25 Ways Wireless Network is Changing the World

Wireless Network has brought us more than 50 years from where we were 10 years ago. That may seem too much of an exaggeration, but then, it may not even capture the real essence of how we have taken a jump in time and activities thanks to it.

The technology has brought us way far that we are now unable to imagine how we were able to survive in the pre-internet and later the pre Wi-Fi era. Even when the internet began, life, as it is today, didn’t really begin because it only introduced us to a world of possibilities without allowing us into the promised land of the possibilities.

Then came Wireless Network, and life began. The local area networks (LAN) cables were done off with, forcing communication process to change.

It is important to understand that the changes brought by the wireless network are as a result of the easy availability of the internet that it has ensured. Here are some important ways in which wireless Network is changing the World:

They make for easier connection

Because of Wi-Fi connectivity, we are able to get easier network connection that is on the go. You no more need to be in a specific place sitting on a desk with wires before you get connected to the internet.

More people are now able to access the internet

With as much as 6 in every 10 people accessing the internet via mobile phones in 2016 and indications that it will continue to rise, what is clear is that wireless network has afforded more people the opportunity to access the internet more than was obtainable in the days of wired connectivity.


What may just be the greatest influence of the internet and the wireless network is that they have allowed people to be more global citizens than even citizens of their own countries. It is because of this that people are able to follow things happening all over the world and react or even protest things believed not to be fair, just as they get to support other things in other parts of the world.


Many of us can’t even tell if the postal services still run, just as we are coming to forget how to send SMS because we are offered more reliable options with instant messaging apps on our mobile and other internet-enabled devices.


Information today is gotten sometimes even faster before events take place. That is what we now get with this technology. More so, one may even get to see the things that are happening as soon as they happen without any form of gate-keeping or censorship. What makes it even better is that people are no more only consumers of information, but also the generators.

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Mobility and Extended Devices

Wireless Network

Prior to the Wireless Network age, you may not be able to connect to many devices, most especially smaller ones such as phones as easily as you would today. What is more is that you are able to access internet on the go.

Cost Effectiveness

Life is easier when you spend less to gain more. That is another way in which wireless network is changing the world as it gives cheaper connectivity to people more than what was obtained with its wired sibling in which you needed to have a lot of things to get going.

If you want to have everything installed, that is when it becomes a little more expensive than its sister.

 It has made security forces more effective

Thanks to wireless connectivity, the police, and other law enforcement agents are able to make use of simple mobile devices to get necessary information about suspects even without necessarily leaving crime scenes. This will definitely give a push as regards the effectiveness of security agents.


Yes, the wireless network is also changing the world. This is in the fact that it doesn’t just help entertainers to distribute their works more easily and widely, but it also helps those seeking for various forms of entertainment to get it much easier and cheaper than they would have.


This may not be ideal, but our first doctors are our smartphones and our internet connected devices which most times are thanks to wireless networks. This has helped us health wise most especially with emergencies and first aids as well as other things that may be very minor and may not require the need to see a medic.


One thing many of us would come to agree is that the wireless technology in some aspects gives and takes. Here, it offers the government a way of reaching a massive chunk of its citizens most especially the youths, making governance much easier. At the same time, it brings the involvement of the governed in the process of governance.

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Job Creation

The internet has created a lot of jobs that just a few years ago were non-existent. These jobs do not come as the regular jobs as you would have before the wireless revolution if you can call it that. The jobs are not only for the older generation, but also for the millennials, making it even more critical.

Smart World

Wireless network

It is not only humans that are becoming smarter, and that is thanks again to wireless networks which have ensured that we can have a lot of things as smart as we want them to be. From smart cookers, to smart beds, smart clocks, and many more smart products that are not only changing the world, but saving it. We just wait to see what comes after these.


Since more people are able to be reached on social media via their mobile devices which are connected thanks to wireless networks, the political arena has changed online massively. This is not only about elections, but also by checking on governments on social media most especially Twitter and Facebook which has kept seeing more of political movements. This will even change some more with time.

Redefinition of Business

One of the biggest changes has to be in the way we now do businesses. One no longer needs a very big company to get a lot of businesses running as most things could be done online. Also, the definition of customers has changed from people who are close to you to almost anyone in any part of the world. There is also efficiency in how business is done.


Security is one of the things that we get to enjoy massively thanks to the wireless network which helps you monitor your home from any part of the world at any time once you have cameras to monitor your home and deliver real-time info.

Shifting emphasis on traditional media

The internet has brought about the age of convergence in which all the traditional media are coming to meet. Nevertheless, with the introduction of the wireless network, this is even becoming more pronounced as there is less emphasis even on TV as there is on the computer and smartphones.


online stores today are giving a very good competition to their traditional siblings thanks to the ease of internet connectivity which is again thanks to wireless connectivity. Because of this, so much has changed in the way people buy things since you don’t need to leave your seat to get whatever you need from groceries to cars, and what is more!

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Moving from one place to another has never been much easier than it is today. This is as you can count on the GPS on your mobile or other devices to find your way all around even in places you have never been to.


From what they use to be, relationships are completely different today as you get to become friends with people from different parts of the world even as you may never get to meet them. A step above that is the fact that through dating sites which is easy to get on thanks to the wireless technology, one can find a life partner.


The concept of education has entirely changed entirely. Degrees are gotten from everywhere in the world and certificates are gotten simultaneously. With the increase in the availability of the internet, you will definitely see this changing some more. For the better.


Without any arrogance, we are gradually becoming some sort of superhumans with the abilities to take care of a lot of things all at once. You get to study, chat, shop and do a lot more things all at once just with your device.

Wireless Network Increases Over-dependence

Inasmuch as we keep emphasizing the good ways in which we are watching the world change, there are other opposite changes that we are experiencing. The most dangerous of this is that there is too much dependence on the internet because of how it is now very close. Because of this overdependence, internet addiction centers are beginning to spring up in places such as China.

Privacy and Security

Another major way in which the wireless network is changing the world is as regards privacy and security. This is mostly as with the availability of these networks that are mostly not secured, the privacy of people are accessed by hackers who may use them for various nefarious purposes.


While the availability of wireless network has made it easy for security forces to keep things in check, it has also opened ways for various crimes that are extremely dangerous including financial crimes and terrorist recruitments.


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