Vizio P, M, E, and D Series
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The best smart TV between Vizio P, M, E, and D Series depends on what you are looking for. If your eyes are set on getting the best picture quality, you may go for the P series but it lacks in terms of the best smart TV features. The M series is the best in almost every way except for the design while the E series is affordable and has good image quality but has a design that is outdated. If you are looking for affordability, the choice is clearly the D series but it is not the most up-to-date.

Vizio is one of the most popular names when it comes to TV although it has not been in the market for as long as many others, having only made it to the scene in 2002. The biggest LCD TV seller in North America, the company is also into the production of other things such as tablets, ultrabooks, mobile phones, and sound bars.

As regards TV, the company has made a name for itself with its smart TV sets such as the Vizio P, M, E, and D Series. While each of the TV set is great in its own way, they are designed with different features which also means that they cost significantly different from each other. They differ when it comes to things such as image quality, features, design, resolution, and much more.

Before anything else, it is important to point out that the Vizio P, M, E, and D Series have their different names based on the letters they carry. While “P” stands for the Performance Smart TV series, the “M” is for the Modern Smart TV, and the “E” is for the Essential Smart TV series. There is finally, the Dependable Smart TV series which is for the “D” series.

What are Vizio P, M, E, and D Series

P Series

  • Sizes: 55″ – 75″
  • Price Range: $799.99 – $1,999.99

The main features that this series comes with include the LED LCD display technology, 4K resolution, HDR10, and Dolby Vision, and the SmartCast.

Starting from 55 inches to 75 inches in size, the P Series is one of the best when it comes to affordable and excellent picture quality. Among the things that differentiate this from the others are its dimmable zones and light output.

When it comes to picture quality, the P series is better than the M as it comes with a better black level as well as contrast.

Even though the main strength of the P series is on the picture quality, its weakness is that it doesn’t have the best Smart TV system. You can control it with Google Assistant and Alexa smart speakers although it may not be as great as it could be.

M Series

  • Sizes: 55″ – 70″
  • Price Range: $699.99 – $1,299.99

The Vizio M Series features the LED LCD display technology, Full-array with local dimming, and 4K resolution. Also, for the HDR compatibility, it works with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision and for the smart TV, you get the SmartCast.

Considerably affordable, this series also has good overall image quality with strong contrast and accurate color. However, unlike the P series, this does not come in 75 inches. It gives more in terms of value than the P Series, but it falls short when it comes to the design.

For the control of your TV, you can use your phone, Alexa, or the Google Assistant.

E Series

  • Sizes: 43″ – 75″
  • Price Range: $329.99 – $1,399.99

The Vizio E Series comes with an LED LCD display, 4k resolution, Full array with local dimming and it supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. With a lot of things going for the TV, one of the things that can push away is definitely its design. Also, there is the issue of streaming which is not necessarily the best on the list.

Beyond that, it is affordable and the picture quality is also great. Thanks to its local dimming, it performs in an excellent way in dark areas.

D Series

  • Sizes: 24″ – 70″
  • Price Range: $139.99 – $799.99

Among the various series, the D comes as the most affordable TVs although it still maintains the good picture quality that has remained a part of the Vizio TV.

Although it supports 4K, this may not be ideal for someone who is looking to have a TV that supports HDR, this may not be the best on the list as it doesn’t come with the support. More so, it doesn’t have the most updated Smart TV system.

In Summary, Vizio P, M, E, and D Series Specifications

Vizio P Vizio MVizio EVizio D
Smart TV PlatformSmartCastSmartCastSmartCastSmartCast
Voice ControlAlexa and Google AssistantAlexa and Google AssistantAlexa and Google AssistantAlexa and Google Assistant
Resolution4K Ultra High Definition4K Ultra High Definition4K Ultra High Definition4K Ultra High Definition
Content SupportDolby Vision HDRDolby Vision HDRDolby Vision HDR
Range of ColorsUltra Color Spectrum
Level of BrightnessUltraBright 1000UltraBright 600UltraBright 400
Vizio Clear Action720 Clear Action360 Clear Action240 Clear Action
Sound TechnologyDTS Studio Sound IIDTS Studio Sound IIDTS Studio Sound IIDTS TruSurround, DTS Studio Sound I, DTS Studio Sound II

Which is a Better Smart TV?

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When looking for the best between the Vizio P, M, E, and D Series, it will all depend on what you are looking for as well as what you can live with because they all have their good sides and the sides that are not so good.

If what you are looking for is the best in terms of affordability, you may have to settle with the Vizio D series which is the best among TVs of its size range, it will come as one of the least expensive. More so, the picture quality is also good but it is quite dated compared to others on the list. More so, it doesn’t handle HDR

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best as regards budget which also has good picture quality and supports both 4K and high dynamic range, then you may go with the Vizio E series. However, it is also considerably dated and may not be the best bet for streaming.

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The Vizio M-Series is the best bet for someone who is looking to have a Smart TV that has a good price, good image quality, and even streaming. Overall, this is an excellent choice on the list although TVs in the series are not necessarily the most well designed.

The P-Series gets the nod for the best for someone who is looking for the best picture quality between the Vizio P, M, E, and D series. That said, it is not the cheapest of the bulk neither does it have the best smart TV features.

Other Questions

Does Vizio support Miracast?

Natively, Vizio does not support Miracast hence for you to use it, you may need to have a Miracast bridge device added such as the Roku 4, although it does not support 4k streaming.

Are Vizio TVs any good?

Generally, Vizio TVs are popular because of their good image quality across the board as well as overall performance. They may not be the best when it comes to high-end features that you get with some TVs from LG or even Samsung but their strength mostly lies in their affordability which rivals all others in the market.

How long does Vizio LED TVs last?

While there are a lot of things that will contribute to how long your TV gets to last, most LCD TVs promise an average lifespan of 100,000 hours. What this means is that your TV should last you for up to 10 years.  With that said, things such as the lighting condition of your room as well as the temperature can also reduce the lifespan of your TV according to manufacturers.