What is Microsoft Office Suite and What Programs Are Included In It?

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Microsoft office suite is a productivity applications package which is designed by Microsoft Inc. for office and business use as well as for people who are looking for productivity tools such as presentation program, a word processing program, email program, and a spreadsheet tool, among other things.

In the world of business, there are many packages that are used on computers to give the edge to users when it comes to things like presentations, coming up with documents, analysis, and much more. One of the most recognized and used of such packages is the Microsoft Office suite which combines different tools for everything including word processing to come up with detailed presentations and other things.

Despite stiff competition from many other companies including Apple with its iWork as an office suite and Google with the G Suite, the market still remains largely controlled by the Microsoft office tool which has been around since before the 1990s.

What is Microsoft Office Suite?

Also referred to as MS office suite, it is a productivity package that is created to serve the different needs of the business world as regards things like email management, word processing, spreadsheet needs, and presentations, among other things.

Available for both Windows and Mac, the latest package available is the Windows 2019 which comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher. Apart from the on-premises version, there is also the Suite Office 365 ProPlus which has been designed as the cloud-based version of the package with the aim of delivering greater productivity and more secure experience.

One of the best things about the Microsoft Office suite is that with newer updates or versions of the programs, you can open older files so that you don’t need to worry about upgrading the package.

Overall others in the market, the main reasons why the MS Office suite still leads the pack is because of its wide usage which means that when you send a file to someone the person can open it and also because of its simplicity to use. More so, as a software package for productivity, it functions very well while also coming with good features that take care of almost all the needs you may have. Finally, it also has the benefit of collaborative performance because all the programs in the suit communicate effectively.

What Programs Are Included In Microsoft Office Suite?

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Since the start of the Office tools, there are many programs that Microsoft dropped along the way including the Microsoft Office Picture Manager which was last released in 2013, Microsoft Office Accounting last released in 2009, and the Office Assistant last released in 2004 on Mac. As the years continue, Microsoft has kept making changes and improvements to the package.

As a result of this, there are slight differences in the programs that you get with each of the releases although there are many others that have remained with just improvements being made to them with the updated versions to ensure that they meet the demands of the changing business world.

Here are the programs that are included:

1. Microsoft Word

Probably one of the most used program in the Microsoft office suite, this is a word processor which has the main task of creating documents. That said, it also has some advanced features which makes it possible for you to format your document to include tables, different font types and size, and much more. Also, it allows you to save and share your documents.

2. Microsoft Excel

This is a spreadsheet program which also has its latest version as the Microsoft Excel 2019. The program is highly important for people who are into managing statistical data and also for tracking financial data and everything else that has to do with numbers. Another useful tool with Excel is that you can use it for computational purpose. With the latest version, it comes with more data analysis features than those before it including the greater enhancement to PowerPivot, new formulas, and charts.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is another program in the software package that is very powerful and popular. The program is used for interactive presentations allowing you to bring together text and other multimedia files as well as graphs and charts to your presentations. With PowerPoint 2019, more features are added to it such as the Morph and Zoom which help in creating cinematic presentations.

4. Microsoft Outlook

Another program in of the MS office suite is the Microsoft Outlook which is a personal information manager which is mostly used as an email application. It comes with various features such as a contact manager, calendar, task manager, and much more. Like others also, the latest version of the program is the Microsoft outlook 2019.

5. Microsoft Project

This program is a project management software. With Microsoft Project 2019, more elements are added to the project software to make it more accessible and easy to manage all your projects.

6. Microsoft Visio

A powerful diagramming and vector graphics program, Visio is another program in the Microsoft Office family which is important in creating business insights by creating diagrams from your data. The most popular diagramming tool, it makes it possible for one to create any form of diagram including organizational charts and complex models.

7. Microsoft Access

For database management, Microsoft Office comes with the Access Database which makes it easy for one to store and organize data as well as manipulate such.

This information management tool is well advanced that it provides all the important features that you need when it comes to analyzing information of a very large size and also managing related data.

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8. Microsoft Publisher

Like all others, the latest version of this program is Microsoft Publisher 2019. It is a desktop publishing tool that is important for page layout and design.

Other Questions about Microsoft Office Suite

How Old is the Microsoft Office Suite?

MS Office Suite was first released in November 1990. Since then, it has continued with the latest version released in 2018 as the Microsoft Office Suite 2019.

How Much Does Microsoft Office Cost?

Although there are different packages, you can get the Office 365 Business for $8.25 per month, Office 365 Business Premium for $12.50 per month, and Office 365 Business Essentials for $5.00 on Microsoft. All the packages come with an annual commitment and they have different features.

What Comes Under Microsoft Office?

As indicated above, Microsoft Office comes with office applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Visio, and Microsoft Access.


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