Injustice 3 Release Date, News and Rumors – Would There Ever Be One? 

Injustice: Gods Among Us was released by NetherRealm Studios in 2013 as a video game which was drawn from DC comics’ fictional universe. The second game in the franchise,  Injustice 2 was released in 2017. Just a year into its release, fans are already anxious for the Injustice 3.

The game became popular thanks to its great story that began with Superman being tricked by Joker into killing Lois Lane and detonating a nuclear bomb. This got Superman into becoming a villain on earth until he was tamed. The second game of the series saw Batman and Superman joining forces against Brainiac. The third part of the game is what has now left many guessing what will happen and hence when it will be released.

Injustice 3 Release Date

The release date of the Injustice 3 has not been announced. However, that is not surprising since the IJ2 was only released in 2017. In addition to that, the widely held belief based on the pattern maintained by NRS is that until the release of Mortal Kombat 11, we may not see the third part of the game.

For MK 11, that may take until 2020 because against all our hopes that it would be announced at the E3 2018, NetherRealm Studios surprised us all by keeping mute about the game. Even before the event, it was said that the game was not going to be announced, but somehow, we were still surprised.

Based on the pattern, NetherRealm always announces games at the E3 and then goes on to release in April or May. If that was to be maintained, MK 11 might be announced in 2019 and then released in 2020. It is from there that we could be able to really start expecting an announcement in the least for IJ3. But then, if the news floating around about the change of pattern is anything to go by, we may have some more time to wait for both MK 11 and IJ3.

Thriller and Teaser

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Having stated that there is neither any indication that work has started on the game nor has there been any announcement, it becomes obvious that for now, we are still very far from anything like a teaser or a trailer. With the announcement of the game in probably a couple of years or even more, NRC will release a teaser or trailer but for now, there is still nothing of the sort.

News and Rumors

In the past 8 years, more or less, NetherRealm Studios has maintained a cycle of passing the baton of game release between Injustice and Mortal Kombat so that we know once we see the release of one, we can expect the announcement towards the release of the other soon. The major news about the game now, is that instead of MK, the studio may just surprise us by releasing something entirely different. The implication of this is that MK and IJ3 may have to wait for a longer time than fans are hoping.

According to Creative Director at NRS, Ed Boon, they are going to break away from the pattern they have maintained since 2012. Keeping that in mind, we are not going to see Injustice 3 anytime soon. This is because after breaking away from the pattern, there is the likelihood that NRS will go back to MK 11 before finally coming back to the Injustice series.

In addition to this, indications have it that NetherRealm Studios has already started working on a new game. Although the studio has not released an official statement, Boon shared a photo on his Twitter handle which suggested that the studio has started work on what may be its best game yet.

Would There Ever Be One?

Although there is still yet to be an announcement or even anything coming from NetherRealm Studios since DC Comics has not made any move, our best bet is that there will be an Injustice 3. On when it will be released on even announced, that is something that we cannot tell.

The main reason why we believe that it is only a matter of time before we see the third game in the franchise is that the series has been successfully received thus far. While the Injustice: Gods Among Us was a big success when it was released in 2013, the Injustice 2 did not betray in that regards as it also maintained the excitement about the game hence it will only be right to expect that DC will take advantage of it and give us the more that we are asking.

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That said, there is no rush on the side of DC and NRS because Injustice 2 is still in the market so it will make no much sense to have the next game in the franchise released this soon.

What we are going to see in Injustice 3

Attempting to make a guess on what we could see in the third sequel in the franchise will be a very long shot since as far as we are concerned, nothing has started on the game. More so, there are many superheroes from which DC Comics can choose from in the game so when it comes to the new characters that we may get to see, all we can do is wait to see.

The only bet from our end is that the tempo that has been built in Injustice: God Among Us and the second series may even be taken higher in the third.


As things stand, although Injustice 2 was only released in 2017, Injustice 3 is a game that is highly being anticipated by gamers. However, NetherRealm Studios and DC Comics are yet to make any revelation about the game or even when it will be released.

What is known at the moment is that the game may be two games away from being released as instead of following the pattern of releasing it after Mortal Kombat, NRC will release another game. So, until we see the new game and then MK 11, IJ3 may still not be released.

Above everything else, we are sure that an Injustice 3 will be released because the franchise has thus far been too successful for the developers to allow it go just like that. Also, from all the rumours and news we are getting, the worst we can get is a delay in the release of the game but it will, definitely, be released.


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