The Witcher 4 Release Date, Rumors and Latest News

The Witcher 4 is one of the games that many gamers are hoping to be released. The eagerness for its release is as a result of the success of the previous games in the franchise.

Developed by CD Projekt Red, the game was first released in 2007 as an action role-playing game which tells the story of a witcher. It became a success immediately after it was released, and was later followed by The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in 2011.

The next in the line of release was The Witcher 3 which came in 2015. While the game would go on to sell massively, it also got gamers excited enough to start asking for the next game in the franchise, The Witcher 4.

Described as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, The Witcher has thus far been a very successful franchise with the third game in the series (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) coming as arguably the best. Here is all we know about the fourth game of the franchise.

The Witcher 4 Release Date

The biggest question that remains for fans is regarding when the game will be released. Even with all the buzz on the release of the game, it is important to point out that CD Projekt is still yet to make an announcement on when the game will be released or if we are going to see the game.

If we are to go by the time it took to release the third game in the series, we may get to see the third game probably released in some years. If it will ever be released. For now, CD Projekt Red is busy on the Cyberpunk 2077 which is a game that may be out in 2019 or it could be till 2021. Until the release of the game, we are not going to see the game, which means that we still have some time to wait to even get a confirmation on whether it will be released.

The first three games in the franchise come as a trilogy and the fourth part, which we strongly believe will come, may not have its name as The Witcher 4 after all.

Even though nothing has been said, we are sure that CD Projekt will still try to milk some more from the market that has already been created by the previous games in the franchise, so our belief is that sooner or later, it may start work on the game be it using the same name or something else.


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Since as we already know, work has not started on the game, there is no way that we can have a trailer released. But then, if the game will be released, we would be sure to see a trailer with the announcement of a release date and probably some more before it gets to be released finally.

Rumors and Latest News

Like any other highly anticipated game, there are loads of things going around in relation to the game. However, we are yet to get any concrete or official news from the developers of the game. Still, that has not stopped the many rumors and speculations on what the future holds for The Witcher 4.

One of the first and earliest news that we got on the game is from CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski who has revealed that there was no plan on beginning any work on the game. He also added that it was all about Blood and Wine so we should not expect that a Witcher would be released any time soon.

More so, there was a six-year plan that was drawn by CD Projekt which included Cyberpunk 2077 and another role-playing game which nothing much has been said about.

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The next news we are getting is not a very good one as Marcin Iwinski revealed that the third game in the series may be the last, so there is a possibility that we may not get to see any more Witcher. He added, however, that even if we are going to see one, it will not be any time soon.

Even at that, there is the assurance that we have not seen the last of Geralt, The Witcher 3’s protagonist. Projekt is going to use him in other projects even if not a Witcher. More so, the world will not be destroyed or abandoned, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing another CD Project game that is not The Witcher but you are facing Geralt in the same old world.

What we hope to see in The Witcher 4

If there ever will be a fourth Witcher, there are some things that we want to see included:

  • An improved gameplay: The Witcher series has been successful because of its storyline and interesting gameplay. That said, you could feel that there are some gameplay mechanics in the Witcher 3 that may need to be improved upon. More so, the giving more diversity to the enemies is something else that we would want to see.
  • A more convenient user interface: One thing that you will find a little stressful with the third game is its user interface which does not make it easy for one to navigate or look for items. There are a lot of items that are not well placed so searching for needed items can be very laborious. Because of this, one of the improvements that we would want to see in the 4th game in the series is a better user interface that will make it easy to access things.
  • Better movement controls: We have seen this among the problems people have with The Witcher 3, and we also observe that an improvement in the movement control will help a great deal when it comes to hitting your target.


As already stated, there is no certainty on when The Witcher 4 will be released, although there is hardly any reason why we should doubt that it will be released. Nonetheless, we may still have some waiting to do because as it is, the emphasis of CD Projekt is on the Cyberpunk77 which everyone is waiting for.

With everything said, no one will expect CD Projekt to rush in making the game because of how much well The Witcher 3 has performed, ending with more awards than any other game in history and selling over 2 million. It will want to take its time to come up with something that will meet the feat or even go above it.


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