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Routers and wireless networks have come closer home than we would ever have thought. They are coming, even closer, thereby leaving us with the single option of tapping into the concept and understanding them much better.

Interestingly enough, one doesn’t need a needless degree in networking to understand the entire process. Just a little help will do.

It is to this end that I have decided to offer you some of the best router and wireless network resources that many, including myself, have found to be of a generous help.

Router and Wireless Network Resources: Websites

There are some sites that provide very excellent resources when it comes to routers and wireless networks. This include for people who want to learn networking as a whole professionally or someone that wants to have an understanding of routers and wireless networking specifically.

LifeWire: This site may not necessarily be specifically about wireless network and routers, but it has turned out to be very resourceful in that regards. Under its Internet & Network How-Tos section, there is so much that the site has covered that would be helpful.

Cisco: Cisco covers almost everything about networking in general. It is one of the best sites for people who need to learn anything about networking as a whole, and it provides very important resources for security in that regards among other things. It is the place if you want to bookmark if you aspire for a career in networking. Although you mostly get resources on Linksys wireless router, the general resources here are very important and would help you generally in understanding of wireless routers. The resource centre most especially, is a good place to go for good knowledge.

Resourceful Web Pages

Generally, and most importantly, web pages are the first places that offer useful resources on routers and wireless networks. While they are extremely many, these pages cover every important and even unimportant aspects of networking.

At the end of the day, you will be very surprised the things you can achieve and do by just deciding to dig through some web pages. Here are some that I have collected to be able to help you in understanding the necessary concepts, setting up your connection, staying protected, and other things you may not see as all important.

Introduction to Making Wireless Network Connections: This will definitely be my top webpage when it comes to wireless network connections because it doesn’t just put you through, but it also opens you up to access some more resources as it provides links that are very important. This page may be able to feed one to one’s satisfaction.

How to Set Up and Optimize Your Wireless Router: This is a very useful work that puts you through on how to set up your router and wireless network. What makes this very great is that it puts you through on how to select the router, setting it up, activating your Wi-Fi, security, and sharing or protecting your data. 

10 Steps to Maximize your Home Wireless Network Security: From a security point, this is one webpage that is very important in ensuring that you understand the risks of not securing your wireless network, just as it will provide you with the guide to have it protected in a very practical and easy manner.

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10 biggest home networking mistakes (and how to fix them): There are some mistakes that you are prone to make when it comes to networking. This is where this webpage is very resourceful because it helps you identify and easily fix them.

Understanding the Different Types of Wireless Routers: This may not be the largest web page that you would get to read, but it is still very resourceful. It is the one for someone who is looking to get a wireless router. Who better to put you through than Cisco?

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Router and Wireless Network Forums

Arguably, forums are some of the best places where you can get to learn a lot of things that even span past just routers and wireless networks. The good thing about forums is that you get to have different people coming with their problems or questions, and different others contributing or solving them.

As far as I am concerned, Forums are some of those places where average Joes and sometimes experts come to help other average Joes and experts into becoming more than just average. Here are some of the most resourceful router and wireless network forums:

Tom’s Hardware: With thousands of resources, this may not only be one of the biggest forums, it may as well be one of the richest. I doubt if there is any aspect of wireless routing that you will not find.

Spiceworks Community: Considering the volume of resources, this has trumped many others and the resources are very useful. Why I really love this forum is because it includes other things such as polls, articles, and How-Tos. Dare I say you are well covered! It is one of the most complete forums on wireless networking.

CNet Forum: This is not the largest when you talk about the materials you get, it is one of the most useful that you will come to find out. I am unable to find a single topic that is not on this forum. As far as wireless networking is concerned, this is a good place with useful discussions.

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YouTube videos

For someone who prefers the visual form of learning, here are some YouTube videos that have returned very helpful. These videos should be able to help you from the set up until you are good to go. They also help you when it comes to securing your connection as well as other basic troubleshooting.

How to Set Up a Router | Internet Setup (Howcast) – This is just a few minutes video, but it is very important for anyone wanting to set up a router because of how easy it is.

How to Set Up a Wireless Router (PCMag): This is another one that is very important if you want to set up a new router or you want to make use of an old router. The instructions are pretty much easy even if you are somewhat new to the whole networking thing.

How to Expand Your Wireless Range Using an Old Router (SSLFamilyDad) – You will also find this to be useful most especially when you are stuck with an old router and you want to have the wireless range made a little better.

How Routers Work and Basic Setup (Know How) – If what you want is to understand how routers work and how to set them up, this may be a resourceful route.

Routers vs. Switches vs. Access Points – And More (Techquickie): Agreed this is not specifically about routers and wireless networks, it is still extremely important because it opens you up to understand some things that will later be very important. This may even be one of the first places to start if you are completely a novice.

Solving WiFi Issues – WiFi Tips and Tricks (dottotech): The central thing about this is helping you improve your WiFi connectivity and taking care of very simple problems that could frustrate the hell out of you. Personally, I found this to be very useful, most especially with the tips and tricks.

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