are what you will use to create your own avatar.

3. Rip and Tear RPG

In this RPG, what you want to do is to rip and tear apart anyone you meet. The city is already in disarray and everyone that you meet will try to kill you. Before they do that, you will want to make sure you kill them first and there is the ability to target any part of their body, that will earn you a new weapon among other things.

As you take off the limbs of your enemies, that is how you kill them easily because those parts mostly do not have armors and that is also how you can get to improve on your armor and as stated, improve your avatar.

Another important thing as you rip your foes apart is to remember not to take too long thinking of how to finish them as that may count against you.

4. Some quick tips for The Surge 2

Leveling up

This is not as straightforward as one may want and so you will need scrap to help you with that. However, this will not boost your character level. With each level you climb, you will be awarded Module Points to boost your health, stamina, and battery efficiency. Your attack and defense effectiveness is tied to the weapons and armor you use.

Read pop-ups before opening doors

Once you approach a door in this game, read what pops up before you open as it will inform you of what will happen once the door is opened. A lot of things can happen including taking yourself to a new level and making your enemies to respawn, as frustrating as it can be.

You are allowed to re-spec

You are allowed to reallocate your Module Points in any way that you want. All you need do is go to the Medbay and select the option you want.

Healing items do not replenish

One thing you will find rather bizarre is that the healing items cannot be replenished. What this means is that for healing, you will have to rely on your Implants which are charged using Energy.

Use your drones

You will be given drones. Ensure you make use of them most especially for difficult curves and combats among other things.

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5. Strengths and weaknesses

At the end of it all, everyone will come back to accept the fact that this is an excellent game. It is by no means the greatest game of the year neither is it the best souls-like game to be released. However, placed against the original game that started the franchise in 2017, The Surge, this sequel is a much better game in more ways than one can count.

With the previous game, almost everything seems lost. The storyline was not the most captivating and neither was the gameplay the most engaging. The combat and all the blood were weak and the bosses had no authority. Finally, customization was almost non-existent and the environment was so limited.

The Surge 2 has managed to take care of most of these flaws that plagued the first release, giving gamers a better experience, even though it still leaves some things lacking.

The main strength of the game is in its great visuals as well as in the environment it has created. Also, the combat has been streamlined and because of this, the progression is so much better. On the other hand, the main weakness of The Surge 2 is that at some point in the game, there is still the experience of playing the same old game.

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