Warcraft 4
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Let’s go back to 1994 – that was the year that Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was first released by Blizzard Entertainment. In the coming years, it remained a massive success that the only question people asked after a short while was when the next was coming. Warcraft II came in 1995, and then Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos in 2003. More than 15 years down, the same old question is being asked: When are we getting Warcraft 4?

If you are a gamer, you will know that not too many games get the privilege of sustaining this much interest for such a long time. However, Warcraft is not just any game. It tells the story of Sargeras (a fallen titan) who possessed Medivh into raising a bloodthirsty army, Horde. The goal of the army was to invade and destroy Azeroth which Sargeras had wanted to bring down for ages. Sir Anduin Lothar would fight with the help of Garona who is half-orc and half-draenei to protect the kingdom. That was how the game rolled, raising a great troop of fans on the way, thanks to its suspense and the nature of the game.

Warcraft 4 Release Date – When is It Coming Out?

Warcraft 4
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With each passing year since 2003, we have come to believe that we are getting closer to the release of WC4 or at least, the announcement of a release date. Neither has happened, and there is no indication that we would get that any time soon.

With that said, there is no release date that has has been provided by Blizzard which has been busy producing different games.  In November 2017, Blizzard announced that it was going to release the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth on August 14, 2018. The announcement which came at the Blizzcon 2017 didn’t come with any mention of a Warcraft IV, hence we have to only wait and see if anything would be said as we build to the 2018 BlizzCon in November.

Teaser and Trailer

It gets interesting (though not surprising) to know that there are many teasers are trailers on the internet for Warcraft IV. These are found on many platforms including YouTube and some gaming websites. Unfortunately, these are only used as click baits.

From Blizzard and other platforms dedicated for Warcraft, there are no teasers or trailers for Warcraft 4 since there is nothing that has been said about any work on the game.

News, Announcements and Rumors

Warcraft 4
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In 2017, Blizzard’s senior producer Peter Stilwell stated that even though fans were expecting a remaster for Warcraft 3 and Diablo, the two would not get the treatment because the games are yet to be perfect.  Unfortunately, there is nothing close to this that has been given for Warcraft 4, as such, it has allowed for a lot of speculations, theories, and rumors.

News on WC4 has been coming in bits and pieces. Back in 2015, it was reported that Blizzard producer Tim Morten revealed that the Irvine, California company had not completely forgotten about Warcraft IV or SpaceCraft III, although there were no guarantees of seeing either.

The next news that would emerge from Blizzard was in 2016 when Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said he loved seeing the kind of passion that has built around the game, but unfortunately, it was not one of the things that they were focused on at the moment. But then, it could be something that might come in the future.

Apart from these, there has been no formal announcement made on the fate of the game. Nonetheless, the rumor street always has enough to offer in situations like this. One of the prevailing rumors is that we may as well forget about seeing a Warcraft 4 because the original team that made Warcraft and WarII has been split into two to go after different projects.

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More so, there is the idea that World of Warcraft has come to continue what Warcraft has left “unfinished,” that is most especially when you consider how it is even able to complete the stories of some highly important villains such as Illidan and Arthas. What is more is that WoW has come to be very successful reaching more than 12 million paying players as at 2010 when it was at its peak. Repeating the same story or going back to recreate it after it has been handled may not yield Blizzard anything much. But then, who can ever tell?

One more rumor which is more of a theory is that instead of a Warcraft 4, we may end up with a mobile version of Warcraft. We are yet to hear anything from Blizzard about that, but that looks like something very plausible to do rather than bringing the WC4.

Will we get to see Warcraft IV?

Warcraft 4
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It would have been very odd that more than 15 years later, we are still talking about the return of a game in its fourth sequel, but it is Warcraft that we are talking about! The truth, however, is that inasmuch as we want to see the return of the game, we may never see the coming of the Warcraft 4.

The first and most important reason why I do not see Blizzard working all the miles back to pick up from Warcraft 3 is that it will hardly make much sense for anyone to stretch so much just to pick up a Real-Time strategy (RTS) game in a time like this when it is obvious that RTS as a genre is on its deathbed. The genre may not die off anytime soon, but the onslaught against it by MOBA makes it hard for many developers to put either their money or mouth there.

Also, just as other developers like Riot Games have recorded success with MOBA games like League of Legends, Blizzard’s major successes in recent times have been with games in the same genre including Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft which I believe is the most successful of Blizzard’s franchise.

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Another thing to consider is that World Of Warcraft has mostly done a lot of justice to the plot of Warcraft or most of it from WC3 as stated. Therefore it will be very hard for a WC4 to come up again. Instead of this, there are those who still count on Warcraft III getting a remaster, which as stated above may itself, just never come.

So, are we going to see the coming of WC4? Personally, I won’t keep my fingers crossed on that.