Best Gaming PCs Under 1000 Dollars: Complete Review

In a market where good gaming PCs go for as much as $5000, is it really possible to find some of the best gaming PCs going as cheap as under 1000 dollars?Well, that’s the 5000 dollar question to ask, isn’t it?

The truth is that while you may not claim that such a PC is exactly among the very best in the gaming world, you cannot say it will not give you – whether you are a new gamer, an enthusiast, or even a pro – a great gaming experience. And that is the most important thing.

More so, based on the depth of your pockets, there is always the best for you in that range.

Beyond the cost, it has never been more difficult to get a good gaming PC than it is right now. This is because while on one hand there are so many technologies being bombarded into PCs daily, on another, there are so many computers out there.

Putting everything together in order to solve the jigsaw, we have reached that the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR is the best gaming PC under 1000 Dollars. The PC doesn’t just have good design and features, it also has good performance and aggressive response.

Other PCs that are as well great are the ASUS Core i5 G11CD-WB51 and the Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK, if you are looking for a regular PC that will also be faithful as a gaming desktop.

Why You Should Trust Us

Most recently, we have developed a very serious obsession (if you can call it that) about the gaming world. The result of this is that we have stretched out to understand everything about gaming, we’ve carried out lots of research and have written a number of articles and guides that include but not limited to the best earbuds for gaming, the best RAM for gamingbest GTX 970, best cooling fan, and of course, best gaming PCs under 1000. And we are not about to stop.

For this review, we brought three things into play; what some of us who are dedicated gamers understand about various gaming PCs, what hardcore gamers have had to say, and finally, the views of buyers and average gamers.

Apart from all three coming to the agreement that these are the best in the range under review, there is also an agreement on what makes a great gaming PC. Having a very good graphic card is a very important thing for any gaming PC as this decides the kind of game you play. While more expensive PCs come with better cards, we have considered that these have very good cards as well.

Having a good processor is another thing you cannot gamble with as it is the beating heart of your CPU. While processors such as the Intel Core i5AMD Ryzen 5, and Core i3-7350K are not the most expensive, they are good to go by. We considered the processor too.

Other things we considered are the memory, storage, and the price. It is with all these considerations and the expert advice of both pro gamers and mainstream gamers that we decided these are the best gaming PCs under 1000 Dollars.

Gaming PCs Under 1000 Dollars – A Comprehensive Review

Best Gaming PCs Below 1000


Best gaming PCs under 1000

CyberpowerPC has been one of the most decent when it comes to prebuilt gaming PCs. That, however, is mostly in price as you cannot define the performance of their prebuilt PCs as decent. They are mostly top notch.

With the Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A, what is set before you is a desktop that is not even up to 1000 Dollars, but still has something in performance for serious gamers.

It has simple looks, and one look might fool you into thinking it’s just another regular piece.

Featuring an AMD RX 480 graphics card as well as Skylake core i5 processor, there is great promise of performance. With these also, when you get it to the ultra settings, you should be able to get the best of HD gaming.

More so, because the graphics card supports DirectX 12, you get to have rich visual content once you have it installed.

The Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A also has a RAM of 8GB, but the killer is that you can have it easily upgraded up to 64GB (16GB into 4 places).

Although you get up to 1TB hard disk, you do not get to have any SSD. If as you go, you decide it will be needful, you can have it upgraded easily, and you will definitely have a performance that is even better.

One easy thing to appreciate here is that while most prebuilt PCs easily drag their feet when it comes to FPS, the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR performs reasonably good.

When you get this PC, what comes with it are a Gaming Keyboard and a Mouse. You may as well decide to get the monitor separately.


  • Good gaming performance (1080P) and VR gaming.
  • It is a very fast PC with a very aggressive response.
  • Considering the design and its features, it is very cheap.
  • It supports expansion.


  • It is very bulky.
  • May not be the easiest for expansion as it doesn’t come with a PCI-e x16 slot.


Although it is still at the 1000 Dollar range, this PC gives a great performance for enthusiastic gamers. More than any gamer, this should serve you even more if you are more into VR games as well as FPS games. And its service will not cost you an arm and a leg.

ASUS Core i5 Performance Gaming Desktop – G11CD-WB51

top gaming PC under 1000
The ASUS Core i5 Performance Gaming Desktop -G11CD-WB51

Powered with the 6th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the Asus G11CD-WB51 comes as a gaming desktop that will remain faithful to the ASUS gaming reputation.

The PC comes with an 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM. With that, a gamer should be able to enjoy better speed than if it were running with DDR3. What this entails is that you can run different applications at the same time and still have all running perfectly smooth.

Like almost all others on this list, the AsusG11CD-WB51 has a generous storage space of 1 TB. While it doesn’t come with an SSD, it provides a port where you can have that installed for a better performance.

More so, the PC makes use of the NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphic card. With this advanced card, you are sure of 4K videos and the best gaming experience. More to this, there is power efficiency to the PC.

Most people do not think having a silent running gaming PC is important since most times they are on earphones. What they don’t consider is that sometimes the noise is not about you but others. The noise may be very little but it can get on your nerves. This solves that problem as it runs 26dB at idle, ensuring real silence from the PC.

Apart from gaming, this also comes ready as a piece that will see you through with your multimedia generation as well as other simple computing work.

When you purchase this, you’ll get a USB Keyboard as well as a USB Mouse. Like most others, the mouse and keyboard are not the best out there. Still, these are good enough to serve a mainstream gamer.


  • It has great performance as a gaming PC.
  • There is versatility as it can take care of some other things such as multimedia activities and programming.
  • Silent performance and good at distributing and controlling heat.
  • One of the best when it comes to VR.
  • Easily customized.


  • It doesn’t come with an SSD.


The Asus G11CD-WB51 is a gaming PC which will serve you well if you’re on a budget and want something with peak performance. As a result of all it features, this gaming desktop is reliable in performance.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA4500A Gaming PC

gaming PC under 1000

This is one PC that doesn’t drag its feet when you game on it or when you decide to try multitasking. That is thanks to its 16GB of DDR3 RAM, which you can upgrade to 32 GB, which is the highest it can take.

More than that, the system comes with the AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor which is good when it comes to overclocking and heavy performance.

While it is a highly performing one, it is also a highly designed one. It is not only beautiful, it is also unique with a masked robot looks.

Another thing with this piece is that it comes with a NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB video card which is VR ready. As such, this should be able to serve even hardcore gamers, even though like other PCs in this line, it may not quench their deep thirst. Nevertheless, as regards VR, it is all good to fly.

For the storage, the Gamer Ultra comes with a 1TB hard disk and a 120GB SSD. With these, there is enough space to accommodate your games and allow them to run easily and perfectly. More so, with the SSD, you should enjoy smoothness, swift booting and fast gaming.

Even though it comes with up to 6 USB ports, we didn’t find it very cool that it doesn’t have a USB 3 port. That is the main problem we have with this desktop.

Finally, the PC comes with a mouse and a keyboard which we found to be better than what most others give. In fact, unless you want something specific, the mouse should be faithful all the way.


  • Beautiful and strong design.
  • Very good performance as regards gaming.
  • Comes well for overclocking.
  • It is game ready, just as it is ready to take care of other tasks.
  • Very valuable PC.


  • The keyboard may not last long.
  • There is no USB 3 port.


Like other Cyberpowers, this is one that should get you gaming if you are looking for a gaming piece that would also be able to take care of your multimedia work. The best part of this is that it will be best for someone who has a high taste, but is running on a budget.

CybertronPC Shockwave X6-9600 Gaming PC

Best gaming computer under 1000
The CybertronPC Shockwave X6-9600 Gaming PC

The CybertronPC Shockwave X6-9600 is monstrous in looks, and is one of the monsters on the list. From the boot till the time you pick up your pad and the time you drop it, the Shockwave X6-9600 is all about performance.

Why most people would rather go with the cybertronPC above most others is that you hardly get a wrong collection of hardware in the build. That too is the testament of this piece.

Coming with liquid-cooled AMD FX-6300 3.50GHz, you are sure to run with a thermal performance that cannot be matched. Essentially, you will have an amazing heat removal and very silent performance which is also solid.

Enhancing its performance are its 16GB of DDR3 as well as the 8GB SSD and 1TB hard drive that accompanies it. The shocking thing about this ‘wave is that, although it doesn’t come with any SSD, it has ports that can take up to four hard disks. Amazingly, each of the ports is capable of handling up to 2 TB of hard drive, which means you can have up to a maximum of 8 TB storage space.

The Graphics card used on this is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB GDDR5. This will definitely give you the best when you have your eyes set on 1080p gaming.

A keyboard and a mouse are the things you get with this PC. Lastly, the front fan panel has a touch LCD.


  • Designed with enhanced hardware.
  • Strong and enduring performance.
  • It comes with the liquid cooling system.
  • If apart from gaming you need a PC for multimedia work, this should do well.


  • It doesn’t come with an SSD.


Many things can be said about this PC, but the most important is that if you are looking for the best that can hold it together in performance even when the pressure gets really pressing, you are closer home with the CybertronPC Shockwave X6-9600.

Lenovo Erazer X315 Gaming PC Review

good gaming PC below 1000
The Lenovo Erazer X315 Gaming PC

When the budget is still tight even at the 1000 range, Lenovo’s Erazer X315 could just be the game changer.

This PC is stepping in as an alternative for its pricier big brother, the Erazer X510. This, however, is not to suggest the younger performs as good as the elder.

Designed more uniquely than beautifully, the Erazer X315 makes use of the AMD Radeon R9 260 graphics card. Although this is not something we can make any noise about, it is still one that should have you covered in all the decent games.

Another thing is that the PC comes with an AMD FX 770K 3.5 GHz Processor. Combining the graphics card and this processor, you are sure of high performance gaming that would take you till 3D.

More so, it is designed with 2 TB Hard Drive and 128 GB SSD which is enough space for even very heavy games. To ensure that with space you get a fluid response and multitasking abilities, you get to have 8GB RAM.

Overall, we give it to this as the best gaming PC under 1000 dollars for hard-hearted gamers who are on a budget.

When you order this PC, you get a mouse and a keyboard. These are good standard accompaniments, but they seem to be the sole mistake Erazer made because they are not as good as we would have loved considering how good the PC is.


  • There is generosity in the performance.
  • It is well priced.
  • Can easily be expanded.
  • It has an inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth.


  • Mouse and keyboard are not the best out there.
  • While good for gaming, it doesn’t solve your multimedia problems if you need a piece for such works as well.


For the record, this may not be your winning piece, but for its price and everything it features, as well as its performance, there is hardly any reason why it shouldn’t feature as one of the top gaming PCs for very thin wallets. You may not build a haven of gaming piece with this, but at least you can have a decent rig.

Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK Gaming PC Review

Best gaming PC under 1000
The XPS 8700 Gaming Desktop

Unlike most other gaming desktops which are easily known by their designs, the Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK has nothing about gaming written on its looks. In fact, it comes more as a regular PC, even though it beats many others in gaming.

The piece comes highly recommended in performance and it supports 3D game and extends to VR with its ability to move with the Oculus Rift.

Since naturally, the PC is designed in the mid range for heavy users, it will serve people who love long gaming sessions. More so, because it comes with a 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6700, you can easily bank on its performance.

For the graphics card, the computer makes use of NV GTX 745 4G DDR3. While this is not the best you can get, you will get to have games playing at 1080P which is great by most standards.

In case you need a second graphics card, the PC has a slot for it. The most important thing, though, is to understand that the PSU handles 460-watt. Just as you can add another card, so too, you can decide to have another RAM to add to the 16GB it comes with.

Although we are unable to see the 16GB DDR4 RAM fail you, if you want to add, there is a maximum of 32 GB RAM allowed.

A laser mouse and a keyboard are the things you get when you buy this piece.


  • This is one of the most powerful from Dell.
  • It is a very versatile PC.
  • Comes very easy to upgrade.
  • Good value.


  • The looks may not appeal to hardcore gamers.
  • It has no SSD.


If what you are looking for is a gaming PC that also comes as a regular, or if you want something for regular computer work and gaming, this is your genie in the bottle. For the price, you also get a highly performing desktop that should give a very smooth ride.

SkyTech Shadow Gaming PC Review

gaming PC below 1000
The SkyTech Shadow

SkyTech is not one of the very popular companies, but its archangel gaming PC, as well as the Shadow, has made it rather acceptable. Two things that make the PCs rather easily accepted are their low price on one hand, and good performance on another.

The first thing to appreciate with this PC is its design. It comes to please the eye in a very easy way. More than its beauty which is enhanced by a blue LED light when powered on, is the strong build it possesses. It has a very strong case as well as a glass cover at the down and sides through which you can see the inner part of the PC.

It features a GTX 750 graphics card. Although this is not one that would make it rain, it is still decent for HD games. Where this may leave you in the shadows is when you need 4K gaming.

The AMD FX-8350 4.00GHz Eight Core processor was used in the making of this PC. This should serve greatly as regards overclocking.

The PC comes with a memory of 8 GB which should definitely get the job done. The RAM is not exactly a blast, but it is very decent. You can easily upgrade if you want something better and you will get a better experience. The memory could be enhanced to up to 16 GB.

For the storage, you get 1TB which is enhanced by a 120 GB SSD. Essentially, there is enough memory to store all your games as well as sharp and good responsiveness.

WiFi ready, Shadow also comes along with a mouse and a keyboard.


  • There is a top performance like others on the list.
  • It is aesthetically on point.
  • Good for multitasking work
  • Fast when it comes to boot time.


  • The graphic card is not the best out there.
  • It is not the most noiseless.
  • Not the best for 4K gaming.


This is one PC that shouldn’t fail you most especially if you are an enthusiastic gamer. More importantly, while serving you for gaming, this piece will also be a good pick for you if you are looking for something that can take care of your multimedia and other multitasking works. On a low budget, you can hardly be wrong with this piece.

ASUS G11CD-US009T Gaming PC Review

Best gaming PC below 1000

While this may not come with the looks of a model, the Asus G11CD comes with its eyes set on performance more than on any other thing.

With an Intel Core i5-6400 2.7 GHz processor that gives 4 cores, the PC also has a clock speed of 2.7GHz. When on turbo boost, it touches 3.3GHz.

The PC also features a NVIDIA GTX960 video card hence, you can be rest assured of a strong 1080p performance, as well as good temperature control and considerable silence. It should as well be able to handle 4k games, but don’t expect it to do that strongly.

Other things that come with this include DDR4 2133MHz 8GB memory which can support any form of multitasking, 1TB SATA Hard Drive, and an 8GB SSD. Thanks to SSD, this PC boots fast even though it acts as a cache.

If, however, you may want to have additional SSD for even better performance, the Asus G11CD gives you up to four SATA 3 connectors.

More on the RAM, if 8GB is not enough for you, the PC wouldn’t mind if you strap a maximum of 32GB with 16GB DDR4.

Overall, this PC can sit as a bridge linking mainstream gamers and serious gamers. Where it ends quite rightly is at the heart of serious gamers, even as it doesn’t demand that you destroy your wallet to get it. It won’t do miracles, but on high settings, it can do wonders.

When you order this PC it will naturally not come with a monitor, but you will receive a USB keyboard and mouse.


  • Top performance for its price.
  • Comes with good mouse and keyboard.
  • It should be able to handle 4K games.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is not the best when it comes to upgrading.


Recommending this piece is not one thing that would cost us a night’s rest. The PC has clearly outclassed many others in the same price range with sheer performance. More so, while its design cannot take you to any beauty contest, it is very approachable and ready to hang on for a long time.

iBUYPOWER AM006A Gaming Computer Review

gaming PC under 1000
The iBUYPOWER AM006A Gaming PC

Although this is one of the best gaming PCs below 1000 dollars out there, it still remains somewhat unknown. In fact, on the list, iBUYPOWER is the least known, although it is not the least performing.

With the design of this desktop, there is simplicity on one hand, and beauty on the other. It has a glass side through which you can see its clean interior. When powered, you get a red LED light that can be encouraging as you game on.

As newer games are coming heavier than ever, it is very wise that it comes with a 16GB DDR3 RAM. With that, you get something very good.

Another thing here is that it comes with an AMD FX-8320 8-Core processor which clocks 3.5Ghz and 4.0Ghz on max turbo. This gives you great multitasking and of course, gaming experience.

The AM006A comes with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphic card. With this, you are sure of Full HD gaming. If you are into eSports gaming, it is just another top. More so, at medium setting, you can enjoy AAA gaming.

Higher than others, this PC comes with a 2TB hard disk. Essentially, you can as well squeeze the world into it.

What nails it even better for this gaming PC is that it comes with good software installation, meaning it is just good to go. Simply plug and play.

It comes with a game ready keyboard as well as a mouse. Considerably, both the keyboard and the mouse are standard and durable. The WASD keys of the keyboard, as well as directional keys, are well identified for gaming.


  • You don’t need to be a technician to set this up.
  • No bloatware.
  • You should have no problem as regards expansion.
  • Combines great hardware and software.
  • Great memory and storage.


  • This does not come with an SSD.


After trying out this PC, one question that will be on your mind is how come the PC is not massively known. That is one question we are asking. It will serve you without any exaggeration if you are looking for something for both old and new games that can ride 1080P.

Alienware X51 Gaming Computer

gaming PC under 1000
The Alienware X51 Gaming Computer

Very serious gamers know that Alienware cannot be taken off any list of the leading gaming PCs. The thing though is that Alienware hardly comes in the budget line. Nevertheless, we have got one that comes on the budget line with very good performance.

This PC is in the class of the small-sized gaming PCs that still end up among the largest in performance when you are looking at the mid-range PCs.

It comes with the Intel Core 15-6400 processor, which means that while you get good performance, there is controlled power consumption and temperature.

Another thing is that it has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphic card. Although this will not raid any massive tomb, it will give you a great run.

Although it has a RAM of 8GB, you can have it upgraded as it is capable of accommodating up to 16 GB on the maximum. More so, under the 1000 dollars benchmark, you can get this PC with 16 GB RAM and 256 SSD, based on your specifications on Amazon.

About the storage size, you can either get 1TB hard disk without SSD when you go with 8GB RAM or 1 TB hard disk and 256 SSD when you decide to go with 16GB RAM. While the second option is slightly more expensive, it is easily what we would recommend as it would save much more later.

Thanks to the software it comes with, the X51 can easily be tweaked to meet your taste as a gamer.

This comes with a standard mouse and keyboard which should serve for a decent amount of time.


  • Top notch 1080p gaming and VR performance.
  • It is a compact and sleek PC.
  • This PC gives you various options of combining components.
  • It has good software.


  • Like with other compact gaming PCs, this does not escape a little heat and noise.
  • Not the best when it comes to upgrading.


While this may not be for a hardcore gamer, it is one of the top gaming PCs below 1000 dollars. It will be able to fully and conveniently serve a mainstream gamer as long as what you are looking for is something that can take you up to VR gaming.

CybertronPC Palladium 970Z Gaming PC 

PC under 1000
The CybertronPC Palladium 970Z Gaming Computer

This is a PC that, although pretty new, has enjoyed much patronage from serious minded gamers thanks to its sharp and solid performance as well as very intelligent hardware.

With the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 graphic card, this machine may be the best on the list for the newest high definition gaming solution. If you have your eyes set on virtual reality game, this may be it.

In addition to the processor, the PC comes with a 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory, meaning you have the issue of multitasking solved even as there is the promise of smooth and fast response while gaming.

It comes with a 1 TB hard disk that runs on a Windows 10 operating system. While there is generosity to the hard disk, we would have loved to see that it comes with an SSD.

One more thing with the CybertronPC Palladium 970Z is that it comes with very good connectivity. It has an 802.11ac wireless and Bluetooth 4.0, as well as 4 USB 3.0 ports, and 4 USB 2.0 ports.

Like others on the list, when you order for this PC, it will come along with a keyboard as well as a mouse.


  • Top and solid performance.
  • Generosity in the hardware and features.
  • It has very good responsiveness.
  • At max setting, it will allow you play most games.
  • Good connectivity.


  • More expensive than most others on the list.
  • Not the easiest to set up.


Just like its performance, the Palladium 970Z is in a class of its own. While it is not the cheapest on the list, it has met the price with a performance that will serve you if you are interested in latest gaming technology or VR games.

SkyTech ArchAngel Gaming PC

good gaming PC under 1000
The SkyTech ArchAngel Gaming PC

The SkyTech ArchAngel is your beauty and the beast on a budget list. It has looks that can rival any other product in the market, and performance that is way above its price.

This PC will be able to play most new games; just don’t throw 4k and other extreme stuff on it. It’s just another PC around 1000 dollars.

It comes with an AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core processor as well as the GTX 1050 Ti graphics card which should give your 1080p games a significant boost.

More so, it has an 8 GB SDRAM DDR3. We didn’t find this cool considering the other features packed together on this piece. But at the end of the day, it is barely a thousand dollar PC. The good thing, though, is that upgrading the RAM to 16GB should not be anything close to moving a mountain.

For the hard drive, you get a 1TB disk. While this should give you the needed space for any games you want, it doesn’t promise smoothness and speed, and as such, we would recommend that you furnish it with a Solid State Drive.

Running on Windows 10, the PC is designed in a way that it will be easy for you to set up and use whether it is for gaming, multimedia stuff, or for other purposes.

The SkyTech ArchAngel comes along with a mouse and keyboard. It also has 6 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0, and 1 HDMI, DVI, and D-port.


  • It comes very easy to outperform many others.
  • It is WiFi ready.
  • One of the most versatile PCs on the list.
  • It has friendly and good features.
  • Very easy to set up.


  • We cannot vouch for the mouse and keyboard it comes with to being the best.
  • There is no SSD.
  • If you want extreme gaming, you may need to upgrade the RAM.


If you need a gaming PC that would give you joy whether you are looking at it or working on your gaming pad, you may as well give this a pat on the back. Most importantly, unless you decide to place the expectations of a 2000 Dollar gaming PC on this, you shouldn’t be disappointed.


One thing that hardcore or serious minded gamers are sure of, is that the best gaming PCs don’t come cheap, and those that come cheap are never the best. Nevertheless, with a dedicated search, you would always find if not the overall best, the best in various categories.

What we have here are the best gaming PCs in the category of those under $1000. While these may not necessarily cause an apocalypse, they definitely promise great gaming experience even for a serious minded gamer.

Also check out our guide for getting the best earbuds for gaming here.

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