10 Most Popular Digital Camera Brands On The Market

Whether you are a pro or a casual photographer, your favourite camera will certainly fall within this 10 most popular digital camera brands on the market. These are standout cameras which have earned their good reputation in the hands of various users, thus making them popular brands. They have the most amazing features and specification desirable in every best rated digital camera and do an amazing job in capturing priceless moments on pictures.

The global digital camera market is presently formed by a range of radical trends connected to lenses, photo accessories and other key features according to a market report. These trends have decided the pattern of advancement in the ways popular digital camera brand manufacture cameras recently.

The top 10 most popular digital camera brands in the market range from the high-tech and expensive Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) or SLR camera brands to the moderate Point-and-shoot cameras that will likely be good enough for all casual photographers. Then we also have the amateur-friendly brands. The 10 most popular digital camera brands have one thing in common which have endeared their various products to millions of people all over the world. That common identity lies in their brand durability. The most popular camera brands today according to market trends are those who do not manufacture products that break down after a few uses.

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These brands tick all the boxes where quality digital cameras are involved. Excellent performance, large digital screen size, fast focus and stunning image quality are what you get when you try them out. Here are the top most popular digital camera brands you should know about:

10 Most Popular Digital Camera Brands


10 Most Popular digital camera brandsLet’s start by giving honour to whom honour is due. The forefather of digital cameras, whose inventions pioneered what we have today and will continue to shape better ones tomorrow.

Kodak reigned supreme in the world of digital camera manufacturing for more than 100 years. During those years, the word camera and Kodak were almost interchangeable as people freely used the brand name to refer to cameras in whichever context they are being discussed. Much of their popularity stems from the high quality and durable products they made. It was pretty easy to make referral sales on such products as old buyers recommended them for new buyers. One of the best selling product of this American brand is the Kodak EasyShare V1073, it was made easy to use.

In recent times, Kodak doesn’t have much dominance in the digital camera industry like it used to have in its youthful days, however, their products are still very much found on most stores where quality digital cameras are up for sale. The parent company- JK Imaging has been diversifying into other related lines of business.


10 Most Popular digital camera brands

Nikon is one of the most recognized and respected digital camera brands, the Japanese manufacturer established itself as a top manufacturer of high-end SLR and DSLR cameras as far back as 1917 in Tokyo.

This brand gifted the photography world many unforgettable gifts with their brilliantly designed crystal-clear imaging cameras, made with the finest of technology. The cutting-edge products they manufacture saw them creating one of the first DSLR cameras for NASA-F4. It was and is still one of the high points of this brand, and till today, they are still very much visible as one of the top 10 digital camera brands on the market. No wonder they say ” Nikon – At the heart of the image”.

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popular digital camerasPentax Digital Camera is quite a young brand in the digital camera market. The brand is owned by Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company which operates from and based in Japan.

The business focus of the company has changed over the years with the company creating new value. They made a major shift from the manufacturing of general consumer cameras to the more expensive high-end professional digital cameras. The company maintains its agelong impeccable camera and lens technology and have steadily improved over the years. With this giant strides,  Pentax has given the world some exceptionally brilliant digital single lens reflex camera models which was welcomed with huge sales, thus it merits to be listed as one of the top 10 most popular digital camera brands.


Samsung digital cameraAny list of best electronic gadget will probably not be complete if not void without including the Samsung brand. The South Korean company has dominated any electronics market they entered for good reasons. As expected, the Samsung commands a respectable position in the top 10 digital cameras brands of our age.

Their cameras, no matter the model is a pure representation of the Samsung quality which they have continued to improve by setting up a separate office to oversee quality control across its line of products. The brand strategy of focusing mainly on youths have been working tremendously for the company, they bring out the trending features in digital cameras to appeal to the younger dynamic generation. Samsung cameras are respected for being a lot smarter than most ordinary digital cameras. Wi-Fi connectivity, Android user interface, selfie modes and a lot more are some of the features found on the best cameras offered by Samsung.

Lumix Panasonic

lumix panasonicdigital camera

Lumix is Panasonic’s line of digital cameras. Many Lumix models make use of the impeccable and sophisticated German Leica lenses. These set of cameras were the first to incorporate Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in their digital cameras. This is responsible for less blurry images and smoother videos. OIS is increasingly being used in smartphones. You can learn more about it in this video or read more here.

Lumix Panasonic is another company of Japanese origin founded far back in 1918. The first models of their camera were released in 2001 since then, more and more models have been released to their ever-expanding customers who are loyal to the Lumix Panasonic brand. Lumix cameras capture the best moments no matter how fast they may seem to occur. All thanks to the Leica lenses which they spot.


popular digital camera brandsIn the digital camera market, Sony is notable for its Cyber-Shot camera introduced in 1996 and the Alpha DSLR camera. 10 years later, the tech giant acquired Konica Minolta which enabled it to rebrand the company’s existing line of cameras to Sony Alpha digital cameras.

Well, if you are guessing where it originated from, Japan is the home of quality electronics and Sony Alpha digital cameras couldn’t have come from anywhere else. Their products are a true representation of quality wherever they are used. This is also replicated on their digital camera models. They are probably the easiest digital camera brand you will find available for sale. So it will be quite nefarious not to include this master brand in our list of well researched and recognized 10 most popular digital camera brands.

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high quality popular digital camerasThe list of 10 most popular digital camera brands will probably not be accepted if it is void of a brand that has shown complete mastery of the workings and manufacturing of digital cameras. Fujifilm apart from being in the dynamic business of digital camera manufacturing also has a vested interest and in fact produces medical imaging equipment, diagnostic and optical devices as well as business documenting office gadgets, graphic arts equipment etc.

The Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, manufacturers of Fujifilm digital cameras is more popularly known for its top-notch technology in digital camera lenses more than any line of its other products. The FinePix series are priced possession most professional photographers have in their collection. They are simply breathtaking and adds a look of life to those still moments we capture them with. Haven discovered this niche in professional digital cameras, Fujifilm has since been introducing high-end digital SLR and Rangefinder cameras. Currently, they are among the few companies that are now making Mirrorless digital cameras.


popular digital cameraCanon Inc. today is known as the leading manufacturer of digital cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, computer printers, steppers and medical equipment. Founded in the year 1937 you can as well be rest assured that they know what they are doing in digital camera manufacturing. During the initial years of Canon, the company didn’t have the capability to manufacture its own optical glass and the first generation of cameras produced by the company incorporated Nikkor lenses by Nikon Corporation.

Currently, Canon’s digital camera product line is comprised of Canon PowerShot, Canon PowerShot G, Canon Digital IXUS, Canon EOS, Canon EF Lens mount, Canon EF-S lens mount and Canon EF-M lens mount series. They had the Canon’s PowerShot series, which was launched in 1996, has been extremely popular with the consumers and has made Canon the most loved brand in the photography community. The EOS (Electro-Optical System) line by canon is a range of autofocus Single-lens reflex cameras whereas the following series offer premium and professional DSLR range of cameras.


top 10 digital camerasOlympus has been in the business of digital camera manufacturing since 1936,  they started off with an 810,000-pixel digital camera. Nevertheless, the rivals of the company were offering only half the specs of that camera at that point of time and Olympus suddenly became the God for photographers. Sequel to this, Olympus introduced a 1.41 million pixel camera and by the year 2001, the company’s had risen substantially. Olympus now also manufactures compact digital cameras and is the designer of Four-Thirds System standard for DSLR cameras. Currently, the company is also the largest manufacturer of Four-Thirds Lenses which it sells under the brand name – Zuiko

General Imaging

popular digital camera brandsGE is a Californian based digital camera manufacturer in Torrance. They hold the license to manufacture cameras under the AgfaPhoto brand while they sell internationally under the General Electric name.

GE started off with entry-level GE-branded digital cameras. These cameras were made ideally for first-time buyers and those stepping up their digital photography hobby or career from first-generation digital cameras. General imaging has since then introduced several series of its digital cameras to meet every user at the point of their budget or photography mastery.


This is top 10 most popular digital camera brands currently on the market, we discussed brands that are market bestsellers and have never failed anyone who used them. These brands have over the years manufactured the highest selling digital camera models and seem not likely to stop doing so.


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