Top 8 Computer Speaker Brands

If you are looking at blasting the best sounds from the music files on your computer, or seek to get extra motivation to fight on from the background music of your computer game. Then your basic computer speakers are not what you should rely on. They don’t perform any better than making the regular computer notification sounds they were basically made for, and in more severe cases, they are a pain in the ear when listening to music with them. The top 8 computer speaker brands highlighted here came to solve that problem and have since their inception taken over the market of computer speakers with innovative and smarter speakers.

Computer speakers are the ideal gadget you need to beat out the best beats on those music files or immerse your auditory senses in the virtual world of your game. Once you try them out, you will for no reason try to use the regular laptop or desktop speakers unless of course, you can’t help the situation. Computer speakers come in various capacities, designs, features, controls and connectivity options. Here we will discuss the top 8 computer speaker brands and what makes these select few special. Their top rating comes mainly from being made of the best technology currently has to offer, innovative design and of course highly durable.

Top 8 Computer Speaker Brands

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top 8 computer speaker brandsHave you ever walked into a general computer accessories/gadgets shop or visited an online shop and find Bose computer speakers made by Bose Corporation not offered for sale at all? It is impossible and will likely be a strange thing to happen. That is to tell you how popular and accepted this brand is. Some of their speakers are made with TrueSpace stereo digital processing circuitry to make their sound lifelike and immersive.

They make the finest of budget and high-end computer speakers with every necessary feature built into them. Most Bose computer speakers have full control options that are easy to reach and use. They come in the best designs possible and don’t take much space on your workstation. In terms of sound quality and durability. Have no doubts, if Bose wasn’t that good, they won’t be heard of as a computer speaker of choice, talk more of making our list of top 8 computer speaker brands.


top computer speaker brands

Edifier gives users wireless control over their computer speaker in addition to undistorted audio output at maximum volumes. Some computer speaker brands crack when you set them to the highest volume, some will start to show instant sign of internal electric sparks which marks their demise. But not the Edifier brand.

In terms of looks which determines aesthetics, their older products look like smaller versions of giant speakers, while the newer products take a more futuristic design. Despite the structural differences, Edifier Computer Speakers have maintained their age-long history of quality sound output no matter the model of their product you are listening to. To achieve this, Edifier speakers have a Digital Sound Processing feature which functions by recognising each sound/word in the incoming audio signal, analyze it and trying to identify the type of excitation and resonate frequency it is coming with.


Yamaha produces the finest 2.0 channel speakers which will readily outperform most basic 2.1 channel speakers. The louder you tune up their volume, the better they will sound.

They have a wide range of beautifully designed products in the market with various specifications and features. From the simple and elegant to the complex and powerful computer speakers, Yamaha has made its mark and still commands a good market dominance in the top 8 computer speaker brands. Yamaha products are more of investment purchases being made of premium quality and promise to have a long sound quality that will never fade.

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top 8 computer speakers, logitechLogitech is a household name when it comes to computer accessories. They have different models of products covering all lines and types of computer accessories. Computer speakers are not left out here as they have made a significant investment in redefining how a computer speaker should sound, look and be controlled.

Logitech prides its surround speakers to be built with the goal of immersing you totally in an audio environment as their THX certified speakers guarantee that your speakers were perfectly engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers. Logitech will turn your room into a little concert hall by the time you fire up the volumes to the high heavens


top computer speaker brands

BassPULSE produces one of the best colourfully decorated LED lit computer speakers. They are ideal choices for those who fancy lighting up their computer speakers for visual pleasure especially gamers.

With a feature known as Pulse To The Beat, BassPULSE LED lit Neodymium speakers will pulsate to the beat of the audio bass when you turn the equalizer past 80%. This electrifying feature adds a touch of visual pleasure to your listening experience.


top 8 computer speaker brandsWherever Audioengine speakers are reviewed, they will most likely take the spot of the best value product under review.

Their simple and compact design makes them appealing to own even as they don’t come short of impressive audio output. This informs why they are the computer speaker brand of choice for Audiophiles seeking audiophile-grade performance on computer speakers. Audioengine speakers spot a unique digital-to-analogue converter which makes it possible for you to send high fidelity digital audio directly from your computer’s USB port straight into the speakers.

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Harman Kardon

most sold new computer speakersHarman Kardon is known for manufacturing speakers that look like they are just a piece of decorative items. Their most popular speakers come mostly transparent with the speaker drivers clearly visible.

What has endeared this brand to people is the impressive sound quality they produce despite looking so fragile. Harman is not all beauty and no strength. They have also built internally robust but fragile looking speakers that will last any user for years.

Cyber Acoustics

Cyber Acoustics in recent times commands a respectable spot in the top 8 computer speaker brands. The introduction of colour changing LED light speakers with room-filling sound production had many people having these speakers seated beside their computers.

The brand over the past 20 years has been able to set itself apart with products that cannot be faked. They have put in dedicated days of hard work, months of research and fine-tuning what a top computer speaker should look and sound like. Their hard work indeed paid off as more and more people are taking to the Cyber Acoustics computer speaker brand.


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