What Is Bablic And How Can I Translate My Website With It?

The internet is a mother of great opportunities for those who want. With a very large part of the world visiting websites only in their native languages, there are many websites with great contents that are losing their audience and, of course, money because they have failed to have their websites translated to other languages. It is to take care of issues like this that services like Bablic are designed.

Traditionally, one might have had to create more than a single website and have all the contents changed to other languages in order to reach one’s audiences and markets. However, there are now many tools that one can put to use to have one’s site translated without the inconvenience of having to have more than a single site and also cut the cost implication that comes with it. One of the most important of such tools is Bablic.

What Is Bablic?

Bablic is a platform that is designed as a complete solution for your website needs. It covers everything from website design to style editing, search engine optimization (SEO), and the most important, translation of website to multiple languages.

The platform offers translation services for your website to almost any language. One can choose as much as 30 languages that you want your website to be translated to, however, it all depends on the plan you are on.

The service comes with a highly functional and versatile visual editor that makes it possible for you to translate your website right on the page without having to use other complex tools. More so, it is kitted with features such as automatic detection of new contents on your site to translate based on your settings.

Also, it has different versions- desktop, mobile, and tablet, from which you can switch easily and customize to your preference. One of the best things with the service is that it has different domain URLs for all your languages such as Spanish sites (site.es.com), French sites (site.fr,com), etc.

One of the main advantages it comes with is the SEO support that you get in all the languages you are translating to including page meta tags, description, and ALT text among other things.

How Can I Translate My Website With Bablic?

With this platform, you can translate any form of a website including your Shopify website to a language of your choice without needing the services of developers, translators, or even a project manager. The disturbing thing about the traditional method is that with any update you make to your website, you will have to go through the process of translating it again. However, all you need with this service is a line of code that will be on your site.

There are two ways that you can have your website translated with this service; either using the machine translation or getting a professional translator on the platform. While machine translation is the fastest way to have your site translated, it is not the most efficient and so many may prefer going with a professional translator.

The first thing to do is to go to the website and then select the service that you want, or simply put your website in the field that is provided if you want is to use the trial version although it has its limitations.

Click Here To Try Bablic For Free

As stated, you have the options of either going with the professional translation which assures of better quality or the machine translation. The issue with human translation is that the speed is limited as only a maximum translation of 2000 words may be achieved in a day. Hence, how long your website can be translated will all depend on the size of your web property.

To translate your website with this tool, you can have a trial account which allows you to translate your site to only a language. To do this, you do not even need to register to the site. Just copy your URL, paste in the provided field on the site after clicking on Trial and this will translate your site.

Once you put in your website URL, your site will start translating using the machine. You can also right-click on the text and that will allow for manual translation. Once you are done, you will need to click Publish Changes for it to take effect on your website.

Another way of editing your translation is to use the Text List mode which you will find on the Dashboard of your website. You can access this using the Gear icon that will appear on your homepage.

After activating your plan, you will get a code that you will need to place on your website. Another way to get the code is by going to the editor or top right of the page and then click on show Snippet. Copy it and pate it on the header of your website just before the closing </head> tag.

There are times when you will paste the code and still nothing will happen. To fix this problem, go back to the editor and then click Publish. Here, you can also decide to publish in different languages and unpublish as you may wish.

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Bablic has three plans available apart from the trial version which comes for free. The first plan which is the basic is priced at $24. It comes with 2 translated languages for websites with 150,000 page views per month.

Once you are on a paid package, there are other features you are entitled to including subdomain support, website editing, and unlimited translated pages. More so, they are all charged annually. While the basic does not give a discount, the plus package has a 15% discount while the Pro which is the main package has a 25% bonus for machine translation. However, you can enjoy 15% off with the link below.

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Inasmuch as Bablic is one of the major and most efficient website translation platforms, there are many other tools that you can go with. Others include SDL Language Cloud which also offers both machine and professional translation services and InWhatLanguage which is a cloud-based solution for your translation projects. It is designed with mobile app translation, software localization, document translation, and website translation among other things.

Other translation tools and services that one can find very useful are WOVN which makes use of machine translation, SDL Trados Studio 2017 which may be the best for businesses as it allows for the effective management of translation teams and tasks, PhraseApp which is another service that allows managing localization of website, as well as WebTranslateIt, a service that brings together translation management and software translation.

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