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Mediacom is one of the many internet service providers that the United States has as its many luxuries. Ranked among the biggest providers in the country, the ISP has it services covering over 1600 cities in close to 30 states. It offers internet with Television, cable, and fibre technologies with over 7 million people making use of its services.

Among the features that stand it out is its free internet security that protects up to 5 devices from any form of attack in your household including malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. It also has the Xtream TiVo DVR which you can use to record favourite shows from smart devices, as well as the Xtream Wifi Hotspots for internet connectivity.

MediaCom Email and Login

In the same way as with other ISPs, you will have a Mediacom email which will be linked to your account after you have registered. The email is setup for you during the installation process by a technician of the company.

After the account has been created, the login process is pretty much the same as with all others. Emails can either be accessed via the webmail or a third-party client.


  • Simply go to Mediacom’s website
  • At the top-right side of the page, click on the email button and put in your login details. Now click on sign in, and you are through.

Email Clients

For email clients, one can use the Android Email App, iPhone/iPad Mail App, Microsoft Office, Mac Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird among many others. However, according to the ISP, the support for setting this up can be gotten from the manufacturer of your email client software.

MediaCom Internet

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Among the services provided by MediaCom as pointed earlier, is its Internet service which delivers fast connectivity on different plans and packages from which you can choose. From the internet plans, there are some that would meet household needs. With such, the prices are higher as a result of things such as the charges on installations and modems.

In 2016, the company became one of the first in the country to completely move to the DOCSIS 3.1 technology which affords you a fast internet speed of as high as 10 gigabits per second. What this simply means is that at 1000 Mbps, you are getting an internet speed that can run anything you want easily. In fact, it is too much for many because even at 100 Mbps, you will have speed fast enough even for playing games online and streaming.

According to the company, it has packages that can be customized to meet your needs, but this is only limited in the speed option which affords you to choose between 60 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps. Customizing it below 60 Mbps is not possible since it has data caps on the plans.


Mediacom has various plans and packages that you can select from on the basis of your budget and household needs. But more than the internet plans, there are also the cable TV and home phone services that you can go for, although those come as bundle packages.

If instead of the internet plan, you decide to go for a bundle package, the advantage of that is that it will be much cheaper and you will have the additional benefits of the telephone and CableTV instead of just the internet.

The most interesting thing about the internet plans is that they do not require any contract. The main big plans are the Internet 60 which is an internet-only package that allows 400GB monthly data Bundle, and the Silver Bundle.

Internet Plans Prices

  • Internet 60: $39.99 per month (400GB data at 60Mbps download speed)
  • Internet 100: $79.99 per month (1000GB data at 100Mbps download speed)
  • Internet 200: $99.99 per month (2000GB data at 200Mbs download speed).
  • Internet 500: 119.99 per month (4000GB data at 500 Mbps)
  • Internet 1 Gig: $139.99 per month (6000GB data at 1000Mbps download speed)

Mediacom Internet and Television Bundles

  • Local Plus TV + Internet 60: Although this does not have any contract like the internet service, the price varies based on one’s location. However, you get over 100 channels and a download speed of 60Mbps.
  • Family TV + Internet 60: Just like the first, this does not have a contract and the price is all dependent on your location. It also has a download speed of 60Mbps and offers over 230 channels.

Mediacom Internet, Television, and Phone Bundles

  • Xtream Bronze: $79.98 per month (100 to 1000 Mbps download speed, over 125 channels, and unlimited nationwide telephone service)
  • Xtream Silver: $99.98 per month (100 to 1000 Mbps download speed, over 230 channels, and unlimited nationwide telephone service)
  • Xtream Gold: $119.98 per month (100 to 1000 Mbps download speed, over 260 channels, and unlimited nationwide telephone service)
  • Xtreame Platinum: $139.98 per month (100 to 1000 Mbps download speed, over 380 channels, and unlimited nationwide telephone service).

Mediacom Business Internet plans

  • Business Internet Ultra Plus: $69.95 per month (Has a contract of 12 months and download speed of 10Mbs)
  • Business Internet Ultra: $129.95 per month (with a download of 20Mbps, this comes with a contract of 12 months)
  • Business Internet Ultra 50: $199.95 per month (it has a contract of 12 months and 50Mbps download speed)
  • Business Internet Ultra 105: $299.95 per month (12 months contract and download speed of 105Mbps)
  • Business Internet Prime: $299.95 per month (with a contract of 12 months, you get 20Mbps download speed)
  • Business Internet Prime 1 Gig: $349.95 per month (It comes with a contract of 12 months and download speed of 1000Mbps)

Internet Usage Meter

In order to keep track of how much data you consume, Mediacom has the internet usage meter. One can do this by either making use of the ISP’s mobile care app which is available for both Android and iPhone users on Google Play and the Apple App Store respectively. You can also access it on the usage by going to and using your Mediacom email and password as your login credentials.

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With that said, many users have been having issues with checking their data usage and because of this, they have resorted to calling the support centre to have it checked.

Customer service

From complex issues to basic inquiries, you can get assistance from the ISP’s support through their website, email, or even phone numbers which can be gotten from the website for different locations.

Other Questions

How much does Mediacom charge for Internet?

For internet-only, the charges start from $39.99 per month

Is Mediacom Internet Unlimited?

Yes, the internet data is unlimited. However, there are five different data caps that it has and extra fees if you want to get going after reaching your cap. Once you exceed the caps, you will be charged $10 for every additional 50GB. The Data caps are from 350 GB to 6 TB.

What is Mediacom Internet speed?

The ISP has high-speed data plans that vary based on the price you are choosing to pay. However, it is mostly from 60Mbps to 1,000Mbps.

What type of service does Mediacom offer?

The main service it offers is cable internet. However, it also offers cable TV and telephone plans.