What Is VNC Viewer For Mac Or Windows and What Is It Used For?

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Also known as the Virtual Network Computing, VNC viewer is a graphical desktop sharing system or remote-control software which serves to give you the control of a computer over a network connection. With the program, you can gain access to and manage a server, desktop, or even servers from another computer that may not necessarily be in the same location as the other.

The technological world has grown in a very crazy way over the years, thanks to a lot of things including Remote Desktop Applications which serve to give you an experience of one computer while using another. With that, you can gain access to your desktop using your laptop even when you are in a different location entirely. That is what you get with a VNC viewer.

The interesting thing about the Virtual Network Computing System is that it is available for both Windows and Mac and you can as well use it on mobile devices. Nonetheless, the important thing to know is that because its system is platform dependent, it can only be connected to two systems using the same types of operating system.

The way VNC work is by transmitting the movements of your mouse and keyboard from a thin client computer to that of a large client computer. It makes use of the RFB protocol through which you can transmit screen pixel data from one system over a network to another and then send back commands (control).

While what you need is a VNC Server app for the remote computer that you want to control, a VNC Viewer app is needed for the computer that will do the controlling. This means that the two computers that are involved have to be connected through the VNC.

VNC Viewer For Mac Or Windows

As already stated, there is the VNC Viewer for Mac as well as for Windows differently. If you are using a Mac computer, you will need another Mac computer or device to be able to access it through Virtual Network Computing. The good thing is that there are many available VNCs available that you can go with for your Mac that are both free and paid for. These include the Apple Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, TigerVNC, and NoMachine.

Just as there are many VNCs for Mac, so also there are for windows which also serve the same purpose. In the same way, as it is with the Mac, you can only use it across the Windows platform. Among the best are TigerVNC, RealVNC, and TeamViewer.

What Is It Used For?

VNC Viewer is a very important program that is used by both individuals and big organizations in different ways. While individuals mostly use it to access one computer through another to make a few changes and other things, its use by companies is much more extended. The most common uses of VNC are for remote technical support, remote workers, and business continuity processes.

Here are some uses of the VNC:

1. Remote Technical Support

One of the most popular uses of the VNC system is that through it, one can get technical assistance from another person who may not be present. Once connected through the network, one can fix some computer issues and troubleshoot various problems. This is one of the main reasons why businesses utilize VNC. Individuals also use it to get help from others with greater computer knowledge.

2. Accessing Work Files

Another way that VNC has been put to use is to access work-related files either within the office system or if you are working remotely. Also, if you travel and you need to work on some files, you can connect through the system and get the needed files from your office computer through your laptop.

3. System Administrators, Help Desks, and IT Support

System administrators can also make use of VNC as well as IT support and help desks to handle the problems that employees may be having. More so, the system administrator can use it to take control of the computer of an employee if one is having any issues that may require administrative support.

4. Have Access to Your Surveillance System

VNC can also be used by individuals to access their surveillance system which is connected to their computers at home. With that, accessing the computer from wherever you may be through the VPN is a good way to monitor what is happening remotely.

5. In Education

Another good way that it is used is education as it is used by teachers to allow students to see what they are doing on their own computers. Although this may not be one of the most popular ways that it is used, it is still an efficient way of using it.

Other Questions

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How do I Connect to VNC Viewer?

Before you can go ahead to make the connection, the first thing you will want to do is to download the VNC Server app on the computer that you are going to control. After that, download the VNC Viewer to the other computer or device that you will be controlling from. Next, look up the IP address of the computer you are controlling using the VNC Server.

On the VNC Viewer, put in the private IP address so as to establish a direct connection. On the VNC Server computer, put in your username and password. That will be all if you are looking to make a direct connection over a local network.

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When you want to make a direct connection over the Internet, you will also follow the steps above before going to allow a connection on your Firewall through the Control panel. After that, you will need to set the router of your VNC Server computer to forward port 5900 and then search for your public IP address on the internet. Put in the IP address in VNC Viewer to make a connection and then put in your username and password.

What is VNC Viewer used for?

The program is used to gain access and control another computer through a different computer or other devices. As pointed above, it is used for a lot of things including personal use and business use.

Which VNC is best?

There are many VNC programs that are available for one to use. While there are some that you will need to pay for, there are others that are free. Among the best is RealVNC which is probably the most popular, as well as TigerVNC, and TeamViewer.


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