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No one can help you settle the XBOX One S vs XBOX One X comparison as easy as that, but if what you are looking for is a 4K console that comes with better design and more powerful hardware, the obvious choice for you is the Xbox One X, but if you want something much cheaper that also offers almost everything that you get with the other, the One S is the one.

The XBOX One S vs XBOX One X debate is just one among the many that gamers find unending like the PC gaming vs console gaming, Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro, DualShock 4 vs XBOX One S controller comparisons. But then, what makes this comparison very interesting is that the Xbox One X came as the most advanced and powerful console to be released by Microsoft, hence gamers want to know how it stands against the very popular Xbox One S.

In case you have not followed the console development of Microsoft, this is how it went before we found ourselves with the Xbox one S and Xbox One X. Before both, there was the Xbox one which Microsoft decided to discontinue and in its place, the X box one S was brought as the replacement before later introducing the Xbox One X which is another version of its flagship console.

With that said, there is the question among veteran Xbox gamers who want to upgrade as well as new gamers on which to go for between the two consoles. Let’s find out how they stand against each other in various departments.

Design and Build

Because it is the Xbox that we are talking about, there is absolutely no question on the build- all those who have become part of the followers of this console can attest to that.

So to the design, the Xbox One X comes smaller than the Xbox One S and has a matte black finish against the white of its sibling. Although the X is only a little smaller than the S, the X weigh more by close to 2 pounds.

Unlike the Xbox One S which has the top open to push out some hot air, the X has the heat expelled from the back and the top is closed with no opening. This is what has placed the X over the S in the design because it affords gamers to put DVDs, Consoles, and other things atop the console, something you couldn’t do with the S.


Xbox One S Xbox One X
CPU 8 core, AMD custom CPU @ 1.75GHz 8 core x86 CPU @ 2.3GHz
GPU AMD GCN GPU @ 914Mhz w/ 12 compute units AMD custom GPU @ 1,172MHz w/ 40 compute units
Memory 8GB DDR3, 32MB ESRAM 12GB GDDR5
Memory Bus 256-bit 384-bit
Storage 1TB/500GB 2.5 inch HDD 1TB 2.5 inch HDD
4K Support Limited Yes, native
Weight 6.4 lbs 8.4 lbs
Price Starting at $270 $500

As far as most people are concerned, the hardware may just be the most important thing. Nonetheless, both the consoles have a number of similarities here even though they also have some important differences. The Xbox One X which was previously codenamed Project Scorpio has hardware that is designed to give take advantage of 4K and also be more advanced than the One S.

With the Xbox One S, what you get for the processor is the AMD Jaguar 8-core and has a CPU clock speed of 1.75 GHz while the other comes with an AMD Jaguar Evolved 8-core and a CPU clock speed of 2.3 GHz. Another interesting thing here is that the Xbox One X has a 6 TFLOPS GPU which trumps the 1.40 TFLOPS GPU of the Xbox One S.

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Furthermore, the RAM capacity of the Xbox One S is 8 GB and it makes use of DDR3 while using the GDDR5, the X has a RAM of 12 GB which means that it is both higher in capacity and more recent. Of the 12 GB memory of the Xbox One X, you get 9GB reserved strictly for gaming while the operating system will take the other 3 GB. The memory bus of the S is 256-bit while the X gives you a significant jump at 384-bit.

Finally, the S has it better when it comes to the storage as while the X only comes with a 1TB hard disk, it comes with 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB hard disks.

Resolution and Framerate

Gaming is now heading towards full 4K resolution and that is also what newer consoles are coming with. If you can remember the original Xbox One, it was like climbing the mountain for it to offer 1080p when you go above 30 FPS. Nonetheless, the Xbox One X is now able to deliver 60 frames-per-second and 4K resolution. For the Xbox One S, the resolution and FPS of the game may not be stable based on how demanding the game is.


The library of the two titles are the same in many ways and they both have backward compatibility. Nonetheless, the Xbox One X is the one you will go for if you want to have games playing in 4K as well as if you want better graphical quality. This also has the advantage of the selected titles enhanced for the One X.


One of the most obvious things about the XBOX One S vs XBOX One X comparison is the price. While you have the One S going for around $300, the other goes for $500 which is a significant difference.

For almost twice the price of the other, the Xbox One X comes with various improvements as is pointed above, but there are still questions on whether it is worth it at that price. For someone who has the cash, going for the X will not be a bad idea but if you are on a budget, the S is your winner.

Things they have in common

XBOX One S vs XBOX One X
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With all the differences between the two consoles, there are also some similarities between them. Both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X come with HDR support and there is no difference between their operating system and user interface. Other things that the two consoles have in common are their connectivity and media playback.

Conclusion- XBOX One S vs XBOX One X

Costing almost twice of the Xbox One S, the X is the better of the two for someone who wants to buy a new console, but if you have the S, upgrading to the X may not entirely be worth it for now except if you have the extra cash to spend. That said, it still has some edge over the Xbox One S although these differences may not be as earthquaking as you may want to believe, hence the best for you will totally be for you to decide.


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