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After Hideo Kojima departed Konami, fans of games like Metal Gear were left in the limbo of uncertainty on what is coming next and where it was coming to. Not too long after that, we got to know what was coming next from him, and that is Death Stranding which is a game that is still being worked on by Kojima Productions.

When it was first announced, the game which is the first under Kojima productions has left a lot of people wondering what it was because of the many intrigues anticipated in it. As we wait for the release of the game, here are the things we have found out about it so far.

Death Stranding Release Date

Death Stranding
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Kojima left Konami in 2015 and in 2016, he made an announcement on the project at E3 2016. Since then, every finger has remained crossed on the release of the game.

Inasmuch as there is yet to be an official announcement on the actual release date from Kojima Productions, it is expected that the game will be released before 2020.

With a number of teasers and trailers already released, Hideo has revealed that the game will be released before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which is starting in July 2020. This simply means that the game may drop either before the end of 2019 or the first half of 2020.

The bet, however, is that it will come in 2019. This is citing Amazon UK which has the game in its pre-order listings with a date of March 29, 2019. The first release of the Death Stranding will be exclusively for the PS4 console. The thing, however, is that the date provided by the leak from Amazon UK may not be something strong enough to hold onto as it was listed alongside The Last of Us 2 which is also exclusively on PS4 to be released on the same day.


The first trailer of the game was released at the E3 2016. The trailer was very cryptic with so much suspense thanks to the visuals that are both interesting and disturbing and a music that is likewise entangling. As soon as the first trailer was released, it held gamers spellbound trying to understand what exactly was happening except for the dead sea life that was shown. The game got a lot of fans immediately after the trailer was released.

The next trailer was released at The Game Awards 2016. This time around, Kojima productions took us a little closer by revealing to us the game’s main antagonist, Mads Mikkelsen. This was in no way less unsettling than the first trailer. If anything, it is even more cryptic.

We have seen more trailers with another released in 2018 at the E3. 8 minutes long, the trailer is very successful again in raising more questions than providing answers which is what all the other Death Stranding’s trailers have successfully done. Of course, a trailer is not meant to tell you the storyline of the game, just to pull you in. Kojima has done just that with these trailers. The last trailer revealed, however, has given us a deeper look into the game. It tells of a delivery man, Sam ‘Porter’ Bridges who is trying to reunite the shattered world.

News: Everything known about the game

As news keeps trickling in, here are a few things that we already know about the game:

In an interview, Hideo revealed that apart from microtransactions, there are so many players that still prefer single-player games. This suggested that even though we are sure that the game will have online co-op elements, we may also see it not being the only case with the game because there may also be provision for single players.

Kojima is not someone who always gives too many details but during an interview, he has revealed that death will not pull one out of the game so even if you die in the game, that will not be the end. You may either return in some form and face the destruction caused by your death or be in some kind of limbo or purgatory.

Gameplay and Storyline

For now, the gameplay is not one of the things that we are very certain about. However, we are sure that some of the characters that are part of the game are Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. Others are Guillermo del Toro, Lea Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner. More so, the game is an open world action game and it will feature multiplayer functions.

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Just as not so much is known about the gameplay, so too there is not much that is known about the storyline. However, what we can pull from the trailers so far is that Kojima may just place man against nature or the other way around or he may just explore the relationship between them with the scene of the dead sea life.

There may also be another part of the game that may deal with time travel which may deal with the part of the game titled Time Fall. Once it hits someone, time fall can make something age pretty fast.

Another thing that we may see is a switch in time and a theme of war as revealed in the second trailer which shows warcraft and captures war scenes. The themes of the game include death, war, loss, pain, discovery, and a whole lot more.

All these may come to mean something entirely different when the game is finally released, so until then, we can only speculate on the storyline.


At the end of it all, while there are so many things that can be said about Death Stranding, there are also so many things that we cannot say for certain until the game is finally released. Among the things we can say is that there may as well be so many surprises because Kojima revealed that with the game, he wants to introduce what will be the future of gaming. That will not be surprising considering that he is the man behind Metal Gear.

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