Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date, Trailer & Map Location

The gaming world has helped a lot of us to learn the virtue of patience, uneasy as it may sometimes be. How else can you explain that since 2011 when Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls 5 all of us have been waiting, and close to 7 years down the line, we are still waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6? The good news now is that we have not only now got the confirmation that it is coming out soon, but we have also seen the teaser.

If you are new around here and you don’t understand what the excitement is all about, the Elder Scrolls IV is a role-playing game that is being developed as the sixth chapter of Bethesda Game Studios’ The Elder Scroll which was first developed in 1994. From the very first of the series, which is the Arena, the game has built a very interesting story that has kept gamers following every development diligently.

Now with the teaser out, the question that fans are asking is the date that it will finally be released and the location that it will be set among other things. Following the available news and rumors that circulate with vigor, here is all that we have gathered.

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

We all have always known that there was no way that we were not going to see The Elder Scrolls 6, but what no one knew was when exactly it will be released. No one still knows it since Bethesda is still yet to give us a release date.

This is even though Todd Howard who has led the development of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2011 revealed that the game is on its way out. Making the announcement at the E3 2018, nothing much was given except the teaser and the fact that it is a very long way off.

Before making the revelation of the highly anticipated game at the press conference, Howard revealed that its rumored space-faring RPG, Starfield is finally coming out as well, and a short trailer was released. With that said, it is this game that is now the priority of Bethesda, as such, it is after it is released that we may finally get to have a release date or even see the actual release of the game. In essence, we are just about to start a new phase of waiting as it may finally take until the early 2020s before the game will be released.

What we can savor right now beyond everything else is that already, something (although in the pre-development stages) is being done on The Elders Scroll 6.


What happens with most trailers is that the producers leave you yearning for more by giving you some juicy part of the game. The 30 seconds teaser trailer released for TES 6 by Bethesda does more than that because it gives you nothing thereby opening you up to be guessing and wondering.

If instead of calling it a teaser you decide to call it an announcement, by Azura, by Azura, by Azura, no one will have any problem with you.

The trailer of The Elder Scrolls 6 as shown above only takes us on a little journey that shows us the landscape that could be a part of the game. If the intention of is to show us nothing with the trailer, it has achieved it all.


Elder Scrolls 6
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Again, with very little information on almost everything about the game, what fans want to know is where exactly Bethesda is leading us to in this sixth journey. With the release of the teaser, Howard has indeed confirmed that the short teaser contains clues on the location of the game, and although there is still some time for it to be released, the location has been decided a while ago.

Because of this revelation, everyone is now on big goggles and looking at the map trying to figure out based on the teaser, the location of The Elder Scrolls 6. The obvious first guess of most people is that the location is High Rock. You have to give some credence to this, knowing that High Rock is popular for its mountainous topography which is seen on the teaser, although that didn’t give much since it is only 30 seconds long. More than anything else, you will want to mount your flag here if you consider that the home of the Bretons has the same climate as what we have seen in the teaser or close to.

There are also a number of other theories that have been put forward by some as the possible location of the game. Among these speculated locations is Hammerfell which we think may just be it as well. Keeping in mind that we are only but speculating, the teaser shows a land rocky and mountainous landscape that is also dry, which are all things that could point to Hammerfell. Although we have visited here in The Elder Scrolls 2, there is no rule against heading there again.

Another theory that is proposed is that it could as well be in the entire Tamriel rather than in specific regions. Nevertheless, this is something we think almost completely unlikely because there is no reason why it will want to do that except if that is the last of the series, and that is something you will not bet on.

News and Rumours

While there are some crumbs of news flying around since it was revealed that TES 6 is in the tube, the rumour mills have not stopped grinding even for a second.

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The dominant and relevant things in the news are reports that the game is in the pre-production stage and it will come after the release of the Starfield. There is also the news on the trailer which has been released and the statement by Howard that clues on the location of the game are given in the very short trailer.

Most other things that fly around are the expectations of fans, speculations, and rumours just as you would expect of a game that is that much waited for.

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