Smite God: A Comprehensive List of Gods and their Release Order

Ever since the origination of the formula of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and action real-time strategy (ARTS) subgenre of real-time strategy video gaming, not many games have been able to have the impact of Smite, a free-to-play third-person video game that was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios in 2014.

The game, which is currently available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, is about gods, goddesses, immortals, creatures, and other mythological figures taking part in team-based combat. Players control these characters and use their unique abilities and tactics to fight other player-controlled gods and non-player-controlled soldiers. Unlike other games from the MOBA genre which are typically played from a top-down perspective, players in Smite control their characters in a unique third person perspective.

Smite God Gameplay

Smite has various game modes that come with their own specific objectives and rules. On a majority of them, however, players are formed into two teams of five on each side, with the goal being to fight each other and defeat a giant warrior known as the Titan, located in the opposite team’s base while also providing protection for your own Titan.

At the beginning of the game, players are placed at opposite sides of a map at what is called the team’s fountain. Each player is further granted an amount of gold in which they would use to purchase starting items that would enhance the players’ character with special bonuses or abilities. To get to the opposing team’s Titan, players would have to go through the either of the three continuous lanes that are present in the game. Each of these lanes, however, happen to be defended by a Phoenix and a pair of extra defensive towers who are able to deal a huge amount of damage to enemies that come too close. The goal to win the game would, therefore, have to include the killing of opposing team’s Phoenixes.

Another notable part of Smite’s gameplay is the jungle where computer-controlled monsters such as packs of Cyclops or Furies (Harpies) periodically spawn. The monsters are distributed symmetrically across the map and they appear at specific locations. If a player’s character happens to kill a certain kind of monster, a buff that grants a specific ability for a limited amount of time drops down on the ground in the jungle to be picked up by any player. The different types of buffs that become available after killing a monster includes:

– Mana (mana regen & cooldown reduction bonus),
– Damage (basic damage & power bonus),
– Speed (movement speed bonus),
– Attack Speed (in-hand attack speed & power bonus)
– Protection Reduction Aura (negation of some of the protections of enemy players within 55 units).

In addition to the above-named buffs, there are some buffs that become present after three special neutral monsters who spawn less frequently have been killed. The buffs granted from the killing of the Fire Giant, Gold Fury, and Pyromancer are powerful damage for a medium length of time, a set amount of Gold, and a speed boost when coming out of the base for the entire team.

List of Smite Gods and their Order of Release

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As at the time of writing, Smite has one hundred and three (103) characters/gods which players can choose from to play the game. These gods are from thirteen different pantheons and are grouped into five classes. The available pantheons include Arthurian, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse, Polynesian, Roman, Slavic, and Voodoo, while the classes of the characters are Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the gods in the game in their order of release.

Smite God Release Date Class Pantheons
Agni 2012-05-31 Mage Hindu
Anubis 2012-05-31 Mage Egyptian
Arachne 2012-05-31 Assassin Greek
Artemis 2012-05-31 Hunter Greek
Bastet 2012-05-31 Assassin Egyptian
Hades 2012-05-31 Mage Greek
He Bo 2012-05-31 Mage Chinese
Hel 2012-05-31 Mage Norse
Hun Batz 2012-05-31 Assassin Mayan
Kali 2012-05-31 Assassin Hindu
Kukulkan 2012-05-31 Mage Mayan
Odin 2012-05-31 Warrior Norse
Ra 2012-05-31 Mage Egyptian
Sobek 2012-05-31 Guardian Egyptian
Vamana 2012-05-31 Warrior Hindu
Ymir 2012-05-31 Guardian Norse
Zeus 2012-05-31 Mage Greek
Guan Yu 2012-06-29 Warrior Chinese
Bakasura 2012-07-20 Assassin Hindu
Anhur 2012-08-03 Hunter Egyptian
Cupid 2012-08-17 Hunter Roman
Thor 2012-09-07 Assassin Norse
Ares 2012-10-04 Guardian Greek
Freya 2012-10-18 Mage Norse
Loki 2012-11-02 Assassin Norse
Bacchus 2012-11-19 Guardian Roman
Xbalanque 2012-12-21 Hunter Mayan
Hercules 2013-01-13 Warrior Roman
Vulcan 2013-01-31 Mage Roman
Neith 2013-02-13 Hunter Egyptian
Poseidon 2013-02-28 Mage Greek
Aphrodite 2013-03-13 Mage Greek
Apollo 2013-03-28 Hunter Greek
Ne Zha 2013-04-17 Assassin Chinese
Fenrir 2013-05-01 Assassin Norse
Isis 2013-05-15 Mage Egyptian
Athena 2013-06-05 Guardian Greek
Chronos 2013-07-10 Mage Greek
Chang’e 2013-07-24 Mage Chinese
Tyr 2013-08-07 Warrior Norse
Zhong Kui 2013-08-28 Mage Chinese
Thanatos 2013-09-18 Assassin Greek
Mercury 2013-10-02 Assassin Roman
Sun Wukong 2013-10-23 Warrior Chinese
Ah Muzen Cab 2013-11-07 Hunter Mayan
Nu Wa 2013-12-05 Mage Chinese
Chaac 2013-12-18 Warrior Mayan
Geb 2014-01-16 Guardian Egyptian
Nemesis 2014-02-06 Assassin Greek
Scylla 2014-03-05 Mage Greek
Ullr 2014-03-19 Hunter Norse
Kumbhakarna 2014-04-16 Guardian Hindu
Osiris 2014-05-06 Warrior Egyptian
Janus 2014-05-28 Mage Roman
Rama 2014-06-24 Hunter Hindu
Serqet 2014-07-15 Assassin Egyptian
Cabrakan 2014-08-19 Guardian Mayan
Sylvanus 2014-10-01 Guardian Roman
Nox 2014-10-29 Mage Roman
Ao Kuang 2014-11-19 Mage Chinese
Awilix 2014-12-17 Assassin Mayan
Hou Yi 2015-01-14 Hunter Chinese
Bellona 2015-02-25 Warrior Roman
Medusa 2015-04-01 Hunter Greek
Ah Puch 2015-04-28 Mage Mayan
Ratatoskr 2015-06-02 Assassin Norse
Ravana 2015-06-30 Assassin Hindu
Khepri 2015-08-04 Guardian Egyptian
Xing Tian 2015-09-01 Guardian Chinese
Sol 2015-10-06 Mage Norse
Chiron 2015-11-17 Hunter Greek
Amaterasu 2016-01-12 Warrior Japanese
Raijin 2016-02-16 Mage Japanese
Skadi 2016-03-15 Hunter Norse
Jing Wei 2016-04-12 Hunter Chinese
Susano 2016-05-10 Assassin Japanese
Fafnir 2016-06-07 Guardian Norse
Erlang Shen 2016-07-06 Warrior Chinese
Terra 2016-08-02 Guardian Roman
Izanami 2016-08-30 Hunter Japanese
Camazotz 2016-10-11 Assassin Mayan
Thoth 2016-11-08 Mage Egyptian
Nike 2016-12-06 Warrior Greek
The Morrigan 2017-01-10 Mage Celtic
Kuzenbo 2017-02-14 Guardian Japanese
Cernunnos 2017-03-14 Hunter Celtic
Ganesha 2017-04-25 Guardian Hindu
Da Ji 2017-05-24 Assassin Chinese
Cu Chulainn 2017-06-20 Warrior Celtic
Artio 2017-08-01 Guardian Celtic
Hachiman 2017-09-13 Hunter Japanese
Discordia 2017-11-06 Mage Roman
Cerberus 2018-01-09 Guardian Greek
Achilles 2018-02-27 Warrior Greek
Chernbog 2018-05-15 Hunter Slavic
Baron Samedi 2018-06-26 Mage Voodoo
Pele 2018-08-06 Assassin Polynesian
Hera 2018-10-15 Mage Greek
King Arthur 2019-01-07 Warrior Arthurian
Merlin 2019-02-11 Mage Arthurian
Jormungandr 2019-03-05 Guardian Norse
Horus 2019-04-30 Warrior Egyptian
Set 2019-04-30 Assassin Egyptian

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In a particular game, two players on the same team are not allowed to select the same god, however, they are free to select gods from the same pantheon or class.

Regardless of the perceived strength of each character/god, all 103 of them are equipped with a basic attack, a passive trait, and four abilities with varying effects, such as area damage, crowd control, buffs, and others. These abilities are acquired and upgraded when the god increases levels by defeating phoenixes, towers or enemy characters. The maximum level that can be attained is 20 and going up successive levels is harder to achieve as the game goes by. Gold, which can be used to buy items that can increase power, defense, and abilities among various other things, can be gotten through three ways; standard periodic income, slaying enemies or selling off already owned items.


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