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Our homes are generally becoming smart with the introduction of the Amazon Echo Dot. The Echo and Echo Dot are making this possible with the same Alexa voice-controlled assistant. While the Echo is a cylindrically shaped gadget with speakers below, roughly the size of a wine bottle, the Echo Dot is a much smaller puck-shaped smart gadget with a less powerful speaker. These are inbuilt speakers which are just good enough for all the voice responses Alexa will give to your commands. Alarms, clock alerts, weather and news updates, traffic and commute information, shopping list etc are all of what the inbuilt Echo Dot speakers are ideal for. They are not recommended for listening to music as they will bore you out before the next song on your playlist comes on. However, Amazon is aware of this limitation on the Echo Dot and thought it wise to add an audio-out port with which you can plug in compatible speakers for Echo Dot or alternatively pair the speaker wirelessly with your Echo Dot.

With this connection established between your speakers and the Echo Dot, the Dot will route all its audio output to your speakers which undoubtedly will sound better and it’s particularly ideal for listening to music with your Dot. If you have seen this set up before, you will probably agree no one should operate an Echo Dot at home or elsewhere without using a good external speaker. The fact is, not all speakers are ideal to be used with an Echo Dot. Dot’s are smart devices and should for no reason be used with substandard speakers. Only compatible, high-quality speakers will give out the best audio responses from Alexa and your Spotify or Amazon music list.

The best speakers for Echo Dot which produces the perfect sound quality include Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker and Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II among the other speakers selected below We specifically checked for the listed features of what make great speakers and we handpick these brands out of a large number of competing products. The features we considered are Woofer/Tweeter size, the decibel measurement and cabinet design are determining factors to the quality of sound your speakers will produce and how clear you hear them. Watts (the more watts, the louder the sound) a low watts speaker will make distorted cracked sounds at volumes above 80%, auto on and off feature, 360 degrees surround sound/omnidirectional sound for a room-filling audio output, Bluetooth range, and memory, single or multiple speaker connections. Based on this, we selected 6 great speakers for Echo Dot across different budget brackets and still won’t fail you no matter how cheap your pick is.

Best Speaker For Echo Dot (Top Recommended)

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Echo Dot

The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is a small portable speaker made for powerful performance. It was designed simple and sleek in a single piece aluminium casing which is durable and ultra-compact. For more protection and colour customization, you can choose your preferred colour from a range of 5 colourful protective soft covers which shields this speaker from abrasions and scratches. These best speakers for Echo Dot outperform their simple look with their dual passive radiators which delivers deep low notes and face in opposite directions to minimize vibrations, they also feature high-efficiency transducers in the speakers to move twice as much air for their typical size as transducers. With this, more air movement means more powerful sound.

One of the major benefits you will derive from purchasing the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II as a recommended speakers for Echo Dot is their ease of establishing a quick and secure wireless connection with your Echo Dot. Aside from this, you can also easily pair this speaker with your phones, tablets or any other Bluetooth enabled audio producing device. Rest assured you won’t have to worry about creating a new connection across your paired device every time as the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II can retain the memory of your last 8 connected devices. This should be enough to go round all Bluetooth enabled devices your pair your Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II with including your Echo Dot.


  • Voice prompt for easy pairing with Bluetooth devices
  • Multi-function button for changing songs
  • 5 colourful protective covers are available
  • Long lasting 10 hours Lithium battery
  • Charges with any USB power source
  • Built-in microphone for taking calls
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Big sound and deep bass
  • 30 feet Bluetooth range


  • No multiple speaker selections
  • No stereo separation
  • 2 colour varieties


The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is a very popular device among Echo Dot users and every other person desirous of owning a portable yet compact wireless device. It remarkably connects easily across a range of Bluetooth enabled audio producing devices and can accurately store and recollect memory of the last 8 devices you used it with. The sleek design of this speaker makes it blend perfectly with any decoration in your home.

Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth For Echo Dot

Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth is a grenade sized speaker meant to accompany you with big beats wherever you go. it is the smallest and most basic of the new speakers in Sony’s line of Extra Bass Bluetooth speakers. One unique thing I like about these little big beat powerhouse is their availability in multiple colours. With this, you are not constrained to any colour option the manufacturers thought it wise to finish the product in rather you have a variety of 6 different beautiful and cool colours to make a choice from.

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The speakers’ are water resistant and you will have no cause to worry if you plan to have an active day during wet weathers, in the shower or at swimming pools. The Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speakers will accompany you and stand no risk of damage from moisture. This is one speaker that perfectly pairs with the Echo Dot. The blue coloured Sony XB10 portable speaker is a favourite choice among consumers who purchase these best speakers for Echo Dot. The pair makes a perfect combination of smart devices every home should have. Here is one thing I value most about Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker, it is extremely lightweight so I don’t have any worries carrying it along with me for outdoor uses, while I easily reconnect it to my Echo Dot when am back home.


  • Detachable strap for hanging or sitting the speaker on it
  • Bluetooth and Near Field Communication features (NFC)
  • Multiple speaker pairing features for stereo sound
  • Rubber gasket to cover USB and Audio In ports
  • Water-resistant and lightweight
  • Up to 16 hours battery life


  • No microphone feature


Coming at a price that is extremely cheap, this is one of the most recommended speakers you should obviously get if you are purchasing on a low budget. They are lightweight and very portable so using them outdoors is pretty much an easy thing to do. The 16 hours long-lasting and rechargeable micro USB charged battery is powerful enough to see you throughout the day with every full charge.

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Sonos PLAY: 5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music

Looking for a top-notch speaker for Echo Dot meant for high-end smart homeowners? The Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker was meant for you. I can’t think of or find any other top quality speakers that are best for Echo Dot other than this. They connect seamlessly to Wifi and are easily set up in less than 5 minutes after unpacking. Depending on how you position them, you will be entertained with either stereo or mono sound output respectively- vertical or horizontal.

The Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speakers fits perfectly in tall, narrow and wide spaces. It can be mounted on a wall or sat comfortably on a shelf. With its bass radiator, the speakers provide deep, clean and powerful bass which is still adjustable. This lets you customize your sound by individual room or groups of rooms in the house. You might be wondering if is just one speaker that will do all this wonder we just listed. Well technically analyzing it, one speaker will do fine, but where you have an option of connecting multiple speakers in a chain connection format which the Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker is capable of. Then you know this is the real deal and undoubtedly the best speakers for Echo Dot.


  • Easy to set up
  • One app complete music control
  • Connects via Wifi for uninterrupted play
  • Multiple orientations for different sound
  • Touch sensors for volume and track control
  • 6 amplifiers with 6 dedicated speaker drivers
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time


  • Expensive
  • Only Wifi connection


The Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speakers is one product specifically meant for the smart homeowner. It connects easily to Wifi which can be said to be better than Bluetooth. Perhaps some people might like this product still being made Bluetooth compatible, but Wifi has a lot more to offer in Wireless connection. Other than this, there are no known damaging cons of this product. The price is a true reflection of the value you will get for purchasing the Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speakers as our recommended speakers.

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UE ROLL 2 Habanero Waterproof Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Echo Dot

Ultimate Ear Rolls 2 is ideally a great speaker which is meant for outdoors. It can withstand being kept in a moist environment for up to 30 minutes while giving out big bold and beautiful sounds so loud you will begin to wonder if another speaker is being put to use. The unique feature of these speakers is their ability to create what is called a ‘Block Party‘. This allows you to pair up with 8 Bluetooth speakers and enable you and your friends connect your Ultimate Ear Rolls 2 in a chain connection format. Playing your music from Echo Dot with multiple Ultimate Ear Rolls 2 speakers makes having your friends around more fun and memorable

As expected, the Ultimate Ear Rolls 2 is compatible across a range of devices other than the Echo Dot. It connects easily with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can also connect it with up to two source devices at the same time. For example, you can connect it with your Echo Dot as the first source device and still have an option of connecting it to another device, maybe your phone as the second source device. With this, both your Echo Dot music and phone calls will be routed through your Ultimate Ear Rolls 2 Bluetooth speakers in the best audio output you have ever had. The UE ROLL 2 Habanero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most recommended speakers we specifically handpicked because of its several useful features.


  • 7 colour varieties
  • Loud sound output
  • Easy and quick pairing
  • 100 feet Bluetooth coverage
  • 9 hours Lithium-Ion battery life
  • 30 minutes waterproof protection
  • Lightweight with marine grade bungees


  • Few on-device controls


The UE ROLL 2 Habanero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers made the list as one of the smallest yet best speakers for Echo Dot you will come across. The performance is impressive for its price. Provided you don’t abuse its waterproof features, the UE ROLL 2 Habanero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker will last you a decently long time and still willing to last more with all of its features still performing.

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Bang & Olufsen PLAY S3 Home Bluetooth Speaker for Echo Dot

best echo dot speakers

When you want a speaker for Echo Dot which looks extraordinary, you turn to the geometric dodecahedron shaped Bang & Olufsen PLAY S3 Home Bluetooth Speaker. It is available in two simple colours of white and black. The speakers were pretty meant to sit indoors and fill the room with remarkable audio clarity even at higher volumes. The speakers’ core and body were made of rigid polymer carefully crafted to ensure optimal acoustic stability and eliminate resonance.

Coming with a 4.0 Bluetooth version, you can easily connect this futuristic looking speaker with you Echo Dot in a simple easy step, while to achieve a stereo filled ambience experience, you start by connecting one speaker to your Echo Dot then connect the second one to get a true spacious stereo sound experience. The option of connecting multiple speakers either with wires or wirelessly with Bluetooth was made available here as the Bang & Olufsen PLAY S3 Home Bluetooth Speaker comes with both features.


  • Remarkable clarity at high volumes
  • Amazing sound quality for its price
  • Beautiful futuristic speaker design
  • Amazing sound quality for its price


  • Doesn’t use batteries
  • Poor bass output


This is a very affordable speaker you can get for your Echo Dot. For the best stereo sound, I would suggest you get a second pair and pair them easily with each other.

UE MEGABOOM Charcoal Black Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof)

For an impressive sound quality, water resistant feature, amazing 360 degrees sound with deep bass, audio playbacks and easy connection with Echo Dot, Smartphones, Tablets and other Bluetooth supported audio devices, the UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker is your best bet. It is lightweight at 1.93 pounds with a waterproof finish. The PartyUp feature allows you to wirelessly connect up to 50 UE speakers within a 100 feet coverage range.

The UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker which is one of our recommended Echo Dot speakers, guarantees a 20 hours playtime with its rechargeable battery. The UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker cylindrical design enables it to project sound in almost every direction unlike what is obtainable in other devices. It is perfectly ideal to be used in moist areas like showers, near swimming pools or outdoors generally with no risk of being spoilt by water as its IPX7 water resistant feature protects it from water damage for 30 minutes up to 1m down in the water. Also, there aren’t any exposed metallic parts or screws that will get in contact with water and rust. You just need to ensure the waterproof flaps on the base are firmly closed to keep any moisture out.


  • Waterproof
  • Rich deep bass
  • Tap to play, double tap to skip
  • Pair up to 8 devices for louder sound
  • Customizable equalizer for better sound
  • 2 source device connections for Block Party
  • Rechargeable lithium battery lasting 20 hours


  • Micro USB ports are located at the base of the gadget


The cylindrically shaped UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker offers the perfect combination of simplicity and robustness. It is a powerful speaker that maximizes sound quality without loss of clarity even at high volumes. Its ability to connect seamlessly with over 50 other UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speakers is probably the highest any Echo Dot speaker can offer. So if you find the features laid out for this product as appealing to you, you can go all out and get it without worry of it not serving you well because the UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker will never fail you.


The best speakers for Echo Dot are probably the best gadgets that bring out the best features and capabilities in your Echo Dot. Whether it is for playing music or listening to weather and traffic updates from Alexa, our carefully handpicked speakers will do a whole lot more than that. We chose speakers that can be easily paired with other Bluetooth devices so you won’t have them confined only to your Echo Dot. With this, you won’t purchase any speaker dedicated solely to your  Echo Dot as our picks can easily pair up with other devices and reconnect easily with your Echo Dot when you are back home. In addition to this, we also looked at speakers that can be used to create a chain connection for BlockParty or PartyUp entertainment. So if you have your friends coming over with their speakers, you can all connect easily with each other and crank up the music from your Echo Dot.

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