Web Summit is the Largest Tech Conference in the World and Here is Why

Inc.com dubbed the Web Summit 2017 as the “largest Tech Conference to be held in any corner of the globe”. The event was organized in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, and witnessed more than 60,000 people attending different events from all corners of the world. It took place for four days, from November 6th to November 9th, and brought together more number of enthusiastic people and experts of technology than any other such event in history.

Web Summit 2017 was organized in Lisbon, in the Fil & Altice Arena, which is known to be one of the largest indoor arenas present within the boundaries of the European Union. Apart from the experts and enthusiasts of technology attending the event, there were over 2,000 media organizations hailing from more than 100 markets around the world. Hence, the event was viewed and followed by people from every corner of the globe, who wanted to keep up with the latest advancements in technology.

The largest Web Summit till date

Ever since the event was first organized in the year 2009 in the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, it has become an annual event being held in the city until the venue was moved to Lisbon in 2015. The first year saw an attendance of a little more than 400 people, but the number kept increasing every year. In 2016, the Web Summit Technology Conference in Lisbon boasted of an attendance of more than 53,000 people, which was a great improvement over the number of attendees in the first edition.

In 2017, the number of attendees had increased even further, making it one of the most attended technology conference around the world. Apart from the attendees who visited Lisbon during the event, hundreds of thousands of people around the world followed the event through live streaming on television and the internet. This has helped the 2017 edition to surpass all expectations, and touch numbers that have never been achieved before.

The 2017 edition had plenty to boast of

The Web Summit Conference of 2017 organized a total of 25 mini-conferences to discuss new, ground-breaking advancements and developments in the field of technology. These conferences had more than 1,200 experts and speakers discussing new developments and technologies in a number of different fields.

The event also acted as the perfect platform for a number of startups and small businesses to make their mark in the technology industry of the world. With plenty of opportunities on offer, small businesses were able to gain international exposure and reputation by showcasing their creations and developments. Many businesses were also able to close major deals to propel their business further and ensure a great deal of growth for their companies and brands.

Major events and attractions of Web Summit

Web Summit Technology Conference 2017 had a number of major events and attractions that allowed the attendees to express themselves and have oodles of fun and entertainment. Some of these events include:

Surf Summit – Even before the event opened, attendees met at Ericeira to experience fun water-sports such as surfing, paddle-boarding and much more. There were a host of other activities to enjoy such as hiking, mountain-biking, yoga and several others. This greatly helped the attendees to freshen up before the event kicked in.

Opening Night – The Opening Night was hosted by the CEO of Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave, who passionately spoke about the various events lined up before setting the stage for a number of speakers to take over.

During the Course of the Event – Over the course of the four days of the event, a number of speakers from small and big businesses around the world took to the stage to share their views and expert opinions with attendees. This even included speakers from major blue-chip companies such as Google, BMW, Coca-Cola, Toyota and General Electric or GE.

There were speakers even from a number of leading companies that were relatively new to the market. These included companies like Tesla, Spotify and Airbnb among several others. These speakers spoke about and discussed a wide variety of topics that included new technologies, fashion, cloud, investments, marketing, sports, gaming, media and press, privacy, smart cities and several others.

There were plenty of other such events at the summit that offered a great deal to attendees. There was even plenty of fun and entertainment on offer with over 120 pubs from Lisbon offering great drinks, relaxation and entertainment to the people in the city during the event. With so much on offer, Web Summit 2017 certainly proved to be the best edition thus far!


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