Top 10 High-end Laptop Brands Dominating the World Right Now

You will be very surprised to find out the number of people that don’t just buy laptops when they buy laptops, what they buy is strictly the brand. While in this class there are those who look to get the top high-end laptop brands, others only care about the brand.

There was a time when the race was basically between Apple, HP, Dell, and a few others, before the rest. These laptops have held it rather very well in the high end, with laptops that ask for much in prices and deliver no less in almost every other thing.

Price is not the only thing that makes the top high-end laptop brands what they are as far as the truth of the matter is concerned. It is the build, performance, and features that distinguish a high-end PC from any other. In fact, it is the features, performance, and so on that make these laptops expensive.

Top High-End Laptop Brands


High-end Laptop brands
Lenovo Thinkpad

Lenovo as a brand has had its bad running, most especially, if you decide to look at some of its laptops that are very cheap. Climbing up the ladder, however, the brand has been able to get you much closer to the skies.

While the first thing that may likely flirt around your mind is rightly the ThinkPads with laptops such as the ThinkPad T460 and the ThinkPad T560, Lenovo has gone on and beyond to make many others that are great including the Yoga versions. Lenovo has become popular as one of the best high-end laptop brands because it has developed laptops with excellent design, top-notch performance, and yeah, crazy battery life.


Dell Alienware

For the past 3 years or so, I may not be able to remember when last you wouldn’t find dell among the top high-end laptop brands. This is because of the arrogant confidence with which the laptops are being made.

What beats more than any, is the Alienware. The line is designed with beauty, performance, and details in every single component, including the keyboard, screen, battery, and other components. The XPS models are also very great and reliable.

Apple MacBook

High-end Laptop brands
Apple MacBook

Of course, we would always be called back for a bite of the Apple MacBook for the same reasons we would go for anything that is highly reliable and performing. In any competition of laptops, most especially if you are looking at functionality, you are sure to have a better run with the Apple laptops.

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Of course, there is no debate on the fact that this is a very expensive laptop brand, but the price always meets what you get. It hardly matters whether you are going with the Apple MacBook Pro, or  MacBook Air, or whichever, the processors are always good, just as the general performance and battery life. Interestingly enough, Apple is still working towards making the MacBook even better.

Hp Spectre

High-end Laptop brands
HP Spectre

This is the one that needs no introduction among professionals, most especially to almost everyone who uses a laptop. While it still rides on its reputation it has built over time, it still performs very good with its hybrid laptops.

With the Spectre, you get something that is slim and bold. More than that, you get a high-performance PC with a good processor, keyboard, memory, and most things that you would want, except touchscreen.

Inasmuch as HP is sneaking into gaming laptops, it has not gotten it right for now, not when you want to put it beside the Alienware, MSI, and a few others. For professional use, however, it comes with power and performance and looks that while not entirely innovative, are not boring.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Now the argument can begin on whether or not Microsoft has done a lot to be listed as one of the top high-end laptop brands at the moment. The truth is that it hasn’t if you want to look at its entire market. However, with the Microsoft Surface, we are probably welcomed to a hybrid laptop that would run all the way.

Unlike many others before, this is a brand that tucks together the classic look and design, while effortlessly delivering performance and power. While it is already compared to the Lenovo Yoga 920, my bet is on this foldable piece. That is most especially for people in the business class. It is also said that the laptop brand is the one approved for the US Department of defense.

We are even yet to see the end of this brand.

Asus ZenBook

High-end Laptop brands
Asus ZenBook

While it hasn’t been so much in the commercial scene, it seems like right now, that is where Asus is headed. The good news is that it is doing it well mostly when you consider the innovation it is bringing, most especially with its design and general features and components.

In the high-end class of things, this also comes very valuable without betrayal of what a good laptop should be like.

One of the best has to be the Asus ZenBook which may just be the choice for casual laptop users. This is because it is very complete in more ways than many others. It comes with good storage, memory, battery life, and need I to say again, overall design.


High-end Laptop brands
Acer Predator

For those who know a little of the Acer predator laptops or even the Chromebook, the idea that Acer is one of the top high-end laptop brands would make much sense. This is not only because the brands have been able to, like Asus, use value as bait, but also because of its extreme performance.

I know that I will be called most especially because the keyboards of these laptops are not necessarily the best one would get out there, I would be forgiven because every box is checked including the technology used, the screen, and every other component.

For a gamer wanting to spend less and get more, including VR and support that is reliable, Acer has many laptops that would make your day. It also has some that are good for business, even though they may not beat a few others in the competition.


High-end Laptop brands
MSI Prestige

When the roll is called for gaming laptops, MSI will not be found missing. Not when you are looking for a very powerful brand with components that are designed specifically for gaming.

While there are some that come with VR, almost all in the high end come with good performance thanks to the good processor, RAM, Storage, and in fact, many other components that a hardcore gamer needs. And I am not only talking about the Gaming series or even the Prestige.

By the way, you never get to finish telling the story of MSI without telling of its innovation. That is what you get with programmable mechanical keyboards and Tobii eye tracking.

Samsung Chromebooks and the Galaxy Book

Samsung Chromebook

Samsung laptops do not sell as much as many others on the list, but that doesn’t mean the broad-shouldered tech company doesn’t make some of the top high-end laptops that are dominating the world right now.

Interestingly enough, or maybe not, Samsung hasn’t given out some of the best laptops, but looking at the high end, with laptops including Chromebooks and the Galaxy Book, one doesn’t need any extraordinary courage to sneak it into any good list.

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These laptops as you would expect from most things out of Samsung, take the day as regards great design. One more interesting thing about the Samsung brand is that when looking at features, it still meets you where you want to be met, and the innovation is good.

Razer Blade

High-end Laptop brands
Razer Blade

If a hardcore gamer would expect to see a laptop missing on the list, it shouldn’t be Razer Brand. Why these laptops are the darling to many is because they are not the regular large and heavy gaming laptops that you would get. Most come slim and without any pompousness. That doesn’t mean you can take its ruggedness for granted.

Of this line, I will settle for the Razer blade which I feel has been more performing and representing than many others. What remains to be answered is how the brand has been able to get components that serve this good into a laptop this slim. I guess there are many things we may never get to understand.

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