Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards Under $100: Gaming and Typing Keyboards

Finding the best cheap mechanical keyboards is not one of the easiest things you would have to do. This is because while most of the very good ones don’t come cheap, most of the cheap come really cheap in standard and performance.

That, however, doesn’t mean with a very close and dedicated look, one would not find the needle in this sack of hay and get some that are absolutely good enough to give you a great bet.

Now the argument that you still find people making is if mechanical keyboards are any important. The end of the argument is yes, they are important not only to gamers but also to everyone who has any business getting close to a computer.

This is because unlike the membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards offer a better response, as you click, beauty to the keyboard, and a better feeling generally. They also have more durability than the membrane keyboards. For gamers, at least we have passed the stage of lighting up regular keyboards and pretending they are ready to go for gaming. Times have changed and so should we.

Overall, we have found that the Corsair STRAFE tops among the best cheap mechanical keyboards. It doesn’t only bully other cheap keyboards, it attempts to join the lane of the expensive ones. The keyboard serves both gamers and people that type, hence it is easily a complete board in many ways. Razer Blackwidow Ultimate and Corsair Vengeance K65 are others we can easily recommend.

Even though those on this list may not beat most others that are way pricier, they would mostly get the job done on one hand, and they would continue to dominate other cheap ones on the other.

Why you should trust us

If you have ever wondered what we do, it is the review of products. What that means is that we are always either checking out products or beating the lives out of keyboards.

Because of that, we have come closer to the keyboard than you can guess rightly. Hence, it is expected that we should know what a good keyboard is, at least for typing. Yes, we know much about that.

The thing is that most mechanical keyboards are made for gaming and gamers. For that, we have been able to get together what we know about gaming boards, but since naturally, that shouldn’t be enough, we have as well got together what experts have had to say.

More than that, we have as well gotten what those who have used mechanical keyboards, have had to say about these and many others. We have also considered the reviews users have dropped on Amazon as well as in different forums to ensure that this is a complete review as we have promised.

More so, we have reached these as our best cheap mechanical keyboards after taking hundreds of hours to see how good they play while gaming and typing. They have scaled through our tests on functionality, features, convenience, comfort, durability, and the types of switches used, after outwitting many others in the market.

In this review, we considered keyboards that sell at less than $100 as cheap, considering the fact that the market has some that go as high as over $1000, although some very good ones can be found at between $200 and $500.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

cheap mechanical keyboard
The Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer has been the deal when it comes to the best cheap mechanical keyboards for a long time. With the Strafe, however, Corsair has come head to head and is even edging.

The board comes with the very popular Cherry key switches which have become the standard for most great affordable keyboards. More so, it is designed with the red LED back-lighting allowing for each key to be set differently.

Although it is not designed as the premium Corsair keyboards, it is made nicely with much simplicity. To how simple it looks, it also has the feel and looks of quality that you would easily believe it goes at a price higher than it goes for. It has an aluminum body and a plastic top.

Functionality wise, we found this to perform very well for both gamers and typists. For a gamer, on one hand, there is 100% anti-ghosting and complete N-key Rollover. This means that every key you press will respond no matter how fast you do that or if it is done simultaneously with others.

On the other hand, because of the responsiveness of the keyboard, it will easily serve typists very well, as you would expect with authentic Cherry MX switches. Even if you want this for a professional use, we don’t think it will be out of place.

There is much modesty to the features this keyboard is designed with, such as the USB pass-through port which is not found even in its premium pairs.

Another thing is that you will get the benefit of using the Corsair Utility Engine software. The software allows you to set the keyboard how best you want as you can easily assign media controls, create different light patterns, and create macros.


  • It is completely mechanical
  • The keyboard allows for much customization
  • It comes with a USB port
  • There is anti-ghosting and complete key-rollover.
  • Because it comes with macro keys, there is the option of full programmability.


  • Slightly noisy
  • It only has red backlighting.


If you need a fully programmable keyboard that comes at a very good price, this should surely suit you. This is whether you need something for typing or mainstream gaming. Apart from the features, it comes with, you are also assured of quality, which should sum it all up.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Review

Best cheap mechanical keyboard
The Razer Blackwidow Full Ultimate Keyboard

We didn’t only find this keyboard to be among the best cheap mechanical Keyboards, we also found it to be better than some that are expensive. We are not just talking about the beauty of the BlackWidow, which should ultimately make you love it, but also its functionality.

Before we get anywhere, it is important to say, for those who are new to mechanical keyboards, that Razer has sustained for a very long time as one of the very best. It has made its name to an extent that we think any list of great mechanical keyboards may be far from finished without its head somehow popping up.

That being said, the Blackwidow Full Ultimate is not on the list to fulfill righteousness, but rather because it bought its way through with performance, beauty, style, and everything else.

With this, Razer made use of its own mechanical switches, which we found to have given Cherry MX switches a very good run and left us disappointed for believing nothing could outwit Cherry MX.

For gamers, this keyboard has the anti-ghosting technology, so you can keep running as you fire the shots, and mix keys as you want with all the speed possible. They would all register. More so, the switches used are designed with gamers in mind, giving up to 60 million strokes in lifespan as against the 50 million that you get with many others.

For typing, we find that the keys are very responsive and you get the nice clicking sound that most typists appreciate.

Finally, it makes use of the green backlight which we found to be sweet.


  • It has beauty and style
  • Comes with anti-ghosting
  • It has a USB connection outlet as well as an audio connection port.
  • Very responsive for both typists and gamers.


  • If you think wrist rest is very important, there may be a little problem here.
  • It only has a green led so you don’t get to switch.


Before typists, we would recommend this mechanical keyboard to gamers; both mainstream and hardcore. Obviously, that is because the BlackWidow comes with many gaming features. And as claimed by Razer, this is the first mechanical board designed specifically for gaming. Nevertheless, there is no reason why one should not get this for typing, as we have seen that it does well in that regards too.

Corsair Vengeance K65 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Best gaming keyboard
Corsair Vengeance K65

It was a big show for the Corsair when they began dropping the K-series mechanical keyboards, mainly for two reasons, price, and functionality. At least while all the keyboards in the series are functionally great, the K65 provides a cheap option for the K60, K70, and K90 series.

The vengeance K65 is a keyboard that is compact and beautifully built with Cherry MX Red mechanical keys. The killer is that with the exception of volume buttons and Windows lock, every key on this keyboard comes with the Cherry MX Red mechanical switch. Not even its big brother, K90 features that.

The keyboard has three levels of brightness which ensure that you can select the amount of brightness you want, even though there is no multi-colored backlight options. Another thing is that it only comes with Red switches, which is not good news for those who may want blue.

While not as noiseless as non-mechanical keyboards, the noise it produces is significantly lower than most other mechanical keyboards.

As regards functionality, we found this keyboard to work well for both typing and gaming. While the softness and generous space between keys for a compact keyboard play well for typing, the ability to turn off the Windows key when gaming comes handy for gamers.

So many people may take its cable for granted, but we feel it is quite nice and important, most especially as it is thick and removable. What this means is that there is ease of being moved around.


  • It has a strong, compact, and beautiful build
  • Features Cherry-MX switches
  • The noise is averagely okay.
  • We think its removable cord is a plus.


  • It lacks Numpad and macro keys
  • There is no backlight


This keyboard is one that we have found to work quite greatly for both gamers and those that type. If you need something for either, something that is both compact and strongly built, this shouldn’t be missing from your shortlist. However, if you are very much into numbers and calculations, this may not be your keyboard since it has the Numpad missing.

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard Review

Top quality budget mechanical keyboard
The Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum

The G410 Atlas Spectrum didn’t just come from nowhere. It sprouted from Logitech’s G910 Orion Spark which while considered by so many as the deal, was too large for those who preferred something more compact.

Then stepped in the G410 Atlas Spectrum to save the day.

It comes with compactness in one hand, evident from the fact that it is tenkeyless, and on the other, rich features and performance most especially for gamers.

The design of the board is quite sturdy, even though it doesn’t have a metal cover as some on the list.

Compact, the keyboard is designed with the company’s Romer-G switches instead of Cherry. The switches come with a long lifespan and good speed, but it does not quite perform as the Cherry.

It is designed with the Logitech Gaming software that should be interesting to any gamer. The software comes with features including the ability to disable some keys while you are gaming.

You can also get to set the RGB lightening for each key and select the lighting option you prefer using the software. Among the available lighting options are a rainbow wave, color cycle, fixed color, as well as breathing.

With the plenty options it has for gaming, one may easily wonder if it has anything for typing. Well, the switches and keycaps are decent enough for a very long and comfortable typing. The only complaint we have with the switches is not performance wise but the sound which although not loud, it is not exactly a click as we would have loved.


  • It has met the mark in being compact
  • This comes with a software that we found to be interesting.
  • There are much customization options.
  • Great design and lightening that allows for customization.


  • We would have preferred the Cherry MX switches, as we think they perform better when typing than Logitech’s switches.
  • Why Logitech didn’t add a USB pass-through to this is something we don’t know.


We don’t think it has filled the shoes of the bigger Orion, but as it has not gone for the same price, we find it mostly okay. More so, it is a product that we can easily recommend for the generous comfort it gives, as well as the much feature it has for gamers. If you are a night gamer, you should be game on with this keyboard.

Tomoko blue switch 104-key Mechanical Keyboard Review

cheap mechanical keyboard
The Tomoko blue switch 104-key

Before anything, we think Tomoko has shown an excessive generosity with this keyboard.  That is the simple explanation you can have for this keyboard that has a full 104 keys and still comes this affordable.

It features the Blue MX Switches which you will find not noiseless. It also has different LEDs, as well as 9 backlit effects. With all these, we have to say we found in it a keyboard that is fun filled.

More than its funky looks, we found the keyboard to be very responsive to typing and games, with its clicky sound. Just as it will serve gamers because it comes with some preset gaming setup profiles, we think it will serve those that want something for typing thanks to its smoothness and completeness.

It has a cable that is 6 ft long. This can serve you perfectly if you want to be well away from the screen as you game or type.

With a solid base that we cannot place rightly whether it is actually the metal Tomoko is claiming or aluminum, you still get a solid keyboard that comes with a promise of quality.

Truth be told, we ended up loving this piece, as hardly can one fail to, but we have a single problem with the lightening customization on keys. Most people would have loved to be given the opportunity to select the colors they want for the keys, but that is not possible with this as the colors are already set. Nevertheless, you can adjust the brightness.


  • It has complete keys as well as multimedia keys
  • Has anti-ghosting technology
  • It is strongly built.


  • It is not one without noise
  • The design can be too loud for someone wanting something for professional use.


So many things can be said about this keyboard, but its place among the best cheap mechanical Keyboards can hardly be disputed. If what you want is a complete keyboard that still gives you the right gaming experience, and is strongly and beautifully built, this may be the right option.  For a gamer, this may just be the beauty of that beastly game.

CM Storm QuickFire TK Gaming Keyboard Review

mechanical keyboards
The CM Storm QuickFire TK

This board will always be remembered by many for being one of those very few that introduced cheap options to mechanical keyboards at a time when they didn’t come cheap. In as much as it came cheap in price, it came rich in functionality.

The sturdy built keyboard comes with Cherry MX mechanical switches; Red, Brown, and Blue. With the different switches, you will be able to decide how you want the keys to sound as you press. The different switches also avail you different LED lights; red, brown, and blue.

It has a 3-mode back-lightening with up to five level of brightness.

Since it is designed to be compact, the Home, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, End, Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause keys have all been sandwiched into the number keys.

Looking at the functionality, we found the board to be enjoyable both for typing and gaming. At least, one should not expect anything less with typing since although compact, the keyboard is complete and it has different switches option. We found the red to be better for those who type much.

For a gamer, we still found it to be good. The thing, however, is that it doesn’t come with macro keys or options for programmability. This means that you may not enjoy it if you are a thick gamer, unless if you want it for First-person Shooter games.

Lest it is forgotten, it has other gaming features such as Windows lock key and 10 keys N-Roll Over.

At the end what you get is a keyboard that is almost the size of a tenkeyless with a removable USB port.


  • It is functionally great.
  • There is hardly any question on its quality of build.
  • Comes with keys that are responsive and considerably fast.
  • Options for switches and LED light.
  • It is compact.


  • It doesn’t come with macro keys.
  • Has no software
  • It is on the slightly expensive side of the cheap mechanical keyboards.


The CM Storm QuickFire TK is one mechanical keyboard that is great for both typing and gaming, most especially if you prefer those FPS games. More so, if you want something that comes with considerable customization (without programmability though) this could just be it.

SADES K10 LED Mechanical Keyboard Review

budget mechanical keyboard
The SADES K10 LED Mechanical Keyboard

The SADES K10 is a simple plug and play keyboard that we found to be all going in beauty, convenience, ease of use, and functionality. It is one of those few that should pull almost everyone.

It is designed with the Cherry MX Blue switches which although may get loud sometimes, serious typists should enjoy. More so, it is a rainbow LED keyboard and cannot be changed. Nevertheless, it comes with some options for adjustments. This is as it offers 3 levels of brightness and 6 different modes.

As regards functionality, we found this to be very great for typing as it comes with the blue switches which typists love greatly. More so, the fact that the keyboard is complete and compact with the keys not sardined, makes it even better. Just turn off the LEDs and it is very professional.

For a gamer, the SADES K10 doesn’t give a million things but what it gives should be great for a mainstream gamer. It also allows you to turn off the Windows keys so that there is no interruption of your game.

Although it is not Tenkeyless, it still manages to maintain a compact look which is done in a way that you still get to have ease of typing without making any serious errors.


  • It is a very compact keyboard
  • The keyboard is suitable for both typing and gaming
  • It has backlighting that we found to be good.
  • Has a great build.
  • Designed with complete keys including the multimedia keys.


  • Because it makes use of the MX Blue, it can be loud
  • There is no LEDs customization as you cannot change them from the rainbow.
  • It only comes with blue switches.


There are lots of things going very right for this keyboard, but we think the biggest is the ability to strike it quite rightly with both those needing a board for typing and those needing for gaming. If you need something for both world’s, this should probably be your pick unless if you have a problem with blue switches.

EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard Review

mechanical keyboard
The EagleTec KG011

The first thing we noticed about this board apart from its very cheap price is the quality it easily displays. The only reason we don’t think its quality can last forever is because nothing lasts forever.

It is a fully packed piece, hence it will serve you much if you want a board that is complete, affordable, and above all, mechanical keyboard.

It makes use of the Outemu Blue switches which are popular among other affordable boards. While they have a nice feel when typing or gaming, they make a rather loud noise, which you may not enjoy in places that are generally quiet such as offices. The irony is that they can sometimes make typing quite fun.

According to the specifications of the board, it gives 100% anti-ghosting features. We may not be able to tell how 100% it is, but we can definitely tell it is like none other. As such the claim may be very true.

For typists, if you want a complete board that makes a clear click sound (which we found some serious typists enjoy), this then holds much for you.

The keycaps are double-shot injected and it has a blue Led backlight which is adjustable.


  • A keyboard with great quality and beauty
  • The LED is easily customizable.
  • Has a splash proof design.
  • It is cheaper than others on the list.


  • It has no software.
  • Can be very noisy.


Greatly designed, this is one keyboard that maintains a very appealing simplicity. What we find to even be better about this is the fact that it is good for both gaming and typing in a way that is really interesting, most especially for its responsiveness and feedback.

SteelSeries Apex M500 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

Best cheap mechanical keyboard
The SteelSeries Apex M500

The Apex M500 is not the cheapest on the list, but it can be forgiven since it gives more than the bargain.

It makes use of the Cherry MX switches that are all the way real. The thing, though, is that it gives no option except for the red it provides with a linear design. You get a quick noiseless response with it.

More so, it has a blue LED backlight that we find not exceptional, but still good. And yes it has a plastic covering, but make no mistake about that, it is strong and all going.

The Apex M500 gets to run on the SteelSeries Engine 3 software, which comes with some options of programmability and tweaking.  The only problem you may find here is that while the utility is rich, the keyboard itself doesn’t come with many features. Hence, there is a restriction as regards what you can do with the software.

For typing, this keyboard is not only as noiseless it anything can be but also smooth and quick responding. If you prefer the clicking sound when typing, you may not love this keyboard very much. On the other hand, it should serve very well for gaming as a result of its Windows lock key option and the responsiveness of the board.

As regards its durability, SteelSeries said this keyboard can span up to 50 million strokes, which is the same with most others.


  • Fairly customizable and programmable keys
  • It comes with Cherry MX switches
  • The software is great.
  • Has less noise in comparison to other mechanical keyboards.


  • It is the most expensive on the list
  • The backlight has been set to only blue.


While among the keyboards on the list this is the most expensive, it still appears in a class of its own. If what you are looking for is a mechanical keyboard that has much less noise than most others either for gaming or typing, this is a shot worth taking.=

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard Review

Best budget mechanical keyboard
Logitech G710+

With the popularity of this keyboard among gamers, you would think Logitech has spent forever making mechanical keyboards. That will be very much far from the truth as although it has spent quite some time making keyboards, it is with this that it introduced itself to mechanical ones.

This board for us is a large pocket of great design and good functionality. It makes use of the Cherry MX Brown switches. This ensures that the keys are quieter than many other mechanical keyboards when pressed. This also means that the feel may be different, but not in a disappointing way.

It has a wrist rest which can be detached. While intelligent, we have a problem with how easily it can be detached. More so, it was cheaply built that we doubt if many people would enjoy using.

We found it to be one of the friendliest to typists on this list. This is as it is fast, responsive, and comfortable. It is also friendly to gamers with its Gaming Mode button which turns off both the Windows and context menu keys. The result of this is smooth gaming without unnecessary interruptions from pressing of keys by accident.

Another thing is that it has the Logitech software which once installed, can easily allow you select from many available games. This also allows you to easily program the macros.


  • It comes with good software for gamers.
  • You can easily program the macros
  • Good responsiveness and less noisy for office use.
  • There is complete backlight.


  • The keys are quite very close to each other.
  • It is not the strongest in the build.


This is not only good for gamers but also for regular typists. Hence, if you need something for either typing or solid gaming, this should do.

ReDragon K551 VARA Gaming Keyboard Review

The ReDragon K551 VARA

You don’t need to crack your head to find if you have ever heard of this company. You probably have not, because it is not old in the circle of mechanical keyboards. But if you have, it is not surprising since it is one that comes with great things. That is the testament of the K551 Vara.

The keyboard makes use of Outemu Blue switches which make quite some clicky sound. It is designed with a red backlight which is adjustable both in brightness and effect.

Looking at the performance, we didn’t see it failing either in typing or gaming. In fact, the switches used have been compared to Cherry Blue switches which have remained as the best for most typists.

From a gamers point, the switches still perform well. The switches brag of sharp responsiveness and springiness. Joined to its Windows Key Lock option, you should have a nice gaming experience without any interruption. Your icing is the N-Key Rollover.

It features 104 double-shot injection molded keycaps, as well as switchable arrow keys and WASD keys for different gaming or applications.

As regards the build, it is a compact keyboard that promises durability. It comes with a metal plate.


  • It is a simple plug and play board without needing any software.
  • Comes with a very good build
  • Designed with anti-ghosting technology
  • Even cheaper than others on the list.


  • The keys appear too close to each other.
  • Can sometimes get loud.


If what you are looking for is an average keyboard, this may not be it for you. It comes as a high-end board that only goes down when you talk about the price. It is one that serves you great both when gaming and typing, complementing everything with the solidity of build, rich features, and responsiveness.

Tomoko Water-Resistant 104-key Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

wired mechanical keyboard
The Tomoko Water-Resistant 104-key Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is a complete keyboard which appears different from most others on the list, it gives you a good wrist rest, it is also water resistant. Okay, you may be thinking how that can be useful, but you never can tell when the cup of coffee may spill or even a glass of water.

To the most important thing which is functionality, we found this keyboard to perform very well. For a typist and even a gamer, there is great responsiveness and a special feel to touch, thanks to its use of blue switches.

It has a good clicky sound that we think typists should easily like. Apart from that, each key has a separate switch so you get a different feedback which you can trust to be great like all other keys.

The keyboard is designed with anti-ghosting keys as well as N-Key Roll Over so that each key you press can respond even if you press multiple keys simultaneously, very important for gamers.

It was able to hit us as something that is both durable and beautifully made. It has six backlight options and 9 light effect modes so you can have some customization options for your gaming.

With its wrist rest, the board offers ergonomic support.


  • Features anti-ghosting technology as well as N-key rollover
  • Adjustable LED backlight and gaming light mode
  • The use of blue switches played rightly.
  • Strongly and beautifully made.


  • It doesn’t come with programmability options.


The Tomoko is a top performing water resistant mechanical keyboard that somehow happens to be cheap. This is even as it is found to serve gamers and typists greatly. As such, if what you want is a water resistant mechanical keyboard, you can settle for this as it will not come without great performance and convenience.

Razer Ornata Chroma Mechanical Keyboard Review

cheap mechanical keyboard
The Razer Ornata Chroma

We have to start by saying while we consider this cheap; it is not as cheap as all others on the list, as it is touching the hem of $100.

Nevertheless, it has tempted us to select it, and it has not failed. This is as a result of the superior performance it displays. What we love about it, however, is its Mecha-Membrane Technology. With that, it combines both membrane dome and the mechanical switch.

The combination makes the noise it produces not to be too loud or too down; just okay. Pressing the keys, there is a form of sexiness that you get that makes you want to press some more and even more whether you are typing or gaming.

Another special thing with this as regards gaming is that it has a dedicated gaming mode and macro options. There is also anti-ghosting and key rollover, even though neither is complete.

Most times you don’t get to enjoy wrist rest because they are either not comfortable or simply not well made. In fact, some are just there waiting for you to take them off. But with the wrist rest of the Ornata, we don’t think one would easily take it aside because of how comfortable it can be. We would have loved it more if it holds tighter.

If you are wondering whether it has beauty, yes it does. It also makes use of the Razer’s RGB backlighting for each key.


  • Has one of the most comfortable wrist rest we have come across.
  • It has 10-key rollover and 10 keys anti—ghosting.
  • It comes uniquely with interesting features and construction.
  • Keys that are very responsive and nice to feel.


  • It may not appeal to hardcore enthusiasts. In fact, they may consider it a mortal sin, even though conservatives should consider it a big blessing.


Coming to think of it, it is funny to realize how this product attempts to touch the hearts of those who are yet to decide between mechanical and membrane. Where it becomes very interesting is when you look at how easily it has achieved that. This is, therefore, the best you can get if you love mechanical keyboards but you don’t want to give up the membrane.

AULA Sapphire Mechanical Keyboard Review

Best quality mechanical keyboard
The AULA Sapphire

The first thing you would do when you get this keyboard is to take some time and appreciate its build. That will be very normal.

It comes in a shape that should be loved by typists and even more by gamers. Another important thing to note is that it is a normal sized keyboard.

The AULA Sapphire has a backlight that we found to almost be mood changing in a good way. For someone who may prefer to set the backlight as one wishes, there is an option for that as well.

We have talked about the beauty and now to the quality. It is sturdily built with nice palm rest that would make it quite comfortable for a considerably long period of use.

More so, it features the AULA Armor Technology which as well promises rich durability.

The AULA Sapphire features the AULA mechanical blue switches which behave similarly to the Cherry MX switches. What this means is that there is a nice response but you still get a somewhat loud clicky sound as you type. Some may not like it, but for typing, many have found it rather great.

As regards performance, we think it does a very good job for someone who does not mind the absence of macro keys and programmability. Things it has for gamers include Windows Lock option, an anti-ghosting technology that work no matter how fast you get, as well as the switches that are enjoyable for gaming.

For typing, the keyboard also plays quite nicely as it has good response and speed.


  • It has much beauty and sturdy build.
  • Features a Backlight that comes beautifully alive and is customizable.
  • After 10 minutes of being idle, the keyboard goes into sleep mode to save energy. This also improves its durability.
  • For people with wrist problems, this may be great, considering its Ergonomic design.
  • It is user-friendly both for gaming and typing.


  • It has no programmability options
  • No UBB pass through.


Most people have termed this mechanical keyboard as a top gaming board, but apart from its looks and a few gaming features, we do not think it is for diehard gamers. Nevertheless, we think it is good for everyday gamers who do not need anything bigger than life. More so, for its price, it is definitely a topper. It is as well good for typing.

Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX Gaming Keyboard

Best cheap gaming keyboard
The Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX

The Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX is one of the simplest mechanical keyboards we have tried in the cheap category. This doesn’t mean that because it is simple it lags behind in any way. On the contrary, it has made a loud statement for himself.

Interestingly, we found that the simple and compact keyboard is not one without adventure. That is the only way you can explain how in a time when everyone was making noise about the Cherry MX switches, it still came with the Kailh Mechanical Switches.

Even though people have not stopped debating on the Kailh Mechanical Switches, we found that it is a good go, and we think other makers have agreed with that since they are switching to the Kailh Mechanical Switches.

The tenkeyless keyboard comes with blue LED backlight, which is something that should appeal if you are mostly into typing. More so, the backlight has four levels of brightness, giving you the option of choosing what level is best for you based on the time of the day.

When the issue of performance arose, we found that the absence of macros has made it short when you are looking at hardcore gaming. Apart from that, the performance was fantastic both for gaming and typing.

For the W, A, S, D, Esc and arrow keys, there is an option of changing the default backlight to red.

That the keys seem to be too close is very obvious, but it is a far short from what you get with other compact keyboards. More so, we are unable to see that it should cause any problem.

At the end of the day, while there is stress on affordability with this, there is even a greater emphasis on simplicity.


  • It is very simple and compact
  • It makes use of Kailh Mechanical Switches which happen to perform very well.
  • For a very simple keyboard, it impresses with its performance.


  • It has a USB cable that is not detachable
  • It has no macro keys


Although we find this to be great, it may not be fit for people who want their keyboard to have everything it can carry including the Macro Keys. If however, you want something that is both simple and without any distraction, this may as well be the next love of your keyboard life.


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Rosewill RK-9000v2 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Best mechanical keyboard
The  Rosewill RK-9000v2 Mechanical Keyboard

The RK-9000v2 is not what introduced Rosewill to affordable mechanical keyboards, as they have been there for quite some time. What the 900v2 does, however, is to give something worthy of running far in the competition for the best cheap mechanical keyboards.

It doesn’t have that sleek design or great looks, but it is well compensated for in price, the decency of features, and functionality. The keyboard also comes in 4 Cherry MX switch types: Red, Black, Blue, and Brown.

More so, because it is cherry, the feel when using is good enough that it should satisfy greatly for typing. For gaming, there shouldn’t be any reason why it should fail as well.

In fact, with its Full N-Key rollover for anti-ghosting, there is an added benefit to gaming with this. This is since you can be as fast as you want and still have every key you press reflect rightly. You also get 50 million clicks with the keyboard, which is mostly what others offer.

Nevertheless, it does not come with software or macros for programmability. Instead, it comes with some onboard controls.  Also, it comes with the Multimedia keys which allow you to have much direct control from your keyboard.

When it comes to the quality of build, it is plastic on a metal plate, as such there is decency in the durability of the board.


  • It has four different Cherry MX switch types
  • It is fully mechanical
  • The board comes with multimedia keys.
  • Comes with generous features that would be important to different categories of users.


  • Boring design with no backlighting
  • No software


We found this keyboard to be among the best cheap mechanical keyboards when it comes to professional needs. More so, it is not one with much noise to distract others, as such it should be great if you want something for office use. This is not to suggest that main street gamers may not enjoy it.


So here are we, with the best cheap mechanical keyboards that should serve the needs of almost everyone looking to get one either for office or personal use, or for gaming, typing, programming, or other uses.

We did not pick these keyboards after running them against those that are cheap, but we as well ran them against others that are way more expensive and very good. Although We didn’t find them to generally outperform the more expensive ones, we found some here to perform even better than some that are more priced, such as the Corsair STRAFE and the Razer Blackwidow Full Ultimate. Hence we don’t only consider these as our best cheap mechanical keyboards, we consider them as boards we can be comfortable recommending to you.

Like we have always said, there is no product that can meet all your needs, hence while these should serve to a large extent, they cannot be perfect since the 100% perfect one has not been made yet.

Tim Flaherty
Tim Flaherty
Tim is our talented senior tech writer and editor, the one who plays music on replay, drinks more coffee than beer, plays video games, and reads poetry. In between, Tim reviews products, write about computers, games, hardware, software, guides, reviews and talk tech and arts. If there is a WWIII, he thinks it could be caused by bad writing.


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