Can You Play Game With An NVIDIA Quadro GPU and Is It Any Good?

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There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to play games on the NVIDIA Quadro GPU. Nevertheless, considering how expensive it is, it will not be worth it to spend that much if you are looking for a gaming GPU since the GeForce cards are not only good but offer greater value.

All of us gamers are hunters in some ways; always looking to get the best kill of gaming components to give us the edge in gaming. You have entered the GPU forest and have seen this massive elephant of a card known as the NVIDIA Quadro GPU and you are wondering whether it can be used for gaming and if it will be any good.

GPU manufacturers have GPUs that are available for mainstream use as well as those that are specifically created for businesses as well as people who handle high demanding tasks. The mainstream GPUs are the ones that are used for gaming and they come much cheaper than the Workstation-class cards.

Inasmuch as the GPUs are created for different reasons, it is very possible to realize that the workstation GPUs are able to handle some work of the mainstream graphics card such as gaming even though the same cannot be said of the mainstream cards when it comes to handling the complex works associated to the high-end ones. The question that remains to be answered is if they can do it effectively and if it is worth it.

Why do you need a GPU for gaming?

More than ever before, games are now coming with high quality and strong graphics that not all PCs would be able to run and deliver such graphics on their own, hence the need for a graphics card which is also known as the graphics processing unit (GPU).

The Graphics card is used to render the images of your game to your monitor. What this means is that whatever you get to see on your display is due to the ability and performance of your GPU. It is very important because for a gamer, even before anything else, the graphics cards are very important, being one of the key components that determine the quality of your gaming.

What is the Quadro graphics card?

Before anything else, the Quadro is a graphics card series created by Nvidia for workstations, hence they are not among the mainstream GPUs for gaming. As a result of this, the card comes with more advanced technology including video memory that is equipped with error correction technology and as well as the double-precision floating-point capabilities among other things.

The main difference between this graphics card and those that have come to be popular for gaming is the features that they come with. Looking at gaming, while this GPU has precision as its main focal point, the Geforce card has speed as the main thing.

Apart from just gaming, GPUs are also very important in things such as video editing and mathematical computation that is supposed to be fast and completely accurate such as in artificial intelligence. The need for these GPUs is different from the need for a GPU for gaming and because of this, their architecture and prices are completely different from the gaming graphics card, coming much cheaper than the other.

Can you Play Game With An NVIDIA Quadro GPU?

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Back to the big question, you can use the NVIDIA Quadro GPU for gaming but placing it side by side the GeForce card, the question becomes: is it worth it?

First of all, the main reason for the design of the GPU is for workstation and not for gaming and because of this, they do not come with too much in the sense of versatility to fully serve a gamer. The main design of this GPU is for more specific tasks than you would get with GPUs that are suitable for gaming as those are very flexible.

Price is also another thing to consider. One thing that you will find very interesting is that regardless of the massive price difference between the Quadro K6000 and GeForce GTX Titan, both are powered by the same graphics core. With that, the more expensive Quadro has lost one of the things that would have given it the edge in gaming but then, it was not designed for that.

In addition to that, many gamers will not go for this GPU specifically for gaming because of the overall general performance when you place it against its price. Making the comparison, you will realize that the Geforce is a much better GPU for gaming considering both price and performance.

Finally, the main reason for the design of the Quadro is for CAD rendering, professional video editing, and some scientific and data calculation while the Geforce is designed for gaming, normal computing, and amateur video editing among other things.

Is It Any Good? 

Yes, the NVIDIA Quadro GPU can be good for gaming. Nonetheless, it will still find itself behind the GeForce which was really meant for gaming. If your question is on whether or not to buy the GPU for gaming, the simple answer will be- don’t get it. Therefore, the easiest way out is to settle for a gaming GPU for gaming and a workstation GPU for your very demanding work.

Even though as indicated, getting a high-end Nvidia Quadro GPU will be good for gaming, if you are able to get one that is as affordable as the mainstream graphics card, the table will still turn very fast because that will not be in any way, good for gaming.


With all that has been said, it is obvious that letting the elephant go and looking to get a Geforce GPU will be the wise thing to do as a gamer. More so, it is not optimized for gaming hence it will not be one that a serious gamer should get, most especially when you also put the price into consideration. However, if you have a workstation and you need an NVIDIA Quadro GPU, you can also use it for gaming.

In most cases, why many gamers would turn their backs on the Quadro is because of the cost-to-performance ratio which as stated, falls on its two knees behind the Geforce graphics card. At the end of it all, therefore, even though Geforce will not serve for a workstation, Quadro will work for gaming and it may be good, but it should definitely not be your choice when you are specifically looking for a gaming GPU.

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