Should You Buy Glass Computer Desks? In Depth Guide

You are probably having doubts on the kind of desk to get for your computer and all its accessories; glass computer desk, a wooden one, metal one, or which?

Just as the type to get is running through your mind, durability, aesthetics, convenience, functionality, and more are obviously also running on the next lane as you try to arrive at a decision on the kind of material you want your computer desk to have.

The truth is that both the contemporary wood and glass material desk can be quite good for your desktop. However, we will dwell more on what is attainable if you should go for a glass computer desk. We will be looking at things to consider when you have your mind set on the glass computer desk.

Should You Buy Glass Computer Desks?

It is no surprise that glass desks are gradually replacing the traditional ones mostly because of their functionality which is capped by the aesthetic value they present. In order to properly answer the question of whether to get one, there are a good number of things that you will have to ask and answer first of all:


Why should you go for it? If you are out to get something that does not have compartments, a glass desk will mostly be the choice.


If you prefer something that is very simple, clean, modern, elegant, and professional look, then you may as well settle for a glass computer desk. It can be rather hard to maintain, but once you can take the time to do that, you can be certain of elegance. You will still have an elegant and clean desk with a wooden material, but the glass offers some added simplicity to it.

The aesthetic nature of glass makes it endearing and subtle to the eyes while maintaining a soothing and professional look. If the desk is meant for an office, it won’t be a bad idea to go for the glass. This does not mean that the wooden computer desk is not an option.


Having a budget before you hit the market will go a long way in helping you arrive at a choice. It is true that not all glass computer desks are expensive, it is also true that they are generally more expensive than their wooden or metal counterparts.

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If you wish to go for a glass computer home office desk, then be sure you will pay a bit more than you would pay for a different kind of material. The most important thing you should know when purchasing a glass top computer desk is the fact that you should have some extra cash for it.

Bringing preference to the picture again, If you’re not concerned about getting a desk with a very elegant appearance, then you might want to save your money by purchasing a less expensive desk.

Why Are Glass Computer Desks Good?

If you really want that awesome looking, modern style desk, why would you not choose a glass top desk? The look that glass gives is surely not one to overlook, giving its exceptional attributes. Here are other reasons why people go for glass desks:

  • Simplistic design: nobody wants noisy and complicated workspaces that you mostly get with wood computer desks.
  • Home offices: If you have a home office, rather than getting a wooden computer desk that consumes space, glass desks may serve much better.
  • Hygiene: For those that eat in their offices, the glass desk may be better. This is because it does not have gaps or spaces that insects and ants can come and hide as you may get with wooden desks. Another interesting thing is that you can easily spot dirt (thanks to the light reflection) and wipe it off.

Things to Consider When Going To Glass Computer Desk

While it creates a soothing scenery and makes a bold statement, glass does come with some concerns needed to be put into consideration.

Durability and Maintainance

Glass can last a lifetime if you maintain it properly. If you take care of the glass and if you do not smash it with heavy objects on purpose, you should have no problems with the quality of your desk. Maintainance is highly essential for a longer span when it comes to glass.


While most glass computer desks that you see are clear, they come in just about every color that is imaginable. Clear and black are the most popular.

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You should keep in mind that most clear glass computer desks have a bit of a greenish tint. This is due to some of the minerals that are in the glass.

Types of Glass

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There are some glass desks that come with a complete glass build even on the sides, while there are others that are mixed with wood. Whichever one you may want to go with, there are different types of glasses that you get. These types include standard glass, tempered glass, beveled glass, and laminated glass.

  • Beveled glass – This is cut at a certain angle around the edges. This angle produces a nice look and takes the sharpness off of the edges.
  • Tempered glass – This is six times stronger than standard glass, making it more resistant to breakage. If it does break, it shatters into thousands of tiny pieces that won’t hurt anyone.
  • Laminated glass consists of two layers of glass with a sheet of plastic in between. If this glass breaks, the plastic helps to hold the glass together so that no one gets hurt. The confusion for most people is mostly on what to chose between Tempered and laminated glass.

Why You Should Be Careful

Just as with most other things, there are some problems that you may have when you chose to go with a glass desk. Hence, you need to be very careful before making a choice. Here are some

  • Durability: Because we are talking about glasses, one needs to be very careful before making a choice. There are many that come with great durability, but there are also others that are not all that good. For example, if you decide to go for a tempered glass, you need to know that they can explode on their own without having to fall or be hit. The good news is that it will not hurt anyone. The good news is that it can take 20 years before that will happen.
  • Safety: If you work at home or in an environment that has children, having some kinds of glass desks may not be completely wise. While there are glasses such as the laminated glass that still holds together even after they are broken, there are others that can be very dangerous for the safety of children.


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