When is The Best Time To Buy Computer Parts or a Laptop?

From Processors/  CPUs  to Motherboards, Cases & Accessories among many others, if you have ever wondered when the best time to buy computer parts is, you most definitely are not alone as millions of people around the world ponder on this too, after all, who wouldn’t want to buy things at a cheaper price if they could? The important thing is knowing if such opportunities exist as well as having the right information on where to get such computer parts or cheap laptops.

Most times, tech-savvy people do not even realize that there are periods when they can get things a lot cheaper than expected, instead, they are only aware of the times such as the peak period when demand is high, hence high price.

On the other hand, as a result of increased information thanks to the internet, more people are becoming aware of opportunities to buy laptops and important computer parts at lower cost, the only issue could be finding the right source with authentic information.

Are There Particular Period To Buy Cheaper Computer Parts?

The answer is a big “Yes.” Although prices of computer parts are quite volatile as are most products, their prices can actually be lower or higher in price based on demand forces. Nevertheless, malls, as well as other tech retailers, tend to offer discounted sales from time to time, but with the major reason which could be any of the following; either certain particular computer part(s) happen to be going out of production, the product may be damaged or inferior ( which is not always the case), or they just  want to increase sales, hence  make more  profit. In this situation, prices are lowered so as to enable quick sell out.

However, these sales promotions are quite irregular when it comes to everyday retail stores; on the other hand, if you are thinking in terms of specific periods when discounted sales are offered, in the U.S for example, there are periods like “Black Friday and Cyber Monday where prices are down a whole lot. Find out more below.

Black Friday (Day After Thanksgiving)

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Black Friday

Routinely, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in the United States since the year 2005. Officially created in 1952, it is the day following Thanksgiving, usually on the fourth Thursday of November.  During this time most retailers open much earlier and close later even into the morning in order to offer promotional sales, that is selling a wide range of items at a really low price. Also, for schools and non-retail employees, they have Thanksgiving and the following Friday off, therefore making it a four-day weekend which in turn increases the number of potential shoppers. Here tech enthusiasts can take advantage of this to buy the needed parts for their computers as they are bound to get the best deals. Remember this promotion lasts for just three days so be sure to take massive advantage of this.

Cyber Monday

Computer parts

Cyber Monday is basically the continuation of Black Friday, it comes up on the last Monday of November which is the Monday after Black Friday promotions have been exhausted. The difference here is that for Cyber Monday sales are done majorly online; with this, some shoppers, including those looking to buy computer part, can sit in the comfort of their own space at home or at work and choose what they want… of course at a very cheap rate.

Notably (Scrapyards);

Computer parts

Apart from waiting for deal days to purchase needed computer parts, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, why not visit a “Scrapyard?” Think about it, where do you think most of these retail stores both online and otherwise get their computer parts from? Most times, these part may not be totally new all the time. A good number of them happen to be extracted from other computers and resold. When big stores like Craigslist, eBay and other retail stores offer products including computer parts for sale they are usually just re-selling such items of which prices will be increased to a certain extent so they can realize an adequate profit. So imagine if you went directly to the source…it’s a no-brainer, the price will definitely drop.

Also with the Scrapyard, most computer parts of the same nature are usually sold at similar rates with little or no categorization. For example, the price at which  Intel i5 3470 is sold will most definitely be the same price at which   Intel i5-3330 will be sold.

In conclusion

It may not be wise to wait for times when computer parts will be sold at a cheaper rate because of the frequency at which gadgets are improved upon for instance the NVIDIA recently released the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 graphics cards, and AMD has released the RX 460, 470 and 480. Thus, if you need to purchase any computer parts and there are no sales promotion imminent you shouldn’t sit waiting for long. On the other hand, if there are promos such as “Black Friday or Cyber Monday” just around the corner, and you are not in a hurry to purchase the computer part then you could consider waiting a short while to get a good deal. Apart from this, you may just have to keep your ears and eyes peeled in order to discover when retailers – online and physical stores close to you are offering your desired computer parts at a discounted amount.


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