Wreckfest Ps4, Xbox And PC Release Date – What You Need To Know

The demolition derby themed racing game, Wreckfest has been out since June 2018, however, the Bugbear developed game has only been available for PC users. The Early Access was released in 2014 and it enjoyed an instant success selling more than $1 million in its first week. Four years after the early access, the PC version of the game was released for Windows users and less than a year later, Wreckfest PS4 and Xbox One have finally been announced. Here is all you want to know about the release date and all there is about the game.

Wreckfest Ps4, Xbox, And Pc Release Dates

As already stated, after the early access was released, the next Wreckfest game that was released was the PC version which came in 2018. It followed in the success of the early access thanks to its blend of great graphics, impressive physics, and crashes that are, in simple terms, beautiful. That said, the PC version is only available for Windows users.

As regards the Wreckfest Ps4 and Xbox, THQ Nordic has made the long-awaited announcement that console gamers will have it released finally, on August 27, 2019.

While it is coming as something entirely new on consoles, PC players will also have the opportunity of a free PC update as the game is also coming with many good things in that regards. The update will also be made available on the same day that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are coming.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Wreckfest

Price of the Game

In a press release, THQ Nordic revealed that it is bringing some contents that are entirely new for PC players at no cost for their support of the game thus far. On the other hand, if you want to get it for search console, the price differs depending on whether you are deciding to buy the Wreckfest Digital Deluxe Edition. Generally, the price, whether you are purchasing the Xbox one version or the PS4 will be from $39.99–$59.99.

For those who are preordering either version of the game, there is the exclusive Bandit V8 Racer which will be made available. More than that, the Bandit V8 Racer will be available whether your preorder is via retail or digitally.

If you are going with the standard version of the game, you will rightly get the standard game, but when you decide to go with the Wreckfest Digital Deluxe Edition, you will also get the Season Pass which comes with additional 20 new cars as well as 20 special roof decorations. More so, you will also get various customizations for your car that include different parts such as the rims and armor.

With the customization that you get as well as the upgrades, you can completely change the performance of tour car and make it anything from an indestructible monster on the track to a speedy fast machine. The things you can do are almost limitless.

Various updates for PC Gamers

For PC Gamers, the free PC patch that is coming along with the Wreckfest PS4 and Xbox One are also enticing. Some of the freebies with the patch are:

  • A new derby arena as well as three tracks that are entirely new
  • Three challenge vehicles that are new and crazy
  • If you finish the career, the patch will also come with a reward car
  • New and Improved career events
  • For existing cars, you will also have several new paint jobs
  • Additional daytimes for all tracks

Although these are the things that have been listed by THQ Nordic, there is much more cool stuff that according to the developers, come with the new PC updates.

Apart from the console version of games that are coming, one can still buy the PC version which is available on various platforms online including Steam where it is currently being sold for less than $23.

Wreckfest Trailer

From the short trailer that has been released by THQ Nordic, the console game is a great improvement from the PC version. However, that may just be the reason why you are getting a free update as the console version rolls out. The game is definitely coming with carnage, speed, great cars, challenging rides, and many more things that have made the developers some of the best in the car racing games business.

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Wreckfest Previous announcements of Game Release

Wreckfest Ps4
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If you have somehow managed not to know anything about the racing video game, let’s first of all, bring you along. The game which has been seen as the FlatOut series’ spiritual successor has cut between some of the most favorite racing games including FlatOutDestruction Derby, and Street Rod.

So why is Wrekfest as great as it is? Because it is a festival of wreckage-racing to the extreme. In the game, there are no rules so if one wants to demolish the car of his opponent on the track, you have all the freedom to do that. In addition to that, because of its excellent physics, watching the carnage as it happens is nothing but pure joy.

The Wreckfest PS4 and Xbox One versions have had a very long history before the announcement of the release. Following the Early Access and much later, the PC release, there have been previous announcements that the console game will be released but has been pushed back. The game was supposed to be launched in 2017 following an announcement by Bugbear Entertainment.

Next, the release date was set at November 20, 2018, but somehow it did not materialize because it had performance problem which was said to be a result of its multiplayer portion which was still in need of some polishing, and so might not be a great game to play. After a large part of Bugbear Entertainment was acquired by THQ Nordic, work continued on the console versions of the game which has now been set for August 27, a date that will surely be kept.

Since the release of the game, it has received very favorable reviews from both gamers and critics, and since it is the same game, a better version that is coming on consoles, there is no reason why it shouldn’t make a great gameplay.

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