Best PC Gaming Chair: 9 Highly Comfortable and Ergonomic Computer Chairs

Gone are the days when a few dollars would get you a chair from the store which you could use for playing your favorite video games. Not to mention, a significant number of gamers have suffered serious back problems because of sitting on the couch or an uncomfortable seat for hours on end. Instead, I have discovered what difference it makes, using the best PC gaming chair for those long hours of play. Apart from ailments that come with poor sitting position and support, gamers also struggle to play games with high levels of concentration due to the chair’s uncomfortable nature.

My first gaming chair might not have been the best, but it undoubtedly served its purpose. Nevertheless, I wasn’t impressed by its comfort levels and the accessories that came with it, so I decided to sell it after buying a better gaming chair. I went for an ergonomic chair because apart from the additional comfort it brings when gaming, the chair is also customizable and has an LED feature that helps me immerse myself in the game especially at night.

It’s not just comfort and features that you should be on the lookout for when searching for a gaming chair; the quality is also a major factor to consider. If the materials used in its construction are inferior, you can experience back pain after a few days of use. I had this issue with my first gaming chair and neglected the pain, but after a week I couldn’t even sit or squat normally.

Before we delve into the best computer gaming chairs on the market right now for your consideration, let’s have a quick look at some of the features and factors you should consider before making a purchase.



While playing some games, I need to lean forward and focus on passing some difficult missions. However, there are those games that require me to recline and just enjoy the moment with my finger on the console, my feet on a stool, and my chair sprawled. To fully enjoy your gaming experience, look for a chair with adjustable depth, width, and height.

Ensure that the seat can tilt forward and backward correctly and its height is between 16 and 21 inches. It’s not just the seat that needs to be adjustable; the armrests also require this feature to add comfort to your gaming experience. Adjustable armrests also help relax your shoulders thereby reducing instances of fatigue.

Before buying a gaming chair, test its adjustability. Ensure that it tilts appropriately and the armrest can drop up to below your thigh height. Still, adjustability depends on an individual considering we all have different preferences.


The best thing about gaming chairs is they come with a broad variety of options. My first chair was a rocker gaming chair. I enjoyed it because it was somewhat cushy at first and it sat directly on the floor. The no legs and no wheels feature was especially enticing because I could rock the chair at times while playing.

The best rocker gaming chairs are L shaped and contain amazing features such as RCA stereo inputs, built-in sound system, and wireless connectivity. Another L shaped example is the pedestal gaming chair. On the flipside, this chair has a pedestal under the seat for swiveling or adjusting the height. Nonetheless, both chairs have similar features.

You can also purchase a PC gaming chair, which can be easily mistaken for an office chair were it not for its classy design. Some of the features that come with this option include a lumbar pad, comfortable armrests, and a headrest. Some of these chairs can lean 180 degrees to the back without tipping over and are made from actual racecar seat material.

Other options include racer and bean bag gaming chairs. The former is especially ideal for those in love with racing games considering some of them are bought alongside pedals, a shift knob, and steering wheel. Beanbag gaming chairs might not have some of the features contained in most of the chair types discussed above, but they come with a great deal of comfort.


As we all know, the materials used to make any product play a significant role in guaranteeing both its durability and efficiency. By now, I am already accustomed to woes from my gamer friends regarding their gaming chairs. Buying a gaming chair made from quality material means you can enjoy its services for an extended period without thinking of a replacement.

Padding material should also be top notch to ensure the chair provides a comfortable gaming experience. For safety purposes, ensure that the materials used in making the chair’s leg are also of high-quality. Most gaming chairs indicate the materials used, but if you are not certain, you can always ask an attendant from the store where you intend to purchase the chair.


Comfort is perhaps the most important factor to consider before buying a gaming chair. As mentioned earlier, many gamers have developed life-threatening back and shoulder conditions due to uncomfortable gaming chairs. At first, I thought that all I needed was a chair to enjoy my gaming; turns out my health requires more than just a chair.

If you want to enjoy absolute comfort, consider purchasing an ergonomic gaming chair. These chairs are not only comfortable but also help reduce the amount of stress that accumulates in your body with every passing gaming minute. No gamer enjoys pausing the game every few minutes to stand up or stretch. What’s more, there is nothing more irritating than an uncomfortable clunky gaming chair.


Two of my best friends challenged me to look for a gaming seat with this feature after I visited them a few months ago. It might have cost me an extra buck, but customizing the seat to my preferences was perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made as a gamer. It’s not just about having the right gaming chair, for hardcore gamers like me, pride is also part of the game.

As such, make sure the gaming chair you intend to purchase can be customized to help you stand out among your friends.

Space Saving

It makes no sense to have a seat that fills the whole room when you are the only one who uses it and for only one purpose, gaming. The dimensions of your gaming area should be among the first details you write down while researching on the best gaming chair. While most gaming chairs are not installed permanently, it is also advisable to ensure that the chair can be easily moved when need be.

There are instances when you require more space around the area occupied by your gaming chair. The best solution to this problem is purchasing a gaming chair that can be folded or tucked away whenever it is not needed.


At the end of the day, the one thing that remains constant is the fact that you will have to dip into your pocket to get the best PC gaming chair. That said, you don’t have to blindly purchase a gaming chair without evaluating its value for your money. Why pay extra for features that you already have in your house? A good example is gaming chairs with inbuilt sound systems or connectivity to other chairs. These features mean the price of the chair is raised significantly. Why waste the money when you have a subwoofer or home theater at home?

Compatibility with Gaming Systems

Technology has made life much more comfortable for billions of people around the world. Technological innovations are embedding themselves into every aspect of our lives from communication, work, and even leisure. More often than not, the best gaming seats have state-of-the-art technological features, which give them the edge over their competitors.

Having said that, seeing the chief purpose of these seats is aiding in providing a better gaming experience, your gaming chair needs to be compatible with your gaming system. Whether you use Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or 4, Xbox One, or even PC, a compatible chair will ensure your gaming experience is unlike no other.


One of the biggest mistakes most gamers make especially while purchasing gaming seats online is failing to look at their size. As such, when the chair is delivered, you cannot sit on it comfortably let alone play a game. Ensure that the chair you purchase is designed for adults to avoid such costly blunders.

The Best Computer Gaming Chairs We Recommend

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the best PC gaming chairs currently on the market for your consideration.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair for PC Gaming

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair

It might look like your typical office chair, but the Aeron Task Chair from Herman Miller is an ergonomic stroke of genius. It is genuinely highly adjustable and is manufactured using the sturdiest materials to enhance its durability. In addition to this, it comes in a broad range of colors ranging from true black pellicle to classic zinc, white gold tuxedo pellicle, and platinum wave just to outline a few.

The Aeron Task Chair also has a 12 years warranty that covers the casters, moving mechanisms, pneumatic cylinders, and tilts. As far as comfort is concerned, Herman Miller used quality fabric that helps support your back and neck when gaming while using the Aeron Task. Additionally, it the chair also has patented material which helps distribute your body weight evenly reducing fatigue.

In summary, this chair is highly adjustable with PostureFit support, and fully adjustable vinyl armrests and for its price and list of features, the Aeron Task Chair is worth the purchase. It also comes in all three major sizes; small, medium, and large.

DXRacer Iron Series PC Gaming Chair

Computer Gaming Chair
DXRacer Iron Series

DXRacer chairs are among the most common gaming seats on the market. The company has maintained high standards throughout the years, and this reputation is echoed by the DOH/IS166/NR. This seat from the company’s Iron Series not only betters your gaming experience but can also be used when relaxing or working.

The DOH/IS166/NR also features a higher backrest which helps support your entire spinal column and prevent injuries or back pain. The chair is also highly adjustable and doesn’t take up too much space. It also has three-inch PU casters, a sturdy aluminum base, and a multi-functional mechanism for enhanced efficiency.

All DXRacer chairs come with a set of features and tweaked to perform better than the previous models. As part of the latest models from the Iron Series to hit the market, the DOH/IS166/NR has been a revelation to many gamers. Apart from this, it is also affordable and comes in a broad range of colors.

Steelcase Amia Task Computer Gaming Chair

Steelcase Amia Task Chair

Just like the first product on our list, the Steelcase Amia Task Chair can also be easily mistaken for a regular office seat at first glance. However, it also comes in a broad range of colors from the usual black to blue, red, yellow, and grey just to mention a few. This gaming chair features a system of flexors meant to support your back as you play your favorite games.

The seat also matches your sitting pattern and distributes pressure evenly for a comfortable gaming experience. It also features a pivot which comes in handy when looking for support in different postures. To build on this, its adjustable arms can move six ways (up and down, front to back, and side to side). The Steelcase Amia Task Chair has also been weighed and tested to support up to 300 lbs. Moreover, its high-end fabric, easily adjustable seat depth, and ten year Steelcase warranty make it a worthy acquisition for any gamer.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair for Computer Gaming

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller also has another gaming product on our list called the Embody chair, and it is incredible. Embody is among the very few gaming chairs on the market that can stabilize your heart rate and reduce stress by the complete comfort it offers. The floating feeling associated with this chair enables your brain to stay alert ensuring you don’t miss a single moment when gaming.

This chair can also enhance your creativity given it promotes oxygen and blood flow enabling the brain to remain functional for extended periods and it does this by not relieving pressure on even the areas you would expect pressure to build up from prolonged sitting. Embody also features trademark Backfit adjustment, which positions the backrest to mimic your spine’s natural curve. As such, you can attain a balanced and natural posture and prevent instances of back or shoulder pains.

This one size fits all chair might be a little pricey, but it is worth buying. Not many gaming chairs are designed to naturally enhance your bodily functions while automatically conforming to your every movement for even weight distribution.

AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL PC Gaming Chair

PC Gaming Chair
AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL Gaming Chair

As observed earlier, there are gaming chairs specifically designed for racing. While it might not come with a steering wheel and pedals, this ergonomic chair from AKRacing is among the best racing seats on the market. It has a stylish and colorful design, 3D armrests, and a 180-degree recline and lock feature, which comes in handy when you need a little break from gaming.

The 3D armrests on the Pro-X enable it to move in all directions; up and down, side to side, and rotate. For those above feet in height, the Pro-X is your perfect gaming chair considering it has a wide frame and a deep seat, which helps provide additional support for your legs. This ergonomic chair is not only made from durable materials but also features a soft exterior with anti-fatigue properties to help you enjoy gaming for extended periods.

This gaming chair comes in three colors; white, blue, and red and a five to ten year warranty. You are highly unlikely to find a racing chair with the same features as the Pro-X at the same price.

DXRacer King Series PC Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair
DXRacer King Series

DXRacer’s DOH/KS06/NB from the King Series is an ergonomic racing bucket seat that can also be used for office work. However, considering its design, unless you work from home not many people will take you seriously if you take this chair to the office. Not that it has a bad design, if anything, its outlook is among the best of all products on this list.

Just like most gaming chairs from DXRacer, the DOH/KS06/NB also has three-inch PU casters and a durable aluminum base to support your weight for extended periods. 90-Degree 4D arms also enhance your gaming experience by adding to your comfort while a hydraulic unit improves adjustability. This chair has also passed the 72 quality tests and meets all international standards for a gaming chair.

The DOH/KS06/NB is one among a broad option of chairs from DXRacer’s King Series. Besides, it is also among the most affordable and contains a lot of amazing features.

Merax Racing Style Executive Computer Gaming Chair

Merax Racing Style Executive

This racing chair from Merax is precisely as its name states, executive. It comes with an adjustable footrest, which helps accommodate different feet lengths and better your siesta. It also has a recline and lock feature that helps it stay in any desired position with ease. A first-rate PU cover also makes cleaning the chair more manageable and helps it serve you for a long time.

This ergonomic gaming chair also has spacious and cushioned seating as well as a curled backrest to support your body weight and back. It is also adjustable by up to nearly 180 degrees but has a 90-degree standard sitting position. The Merax swivel chair also has a headrest that helps support your neck and head as well as lumbar support for the ultimate gaming experience.

Aside from these features, this chair also has wheels, which enhance its mobility and comes at a very affordable price. It also comes in abroad range of colors and is made from very strong core materials which play a role in ensuring its durability.

Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Sterling Leather PC Gaming Chair

PC Gaming Chair
Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Sterling Leather

Zuri has been manufacturing some of the best gaming seats for a while now, and the sterling leather executive chair is a great example. This chair comes in either black, red, dark brown, dark grey, or cream. The leather executive chair also has curved lumbar and head support with padding for that extra comfort required after long hours of gaming.

The back and sitting areas also have a lattice pattern of leather which provides extra comfort while curved metal armrests give the chair a classy modern look. Its height is also fully adjustable and while durable casters ensure that mobility is easy while sitting on this chair. The sterling leather executive also weighs only 54 lbs and does not take up too much space.

If you are looking for an ergonomic gaming chair without a fancy design and almost similar to an office chair regarding appearance, then the sterling leather executive is your best bet. But as you would guess, the features contained in this chair are far more advanced compared to those on an office chair. Still, its inability to recline by up to 180 degrees like most gaming chairs do might not be welcomed by most gamers.

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather PC Gaming Chair

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather

Topsky’s C4C-1 gaming chair is the last product on our list and a personal favorite. This chair not only has a classic gaming design but also come at a ridiculously low price. In fact, there are no gaming chairs on the market going for the same price with features such as a 360-degree swivel, adjustable armrest, and height, and slide out footrest.

The C4C-1 meets all BIFMA standards, and despite being a growing company, Topsky has received a lot of praise for this gaming chair. This chair also features a large and soft headrest to protect your head and spine as well as an ergonomic design lumbar cushion for ultimate comfort. The C4C-1might be a little heavy compared to other items on this list, but it is not as big with a base diameter of 7.9-8.7 inches. The C4C-1 can also recline and lock at any position from 90 to 175 degrees. Considering that it already has an adjustable slide footrest, the C4C-1 is among the few gaming chairs currently on the market that can be used for both gaming and relaxing.

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Over the past couple of years, gamers have enjoyed the transformation presented by state-of-the-art gaming chairs. These seats provide the same benefits for both hardcore and casual gamers. Regardless of the amount of bliss you get when winning games on a regular chair, that feeling cannot be compared to the one elicited by an advanced gaming chair.


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