6 Best DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews – Which is the Best?

Is a game chair really worth investing in? Before spending your hard-earned money on one, you certainly want to find your ideal fit and preferences and of course, the best bang for your bucks. Each gaming chair has a unique set of cool features to increase your level of game interaction and enjoyment. However, in this review, we look at six of the very best DXRacer gaming chairs.

Why DXRacer? simply because since the company started back in 2006, it has been widely acknowledged as the manufacturer for high-quality racing car seats and according to their website, “…with a primary focus on strict quality management” this same quality and technology is what they brought into the gaming accessories and over the years, DXRacer has come to be known as a favorite among manufacturers of some of the coolest gaming chairs.

Why You Should Trust Us

We pride ourselves in the quality time we put into analyzing, testing, and researching what makes products tick.

DXRacer is a big name in the world of gaming chairs, and so they naturally have a wide range of such products, therefore, going through each one, spending time using them, asking questions from users, getting the opinion of experts in the field, and actually testing them to have a personal feel of them would take a long time…but yes, that’s exactly what we did and have put together this review to help you make the best buying decision and you can rest assured that any one of these you chose is bound to deliver on its word.

We recommend that if what you want in a gaming chair is affordable luxury, DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FDO1/N Racing Bucket Seat (Newedge Edition) is your best bet and if you are a big bulky person, you might want to try the DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NB Racing Bucket Seat (Newedge Edition) or the DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NR Chair (Newedge Edition) as these were made with plus-sized and heavy-weighted people in mind.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Now, since we have got that out of the way, these are the Top DXRacer gaming chairs we’ve found.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FDO1/N Racing Bucket/Gaming Chair (Newedge Edition)

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FDO1/N Racing Bucket Seat (Newedge Edition)

If you are after high quality DXRacer gaming chair offering affordable luxury, this formula series gives you that and much more. With its ergonomic design, this seat is a top pick for popular eSports teams including Fnatic, Dignitas, and compLexity. The chair can be used by an avid gamer for more than 8 hours without causing discomfort.


This formula series chair achieves superb stability through its nylon base and steel frames. Its high backrest comfortably supports your back and neck over long hours. The flexible backrest allows for easy and convenient adjustments.

The chair has been made using patented breathable race car material, improving circulation and keeping the user’s body cool.

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Other Features Include:

  • The chair’s nylon base featuring the latest design and footrests;
  • A strong mesh for keeping the chair rigid but conveniently flexible;
  • Soft and adjustable special armrests for protecting your wrists and shoulders.

Using The Pillows

DXRacer Gaming Chair
With removable pillow attached

Depending on your sitting posture, the chair’s pillows can help with comfort in several ways. The lumbar (lower back) pillow maintains a healthy sitting posture by pushing forward your lower back; regardless of the chair’s angle, this action places you closer to your computer.

To keep you from slouching, the lumbar pillow presses your stomach forward, making you feel uncomfortable when you slouch, however, you can recline your chair a bit and use this pillow to support your slouch when you want to sit straight and lean forward.

Tip: The lumbar pillow can be removed, allowing you to lean back and relax.

What You’ll Love About The Chair

The neck and back pillows cushion you and require only minimal adjustment;
This chair has been densely and evenly cushioned to offer extra comfort;
If you have a lower or higher desk, shorter arms or longer legs, this chair has all the necessary adjustments to satisfy your needs.

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DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NE Racing Bucket Seat (Newedge Edition)

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NB Racing Bucket Seat (Newedge Edition)

As one of the most popular gaming chairs, this series falls in line with DXRacer’s commitment to healthy, comfortable and high-quality gaming seats. It is, however, different from other models as it has been designed to safely accommodate a bigger person. In addition, the 90 degrees, 4D adjustable armrests have a multi-functional tilt mechanism.


As a high-end gaming chair, this series features the racing car design, giving it a totally game-ish look. All the parts have been sized just right and the curves look particularly clean and neat. The color bar metal has an alluring black, inlaid theme-color.
The chair’s legs are edgy and thin, giving it a nice ‘fast’ feel. It’s easy to attach the accompanying 3-inch casters on the legs. The seat’s straight 4D armrests are shaped uniquely, giving it a sharp look; this complements the overall design.

Longevity And Performance

The chair’s frame is made from metal, making it particularly sturdy. The metal base can still support 1.5 times the recommended maximum weight which is 220 lbs / 99.79 kg. Quite expected, the casters get worked the most. The chair uses strong PU 3-inch casters; these are elastic and durable but are also easy on the floor.

The high-quality material ensures a long life and excellent performance.


If you fit the recommended height (5’8″ / 1.73 m – 6’2″ / 1.88 m) and weight, this will arguably be your best overall DXRacer gaming chair yet. Made of high-density ‘cold cure’ foam, the chair supports continuous hours of comfortable sitting. If you are taking part in long gaming sessions, the adjustable angle-reclining option provides extra comfort.

The multi-functional tilting mechanism locks angles between 1 and 14 degrees but it can be left unlocked for rocking back and forth.

Assembly And Ease Of Use

Assembling the chair should take less than 10 minutes. It, however, takes a while to break into the chair. All the buttons and handles have been appropriately positioned to ensure really comfortable use. Made from PU and vinyl, the chair is extremely easy to clean.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NR Gaming/Office Chair (Newedge Edition)

DXRacer Gaming Chair review
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NR Gaming/Office Chair (Newedge Edition)

Coming with free lumbar and headrest cushions, this chair features an ergonomic design, enhancing your comfort. Unlike most office chairs, this series has a higher back that comfortably supports you while gaming.

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If you need to take a power nap, the chair can be lowered a few degrees and tilted during the long overtime sessions.

Top features

  • The chair’s Nylon base has the latest footrests and design
  • The unique and soft armrests are adjustable to protect your wrists and shoulders
  • The race car material is breathable mesh and made from strong mesh and Polyurethane
  • A higher backrest protects your spine and neck, and it can also be adjusted for flexibility


The chair’s conventional tilt mechanism has been complimented with an adjustable gas-spring, making height and tilting adjustments incredibly easy. The soft pad cover on the armrests protects your arms from discomfort and irritation after many hours of play or work.

Straightforward Assembly

The chair, which comes in a superb package, is easy to assemble as all the parts align correctly; you’ll only need to screw them in place. Having been manufactured under strict top-quality standards, ultimate comfort and luxury are evident during assembly.

Perfect For Relaxing And Working

Although the chair has been designed to increase every gamer’s experience, it takes whatever activity you’re engaging in (play, office work, or relaxation) to an entirely new level. The stable five-point metal base and gas spring are easily adjustable to fit your ideal personal computer or office desk height.

Other Features

As one of the top-tier DXRacer gaming chair options, its integrated headrest looks bold and comfortably maintains your upright position. The chair’s 2-inch casters make your movement around the working space effortless and well-balanced.

To assure you of quality, this DXRacer gaming chair comes with a 24-month parts warranty and a lifetime frame warranty. It is recommended for users with a maximum height of 178 cm and weight of 90.7 kg/200 lbs.

The Drawbacks

This chair has a strong ‘new car’ smell which takes a while to wear off; keeping the fan while will create bursts of fresh air within your working space. Bigger new users may also find the chair a bit constraining before they break into it.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NE Racing/Gaming Chair (Newedge Edition)

Gaming Chair
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NG Racing/Office Chair (Newedge Edition)

This comfortable chair by DXRacer has all the perks of a thoughtfully designed working and gaming chair. Its conventional tilt mechanism allows you to swing as much as is comfortable for the task at hand, with the inlaid Color Bar-Base featuring the latest, sleek footrests.

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The chair’s ergonomic design allows you to work more efficiently and comfortably, with complimentary lumbar and headrest cushions (these are removable).

The Perks

Once purchased, this chair comes in easy to assemble parts, with all the required tools included. This DXRacer Formula series produces little or no noise when moving around; it has to be firmly fixed at the base to ensure this.

When relaxing or taking your power nap, the chair can be reclined to a comfortable 170 degrees; it will only tip over when considerable intent and force is applied. Apart from holding you up tightly in a healthy position, the quality pillows provide extra comfort and reduce stiffness.

Tip: If you are a guitar player, you can conveniently remove the armrests without compromising the chair’s other functions.

Top Features

  • The special armrests are soft and comfortable to protect your wrists and shoulders.
  • The backrest is extra-high to support your back and neck; the seat’s back is easily adjustable.
  • The race car seat’s breathable material is patented. A strong PU and a mesh cover hold the extra padding in place.


DXRacer FH08/NR Black Red Racing Bucket Gaming Chair/Office Seat (With Red Lumbar Support)

DXRacer FH08/NR Black Red Racing Bucket Seat/Office Chair (With Red Lumbar Support)

This Formula Series is well-built to accommodate the user comfortably, with an easy-to-follow assembly manual. Its stitching, construction, and stability are solid enough to handle mildly aggressive use.

When using your PC or gaming controllers, the seat’s armrests can be easily adjusted for your optimum height and support for your hands if you are using the keyboard is very comfortable!


In the chair’s design and manufacture, DXRacer matches all the industry standards put in place to ensure the user’s safety; soft cushioning and surface materials are used throughout. It can recline up to 170 degrees and you can easily adjust the chair’s angle and height to your desired settings.

All the hydraulic units used are imported from Germany (they have passed all the stringent SGS international standards); the manufacturer ascertains that all seat’s components pass the 72 strict quality evaluations.

Tip: The new base has been uniquely designed by experienced professionals to support a lot of weight and last indefinitely.

Other Features Include;

  • Universal casters
  • An ergonomic design which is multi-directional
  • Rocking function at any set position
  • Large angle adjuster providing the highest comfort level
  • Uniquely designed handle toggles for quick and gentle raising or lowering of the chair
  • Comfortable and pleasant armrests made of high-quality PU material


DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NR Gaming Chair

Top DXRacer Gaming Chair
DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NR Chair (Newedge Edition)

The DOH/REO/NR series comes across as a superior gaming chair with the latest features and functionalities. Its ergonomic design is in line with other DXRacer products, complemented with its lively coloring and extra padding. The package contains bonus back and neck rests; that can be attached and detached as you deem fit.

The Key Features Include

  • The latest design Aluminum base for extra-strong support and rigidity
  • A uniquely higher backrest for protecting your neck and back; it is easy to adjust
  • Patented race-car seat PU breathable material
  • 3D straight armrests covered with a soft pad
  • Conventional tilt mechanism

In terms of functionality, this chair is a larger version of DXRacer’s best-selling (F-Series) Formula Series chair. The wider and taller backrest has been designed to comfortably sit a bigger-built user.

To ensure comfortable, extended use, the chair is made of high-density cold-cure foam which assumes your body shape and relaxes afterward. The aluminum base and tubular steel frame are designed to safely support weights not exceeding 90.7 kgs.

Adjustability And Sizing

Though the chair feels quite stiff, it is easily adjustable to fit your exact height. Unless you suffer from an advanced case of lordosis, it is advisable to use the extra-thick lumbar pillow sparingly. If you’re significantly taller than 6 ft., this model’s headrest will not support you.

Issues That Need Improving

As the leather on the chair’s left side rubs against the base, it might produce a squeaking sound if not properly aligned; this can be easily fixed by following the correct assembly procedure. Alternatively, you can apply oil to reduce the friction.

Tip: Always triple check the charts sizing to make sure you purchase a good DXRacer gaming chair for your size.

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By now, you are much more knowledgeable of the DXRacer gaming chair choices including their unique technology and features. These highest-quality models by DXRacer are designed with the user in mind, prioritizing your health and safety before everything else. These luxury PC gaming chairs are extremely comfortable, healthy to use and super-sturdy when assembled, therefore, these comfy chairs come highly recommended such that even if you don’t play games as much, you still get to enjoy reading, watching videos or listening to music while seated on it.

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