What Is Chatstep, Is It Safe and Are There Good Alternatives?

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Chatstep is an online chatroom service and website where people can create or join chatrooms without having to fill out any registration or have an account. Users of the platform enjoy private and encrypted chats where they can either choose to appear anonymously or with a nickname.

Long before the time of telephone lines and the internet, the need for communication between human beings was a huge necessity that gave rise to such technological advancements. These technological advancements have gone ahead to provide various ways in which one person in one part of the world can seamlessly contact another person half-way across the world in a split second. One of such mediums that have given the opportunity to do so is ChatStep, an online chatroom.

What Is ChatStep?

In the era when online chatrooms where the only way of having social activity online, Chatstep was one of the many websites that sprung up to provide such services to the growing number of people that were looking to meet other people online. The platform was a huge hit in countries like the United States and India and it went on to set itself apart from other online chatrooms by giving users the opportunity to create or join different chatrooms that centered around specific interests.

Another major thing about Chatstep that ensured it set itself apart from its competitors was that it allowed users of the service to join chatrooms anonymously or with a nickname. The users are further not required to have an account but have the option of creating one for sharing files and photos and using the private messenger service.

If a user opts to use the service anonymously, you would be required to select which specific chatroom from the available public chatrooms list that you want to join. Once you have set your sights at a particular room, you will decide on a username as well as a password you can use to go back to the room at any time. The next step would be to agree to the website’s terms and conditions before being able to successfully enter inside the chatroom. After having visited the chatroom and you want to leave, all you need to do is exit the tab. This action would delete your chat message history.

For users who opt to register an account, you can do so by providing basic information such as email, username, password. An account verification link will be subsequently sent to your email to complete the account activation process. You can then go ahead to join a chatroom of your choice, or indeed create one of your own which you can either set to public or private. Unlike users who don’t have an account, you will be required to manually click the ‘leave room’ button from the menu bar of a chatroom when you decide to leave.

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Is It Safe?

For all the advantages that ChatStep seems to have in regards to ease of use, the disadvantage of that same feature has meant that it is not quite safe, specifically for children. The website can generally be described as best for adults because there is a significant portion of adult content that is available on it. Also, because users of the platform tend to use the anonymity option, there is a higher probability that they will resort to behaving at their worst since their identity is not known.

One of such cases that occurred was when an anonymous user in the United States uploaded an image of suspected child pornography to the platform. While the identity of the person was not known, the service itself was able to get their IP address and reported it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Authorities subsequently traced the IP address and moved to the location. They seized computers as well as other electronic devices where they found more images of child pornography.

Another issue that questions the safeness of the website is that public chat rooms are not moderated or monitored and there isn’t any support available for the website. However, there is an email link on the home page and there are also mechanisms for reporting and muting people.

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Are There Good Alternatives To Chatstep?

There are a number of online chatrooms that can serve as a good alternative to ChatStep. Below is a list of some of the alternatives.

1. ChatCrypt: ChatCrypt is a web chat service just like ChatStep that allows for the creation and joining of chatrooms. This platform proves to be a very good alternative to the former as it offers specialized encrypted chatrooms. The website uses very secure communication, often said to be military grade, that encrypts the messages itself. Once you create your own specialized chatroom, you will be given a username and password that you will have to share with others that you would want to join.

2. Cyph: This is another online chatroom service that is free, secure, and also safe to use. It requires no registration and there is no need to download software to your computer.

3. Chatzy: Like a few others that will appear on this list of alternatives to ChatStep, Chatzy does not require the downloading and installation of special software, and registration at all. The free chatting service allows its users to create their own chat rooms before being able to start inviting other people by email to chat with them.

4. ChatIW: If you are looking for a chat room service that has been specifically designed for single people looking to mingle, ChatIW is a good option. At first, users will be required to answer a couple of simple questions before beginning to enjoy their full list of services.

5. ShockRooms: This is a chat room service that also offers free webcam for communicating with other people on the platform. Since you also do not have to download the app, all you need to do to get started here is to check-in as a guest and make a request to whoever you intend to start chatting with.


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