Maxnomic vs DXRacer Computer Gaming Chair Comparison

Now more than ever, more people have understood that gaming does not require your usual $20 chair from the store. Apart from the health-related issues associated with these chairs, there is also the matter of playing comfortably. None of these chairs help you in that regard.

If interested in purchasing the best gaming chair, you can only choose from two brands, Maxnomic or DXRACER chairs. Personally, I have chairs from both brands; I couldn’t settle on one. While these chairs are both ideal for the gamer, they have different features, which set every new release apart.

However, they also have a lot of things in common such as eSports special editions, warranty, and the accessories included just to mention a few. If you spend more than an hour every day behind the desk, you need an ergonomic chair with just the right amount of comfort. Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs offer comfort, but I know better than to settle on one and ignore the other.

Maxnomic vs DXRacer Chair Review

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What’s the Difference Between Maxnomic & DXRacer

The only way you can choose the best chair out of these two is by comparing the features to help you settle on the one that appeals to you most.

Price Range

The price range for any item can be used to gauge the quality of the product as well as whether to expect a handful or a lot of features. However, in this case, both brands’ most expensive chairs go for the same price. The price range for some of the best DXRacer Chairs is from $239 to $599 while the best Maxnomic chairs range from $329 to $599.

However, you can still purchase gaming chairs from either of these two brands at a lower price, but they might not offer you the comfort required for an awesome gaming experience. You can purchase the DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NR for as low as $289 and enjoy amazing features such as unique soft armrests, a lifetime warranty on frame, and neck and spine support just to mention a few.

The Maxnomic Needforseat, which I bought, costs around $419 but you can be sure every penny is worth the purchase. Regardless of the price, what matters most is how the seat’s features add to your comfort, health, and better your gaming experience.

Chair Series

Best DXRacer Gaming Chair

Understanding the chair series is key to knowing what to expect from your purchase. Maxnomic has four series (casual sport, pro-gaming and office, XL, and office comfort) while DXRacer has 12. Some DXRacer series include the DXRacer origin series, DXRacer formula, DXRacer racing series, and the DXRacer King series just to mention a few.

A DXRacer Racing series chair such as the DOH/REO/NW Newedge Edition Racing bucket seat is patented and uses breathable material. It also has a conventional tilt mechanism and two PI casters. However, the DXRacer Formula Series FHO8/NR features footrests, better maximum weight, and can lift quicker.

While the Formula series might seem better than the racing series, both chairs have unique features, and some might have more than others. Maxnomic’s four series are differentiated by purpose with every series designing chairs best suited for a particular task. Seeing that we are concentrating on gaming chairs, the best series to choose from regarding Maxnomic chairs are the pro-gaming and office, XL, and the casual sports series.

You can also opt for the office comfort series if you need a gaming chair disguised as an office chair in your workplace.

Weight Limit

Each of these two gaming chair brands has a weight range. While most Maxnomic chairs will not exceed 374 lbs, DXRacers support up to 450 lbs. How much do you weigh? Whatever your weight is, you need a chair that betters your gameplay by supporting your full body weight and allowing room for movement.

Accessories Included

As mentioned earlier, these two brands almost offer the same accessories after purchasing their products. Lumbar and head cushions are almost part of the chair seeing how they do not miss in any series. The DXRacer Formula series DOH/FD01/N comes with black pillows and a headrest just like the Maxnomic Kinsal high-back racing swivel chair.


Maxnomic vs DXRacer

Before settling for any of these two brands, you have to be sure that the chair you choose is available and can be delivered to your location. Maxnomic chairs are pretty hard to come by; I know because I spent over two months before getting my order, which had to pass via my cousin. Their chairs are good but are available in limited places in the US and around the world.

However, DXRacer chairs are not only readily available in many locations in the US but also in other parts of the world.

LED Models

DXRacer has LED models such as the DXRacer RL1 gaming chair, which has lights at the back to add to its style. However, the lights are only on the back of the chair, so your best bet of feeling their whole glow is ensuring the material behind your chair is illuminated. Nonetheless, they add to your gaming experience in a darkly lit room and can help in building your game space around the chair.

Maxnomic is yet to manufacture a chair with LED lights, but I’m sure a lot of fans will be waiting to see the improvements they will make to their new models.


Every gamer has an alias, and some go as far as customizing their computers and laptops with these names. My pad bears my name, it took a few bucks to get it imprinted, but every time I use it to play, I feel like I can win any game. The feeling is not the same when I use another pad.

Similarly, you can have your DXRacer chair customized to bear your name or a particular phrase. However, this feature is only available for some models. On the other hand, Maxnomic chairs have no room for customization; a feature that can easily make them lose a fan or two.

Other differences you have to look at when choosing between these two brands include the backseat adjustability, tilt mechanism, materials used, the armrest, height support, and the availability of eSports special editions.


Both Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs offer versatile options and almost go for the same price. However, the DXRacer brand is bigger and has more options to offer than its counterpart. Aside from the features on paper, you can consider visiting a nearby store if they have any of these chairs and try them out before making an order or purchase.

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