WTFast Review – What is It, Does It Work & Is It Safe To Use? 

When you are playing games such as World of Warcraft, Fortnite, League of Legends and other online games that beyond your skills, time is all that matters for you to win or lose, you will want to have a lower ping because it is in those negligible milliseconds that games are won and lost. That is where WTFast comes on board.

The reason why this software has become very important to gamers is that most of the games that you play do not have their game servers in your location and so for you to be able to play them you will have to be connected to their own server which could be in another region entirely. Because of this, your connection must pass through different places to get to the game server, and obviously, that will reduce your speed, causing you the lag that may lose your game if you are a competitive gamer most especially.

Once your ping goes above 70 milliseconds (MS), you will start experiencing lag, and the higher the ping, the greater the lag issues you will have, which may be caused by your distance from the game server. Apart from the lag, there is also the problem of packet loss which occurs when the hops that your connection has to pass through get too many and it gets lost on the way.

While there are a number of ways to fix the issue such as Outfox and Haste, WTFast is probably the most popular.

What exactly is WTFast?

WTFast is a software that is designed to serve as an optimized gaming network for MOBA, FPS, and MMO gamers. Also referred to as Gamers Private Network (GPN), the program gives you a faster route from your own location, which is where you have your connection, to the location of the server of the game you are playing. In essence, it cuts the distance and the many hops that you have to follow which may cause lag issues and packet loss.

More so, what this tunnelling software does is to route your connection to the game servers using the GPN with the goal of reducing latency as much as possible.

The GPN is very much different from VPN as rather than masking you, the only thing it does is to get you closer to the servers of the game while maintaining your IP address. More so, apart from giving a more optimized data connection, it does not affect or change your network setting.

Does WTFast Work?


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Since WTFast began in 2009, it has pulled a massive followership, but then it has not stayed clear of criticism from many others who believe that it does not work.

As stated, the job of the GPN is to ensure that you have a better connection even if you are regions away from the game server. For example, if you are living in the US and you want to play a game that has its server located in Asia or somewhere in Europe, what this program is supposed to do is to take you from your location of connection to the game server connection through the GPN to offer you shorter and faster private routes.

What remains as the big question is whether the GPN is working as promised or not. What makes this a very important question is because since the service does not come free, it is only right to know if what you are paying for is worth it.

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At the centre of finding out whether this actually works are lowering your ping and eliminating packet loss.

Ping and Packet Loss

From our experience, WTFast works when it comes to lowering your ping. But don’t get carried away yet. Trying out with games such as Battlefield, Minecraft, and WoW, you will have a lower ping, but that is only when you have an average ping that is very high. If you have a ping that goes into the hundreds or close to that, you will definitely experience a significant jump. However, once your original MS is below 50, you will hardly notice anything that is significant.

There is, however, also the possibility of it increasing your lag time if you have a very good lag and you still use it. This happens mostly when you are in the region of the game and your original route to the game was good. If you use WTFast, it may change your route and use its own which may take more time than yours.

When it comes to the issue of packet loss, WTFast has been seen to work very well in cutting that down. Again, there are those that have had an issue or more with this, so the single and best way out is to take advantage of the trial service it offers.

Importantly: It can sometimes get very tricky because while you may get to see a different result when you look at the result on WTFast, you may see something else on the network graph built into the game. So, what you see in the network graph of the game should be what you go with.

Is It Safe To Use WTFast? 

Unlike VPN which some games do not allow, WTFast and other similar services are allowed since they only give a different route of connection. Hence, it is very safe to use.


At the end of it all, if what you are looking for, is gaming without lag as promised by WTFast, there is no service that can provide for that. However, if you are looking for game optimization, WTFast can deliver in that although as seen above, there are other things that you may want to consider including whether your ping is high enough for you to want to lower it. More importantly, before deciding to go with it, you may as well decide to play with the trial version to see what it delivers on the games that you love playing since there may be different experiences depending on the game. When trying the games, our advice is that you should try them on games that come with their inbuilt network graphs such as Team Fortress, Overwatch, or Battlefield among others so that you can compare the result you get from the game and what WTFast is showing you.

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