FIFA 20 Web App: Everything To Know About The FIFA Ultimate Team Manager

FIFA 20 has now been released and right beside the game itself is the FIFA 20 web app which is already live as well as the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) app.

With the app, you can do everything from creating your squad to squad building challenges as well as buying and selling of players. For now, all you can do is to visit the app through your web browser and start making settings you deem necessary. Ahead of its full release and the final release of the game, here is all we have gathered on the FUT app and how you can use it.

What is FIFA 20 Web App?

The app is a web app designed for gamers of FIFA 20. Created for mobile, tablet, and computer use, it allows you to manage your team without having to access your console. You can trade players and even manage your team and earn available rewards.

One of the most interesting things about the app is that it allows you to manage your team and game on almost any device you have access to even when you can’t play the game on the device. Another important thing is that the web app helps you to keep track of your daily and weekly tasks.

Everything to know about the FIFA Ultimate Team Manager

Release Date

The app was released on 18th September 2018 only to be followed by the Early access of FIFA 20. Following the Web App going live on 18th, the FUTA companion app was then launched on the 19th.

The Companion App is released for both Android and iOS devices. While for the Android it will be for versions v4.4 and higher, you will need iOS 9.3 or a higher device so you can be sure that you will have no problem with downloading, updating, or even using the app.

Will there be the Volta feature?

Arguably, the best feature that will be seen in FIFA 20 is the Volta feature which introduces different modes and gives you an Ultimate Team 5-a-side. Being one of the biggest things that are included in the game, probably the game-changer, many gamers would want to have the feature added to the FIFA 20 Web App. but as it seems, the feature is yet to be fully integrated.

Is the FIFA Web App any good?

For now, the app looks to be a decent tool which you can use for all that it has promised and a little more. You can do a whole lot of things with it but there are also areas in which it doesn’t score the highest point possible. For example, the main concern has been on features like Compare Squads which many had expected it would be included so that gamers can share their squad with friends.

The app comes with most features that one would need, except for a thing like a proper match. Apart from that, most other things needed are included such as features to rake in gold and buy packs with your in-game coins. Note, however, that with the app, you may not be able to buy points.

FIFA 20 Release Date

FIFA 20 is Expected to be one of the best games of 2019 and it has been designed for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game is coming as one of the swansongs of Xbox One and PS4.

Before its release, EA first dropped the early access on September 19. It followed the web app which as pointed out, was released on September 18.

Simple Guide to Using The FIFA 20 Web App

FIFA 20 Web App

1. You can get rewards by just signing in

Various freebies are given out to gamers at different times for various occasions by EA. For you to get these goodies, you will need to always sign into the web app. The goodies vary from things like coins to gold pack and other rewards. Unless you log in every day, you may miss out since you do not know when it will be shared out.

2. Monitor your seasons

Instead of FIFA 19’s weekly objectives, what has now been introduced is the Seasons for FIFA 20. Once you complete the SBCs, there are rewards that you can get which may include things like getting stars like Eden Hazard on loan. With the app, you can monitor the progress of your season.

3. Complete your squad building challenges (SBCs)

As noted, you can use the app for your squad building challenges, a process that can be quite addictive. With the SBC button that you will find on your menu, you can bring up all the challenges that are available. You will be able to submit from here once you are through with your challenges.

4. You can also track your leaderboard status

There are some things that the FIFA 20 Web App carried over from the FIFA 19 App even though there are also some that were dropped off. Among the most important things carried through is the ability to track your ranks on different leaderboards. Across the boards; Match Earnings, Transfer Profit, Club Value, and Top Squad do not come with all the practicality in the world but the great features brought are all worth it.

5. Manage transfer targets

It doesn’t matter whether your aim is to get targets with the aim of finishing SBCs or something for your dream team, the app will be very useful if tracking such targets better than you would with the PC or even a console. You can track things like Active Bids, Expired Items, Watch Bids, and more.

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At the end of the day, the FIFA 20 Web App has so much to offer anyone who is playing the game even without having to access your console, you can do most of the things you need to do as regards setting your game.

Even though there are other things gamers would have loved to see, with the continuous updates of the app, the belief is that we may get to see more improvements and features thrown in by EA.

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