Meet The Six Finalists At The 2017 Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield

After the preliminary rounds on the first two days where each company had six minutes to pitch top investors, entrepreneurs, and technologists, six finalists emerged, they are: Augmedics, colormass, Future Family, Matic, Onēva (Runner-up), and Pi (Winner).

TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield is the world’s preeminent startup competition which features between 15-30 top early-stage startups pitching top judges in front of a vast live audience, present in person and online to compete for the grand prize of $50,000.

At the yearly event which happens four times at three disrupt conferences in New York City, San Francisco, and London– and also at a special Hardware Battlefield at CES in Las Vegas, contestants not only enjoy immense press, investor, and partner attention,  but also get to  becomes members of the elite ranks of Battlefield alums.

The 2017 edition of the TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF, saw 22 startups take the stage where they showed off their technology and answered tough questions from expert judges.

Here are the Six finalists At The 2017 Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield


Augmedics At The 2017 Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield. Photo credit:

Augmedics is an Israeli startup working on augmented reality headsets for surgeons performing spinal surgery.  According to Augmedics, instead of making you look away from your patient, the company’s Vizor which acts as a heads-up display and gives you greatly enhanced perception.


Colormass . Photo credit:

The Berlin-based company developed a platform that allows you recreate an IKEA-style experience for your own merchandise. For instance, a furniture company supplies its own production files and Colormass uses computer vision algorithms to convert these images into lifelike 3D files that can be altered with different textures and color.

Future Family

Future family Future Family Co-Founder and CEO Claire Tomkins at the 2017 Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield. Photo credit:

What the future family aims at is to simplify the world of female fertility testing, while bringing down the cost of treatment options. Asides this, Future Family is now offering fertility testing for men as well, with a new product called the Sperm Activity Test.


Photo courtsey:

Matic came up with the idea of making the process of finding the right homeowner’s insurance easier and more efficient. Its solution leverages technology is aimed at simplifying this process, while also personalizing the experience of receiving quotes and recommendations.

Oneva (Runner-Up)

Photo credit:

When it comes to finding someone to take care of your kids or your aging parent, Oneva has the right answer. Onēva enables employers to offer elder, infant and child care, as well as housecleaning and other in-home services, as employee benefits.

All of Onēva’s providers are verified through FBI background checks, criminal background checks, reference checks and ID verification. Oneva was the runner-up at this year’s Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield held this September.


Pi At The 2017 Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield. Photo credit:

Pi which eventually emerged winner of the 2017 TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield SF says it is building a device that can charge multiple devices within about a foot in any direction. It’s not the full-room charging concept that other companies have spent years trying to tackle, but it provides a good bit more flexibility compared to a pad.

The team says they’re using resonant induction here, or the same underlying concept that powers the Qi charging standard found in the new iPhones and many an Android phone. Their secret sauce, according to co-founder John Macdonald, is a beam-forming algorithm that lets them safely direct a magnetic field to wherever the device is sitting.

The Battlefield highlights the best of the entrepreneurial experience; big ideas, hard work, tough conversations and lots of hustle. Watch out for the 2018 editions.


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