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In 1997, Polyphony Digital became the Santa Clause for as many of us that have always loved racing video games with the release of the Gran Turismo (GT) on the eve of Christmas of that year. More than 20 years after this game was released, Polyphony has not failed in releasing newer versions with the latest, Gran Turismo Sport, released in 2017. Before that, we have also seen the release of the Gran Turismo 2 in 1999 and it continued until 2013 when it delivered the Gran Turismo 6 and then the latest release.

The question now from many that have come to love and follow the game every drive taken is: when are we seeing Gran Turismo 7? Since the start of the game and the evolution of PlayStation console, the game has as at 2017, sold more than 80.4 million units world over, placing it as the most successful selling franchise among other dedicated PlayStation video games. This makes it a genuine question among fans who are now asking for the seventh series to be released.

For those who are still miles away from trying out the games, Gran Turismo has come to be very successful thanks to the ability of the Japan-based company to provide great graphics and develop vehicles that simulate the performance of real-world automobiles. More so, the game has been able to play a good role in the revolution of racing games with more than a hundred cars and even more grades.

Gran Turismo 7 Release Date

Gran Turismo 7
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In 2017 when Gran Turismo Sport was released, it came as a surprise to many because what everyone was expecting to see was the seventh installment of the lace & car life simulation game. More so, it was the first time that the franchise was stepping out of the numbering order since it began. But then, that doesn’t cancel out the Gran Turismo 7 from the list.

Even though no official date has been given, there are those speculating that it may be released in 2020 or 2021. They have come by these speculative dates following a pattern in the primary release of the past games that saw two games released for PlayStation 1, the same number for PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. 2001 and 2004 saw the release of Gran Turismo 3 and 4 respectively for the PlayStation 2 and the Gran Turismo 5 and 6 hit the market in 2010 and 2013 respectively. Since Gran Turismo Sport was released for PlayStation 4 in 2017, it has only become easy for the speculation that the next release date would be in 3 or 4 years later, placing us in 2020 or 21.

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While there is some sense to that, the only problem is that PlayStation 5 may be launched in 2020. In fact, there were those who had speculated that it may even come in 2019, but that is highly unlikely. If the console gets to come earlier than the game, we may see the GT7 in PS5. That said, the pattern may not entirely hold, but we still wait to get the official release date of the GT7.

What Are The Latest News and Rumours?

Before the E3 2018, fans of the game had expected that something would be said about the game in the hope that it may be released in 2019. But then, the silence that followed at the computer and video game event made it clear that 2019 was not the highly anticipated year. This is even as there were rumors that had placed the release date at April 2019.

That said, there is a revelation by Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital as well as the producer of Gran Turismo, that the game will come sometime in the future. Speaking in an interview with GameWatch, he revealed that in the same way that the former games have included available cars, so too the game will continue updating new cars that are constantly produced in the future games which include the GT7 and all those that may come after. The only thing is that the developer did not reveal if the next in sequel would be GT7 or something else with another name just as we have seen with the GT Sport.

Yamauchi also revealed that inasmuch as work has started for the next GT, no plans are on the ground for Multiplayer right now but VR mode trials are set for the future.

While neither Polyphony nor Digital has slipped anything about the release window, we know that it will be exclusively on Sony platforms, either on PS4 or PS 5 which is on its way, following what has happened with all others.

Gran Turismo 7 Reviews and Trailer

Gran Turismo 7
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Since 2013 after the GT 6 dropped, there have been many platforms on the internet that have continuously supplied trailers of the Gran Turismo 7.  Interestingly enough, these trailers are only but click baits since we all know that there are yet to be any official trailers of the game.

As it has always been with game developers, they go ahead to release the trailers themselves either with the announcement of a release date or shortly before. But for GT7, there is yet to be an announcement or a trailer.

As a franchise, Gran Turismo has enjoyed a lot of positive reviews from very important gaming platforms including AllGame, GamePro, Game Revolution, GameSpot, and OPM (US). The Gran Turismo is the best rated in the franchise with a Metascore of 96 while Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is the next best rated with a 95 Metascore. However, since the GT7 is yet to be released, there are yet to be reviews for it.

Are we going to see the GT7?

Yes, we are going to see the GT7 make a break that we can speculate to be great. We expect that in the same way that the Gran Turismo Sport was designed with more online than offline emphasis, so also will the Gran Turismo 7.

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Among the things I personally expect to see with the Gran Turismo 7 is a little more variety most especially in the ending of the solo campaigns as against the almost similar endings that almost made GT Sport boring at the end.  Another place that I want to see variety is with the weather. At least, Polyphony Digital has got licenses from many car manufacturers and they have given reality to the cars in the game, they can add a little further by making it all come alive with a diversity of weather.

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