Why You Should Avoid Buying Used Gaming PC on eBay

If you are one of those that know a few facts about what makes good gaming computers, and you are a fan of PC gaming, then you will agree with the fact that the best way to make the gaming PC perform as expected is by selecting the parts and configuration as per your needs. This is the only way in which you can be sure that you are buying the right stuff that will deliver both in terms of speed and performance.

Although, the online marketplaces like eBay has helped businesses to grow and has also helped the customers by making their purchases easy but sometimes, these online sites can be the reason behind the fraud and faulty selling that are on the rise lately. Although there are many benefits of these sites, the negative downsides cannot be ignored either.

There have been many incidents in the past where many people were cheated and were sold the faulty stuff by some of the reputable sites. One such popular name is eBay. Despite the fact that there are many genuine sellers on the site, the presence of some not so genuine sellers on the site has made the site to fall under this category unfortunately. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid buying used gaming Computers on eBay:

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Why You Should Avoid Buying Used Gaming Computer on eBay

Security: One major reason you should avoid buying gaming computers let alone “used gaming computers” from online marketplace like eBay is security concerns that could arise. While eBay tries to create a safe and fair environment for all eBay members at all times.

While there are also some reputable sellers on eBay that sells pretty good gaming machines at insanely great prices, there are also a number of scam artists that would sell you anything for a gaming PC.

Anyone can post any wrong details or specs about their product and there’s no way you can guarantee they’re telling the truth. Once a fraud has been committed, it has been committed, you don’t want to be in that mess of trying to get your money back

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Lack of Authenticity:  Anyone can be a seller on eBay and can enter any fake details about their product or themselves. Since one cannot be completely sure about the authenticity of the seller let alone the product, if they are real people, where they live, the process of buying a used gaming PC from the site becomes a risky affair.

The seller would claim that the gaming PC will deliver an outstanding performance but just as you start using the PC for some time its performance will decrease, the computer might even break down. Since you cannot be sure about the performance of the used gaming Computer, you must avoid buying one online. You’re better off buying from someone down the street, someone you can hold responsible if anything bad happens

Of course this doesn’t mean that every gaming computer on eBay would have one issue or the other, but there’s no way of knowing. There have been many cases in the past where the buyer has lately realized that the product has a different configuration to what was mentioned on the eBay.

What about sites like Amazon and PC World? One might ask, of course with those sites, there’s no issue of not knowing, everyone knows who sells stuff on Amazon, like they say “A goldfish has no hiding place”

No Preview of the Gaming Computer: Keeping aside the fact that you are buying a used gaming PC, when buying a PC you would expect the PC to perform well. But the site does not offer you the facility to have a preview of the gaming computer. When buying from a local vendor, you can ask for a preview of the PC and can see if the computer is doing justice to what it should. You can also test the computer by playing some games on it.

Associated Risk: When buying the used gaming computer from sites like eBay, you can never be sure of the associated risk with the product. There can be a number of risks associated with the used products on the eBay site. You can never be sure if the product is real or is stolen from someone and is then posted to be resold.

There are many cases where the original receipt of the product is not available and this may sometimes land you in deep trouble. There can be a case where you will later realise that the gaming PC that you are using was a stolen item. Whereas buying from a local vendor or directly from Amazon will eliminate this problem.

If you are attracted to the low price quoted on the site, then there can be a case where you would have to invest extra money in the repairing of the used gaming PC.

You should only consider buying gaming computer on eBay if, and only if you know that the price is so low that whatever problems it could develop or risk that could arise later has been reduced to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable, you can consider buying if you know exactly what you are doing

PC gaming can be an expensive pursuit, and building your own rig even more so. Not everybody can afford a high-end brand new gaming PC. That’s partly because Computer parts generally are not cheap, In our next set of articles, we’ll be looking at how you can effectively build a very good high end gaming PC for as little money as possible. Check out our buying guides to the best mousewireless keyboard, and gaming monitor to pair with your new rig.


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