Level Up Fast In Overwatch
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Probably you are new to the game or you have been somewhere at the top and you took some time off only to come back to find out that your friends have gone above you. Now you are looking for ways to level up fast in Overwatch. There are a good number of easy ways that you can achieve that.

With the update to version 1.25 of the game, Blizzard Entertainment released a feature known as the Overwatch Endorsements which is a feature that will among other things help you to level up.

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch


There is no trick involved in gaining XP in the game because once you take your time to play the game more and more, that continues to go up. So if you really want any secret here, then it has to be that you should play the game some more. There are some other ways, however, as you will find below that you can use to better your XP.

Get more endorsements

As pointed out above, the release of the Overwatch Endorsement is one of the latest ways to help you level up fast in Overwatch. The endorsement comes in 3 categories: sportsmanship, good teammate, and shot caller. Although the feature does not come with XP or progress meter to help you know your endorsement level, you will be able to level up fast if you are able to get more endorsements.

Play in a team

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing with friends or strangers, playing with others is probably one of the best ways for you to level up. The social part of the game is very important to Blizzard so it rewards you for playing the game with others by giving you an extra 20% experience on every match you play in a team.

The idea of playing in a group does not necessarily mean that you have to be in a six-stack because as long as you can queue with any number of gamers, you will have your bonus in the bank even if your other teammates decide to walk away from the game before you finish.

The better thing about playing with a team is that it is easy for players to get people to team up with even when their friends are not online because the bonus that is acquired is for all those in the team, meaning that everyone will also get that 20% XP.

Stay Queued

Another way to level up fast in Overwatch is to ensure that you stay queued. Blizzard wants gamers to play continuously and as long as you do that, you get an extra 200 XP for the consecutive matches you play. The good part here is that you don’t even need to win the game before you get the additional XP as win or lose, you will still have it.

Importantly, however, is for you to remain queued without having to go back to the menu. Hence after every match, you will remain in the lobby and then continue. As you play each match, you will want to be active and avoid AFK because that will not give you as much XP as you want.

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The thing with staying in queue is that sometimes, you may get to join games that are ongoing after some players have left. Sure, you will not be on the winning side of things but you will get to take away an extra 400 XP just for filling the spot. Nonetheless, this may not always be the best way for you since the opportunity will not come every day.

Winning games

It is of course, very important for you to keep winning matches in order to earn more XP. There is the 250XP that you get for just completing a match whether you win or not, but that will not help you to level up fast in Overwatch because that is what everyone else gets. So what you want to do is to win the game because that will give you the 250 XP that everyone gets for completing the match as well as 500 xp that comes with winning a match.

Also, it is important to win at least a match a day because with your first win each day, you get to 1500 XP. The best thing about this part is that it doesn’t matter whether you play against a person or AI, once you win, you will have the bonus.

Get the medals

Players get rewarded with the highest medals they earn when they play. While Gold Medals will pull in 150 XP, 100 XP is what you get for Silver Medals, and 50XP is what you take home for Bronze Medals. You will always want to get more Gold Medals.

What you need to know 

Level Up Fast In Overwatch
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Achieving new levels when playing Overwatch, players earn loot boxes with various cosmetic items that enhance your gaming experience. More so, you can have more credit when you decide to turn your duplicate. The good thing with the loot boxes is that you need them for the purpose of customization.

With each hero you play, stats get tracked, but levelling is done with view of your account profile. For each level you attain, there is a particular XP that you are expected to have.

In addition, playing against real people online will give you more XP than when you are playing AI. Playing AI will fetch you some XP, but probably because it needs less effort, you do not get as much as you get when you are going against human opponents.


At the end of it all, if you want to level up fast in Overwatch, what you have to do is pretty much straightforward, to play the game as you should. There are no definite tricks that will help you beat the normal flow of things, but once you are willing to go with the mechanics above, you should see yourself levelling up whether you are preparing for a competition or it is all about the prestige.

If you play Overwatch every day and you are always active, you play real people and in a team, your levelling up will be much faster thanks to the XP that you will get. The most important point towards levelling up is to do everything that will maximize your XP.