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Amazon Flex is a “gig economy” which makes it possible for people with cars and drivers to make money from delivering Amazon products to customers. These freelance drivers work based on their time and then they get paid on hourly basis.

Since it introduced the Amazon prime in 2005, Amazon has been looking for ways to make faster delivery possible. In 2014, it introduced the Amazon Prime Now which instead of delivering products in two days as it is with the Amazon Prime, the Prime Now has products delivered within a two-hour window. With this, there is the obvious problem of fast delivery which to tackle, Amazon introduced the Amazon Flex.

With the Flex, Amazon created a platform that can make use of customers and independent drivers who could make delivery of products and meet up with the delivery demands of the Prime Now. All that drivers need to do is to download the app, register, and if they get selected, they will begin making delivery and earning from it.

What Is Amazon Flex? 

As already stated above, Amazon Flex is introduced by Amazon to have independent or contract drivers make deliveries to customers in order to meet the demands of the Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and other delivery demands of Amazon.

The deliveries that drivers are expected to make are from Amazon delivery stations to customers in blocks that are between 3 to 6 hours, while for Prime Now and Prime Fresh delivery, drivers will pick up the ordered goods to customers mostly in blocks between 2 to 4 hours.

Deliveries can also be picked from restaurants or local stores and have them generally delivered between 15 minutes to as much as 6 hours.

For people in the UK, you will be able to make between £13 and £15 per hour for the deliveries you make while in the US, you may make between $18 and $25 per hour. In some ways, this is just like Uber or Lyft where you get to work as much as you want or as little as you may want.

There are different schedules for the Amazon Flex shifts; the Guaranteed shifts where you can get to claim reserved offers based on your availability and Drop-in shifts.

The type of deliveries are Prime, Prime Now, Amazon Locker, Restaurant, and Merchant pickups. There are also special deliveries such as attended deliveries, alcohol deliveries, and chilled and frozen deliveries.

Where Is It Available?

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In the United States, it is not available in all areas. Even though it is obvious that Amazon has covered everywhere in the States, the Flex just like some other services of Amazon is still yet to achieve the feat including the Amazon Prime Now.

Nonetheless, more areas are being included in the program. The list below has all the areas that have already been covered.

If you have started the process of downloading the app but did not find your location, you can as well select “My region is not here” and then put in your email if you will be interested in being notified when it is brought to your location.

See where it is available

  • Boston (MA)
  • Champaign-PeoriaSpringfield (IL)
  • Charleston(SC)
  • Columbus (OH)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (TX)
  • Fresno (CA)
  • Grand RapidsKalamazoo (MI)
  • Greenville (SC)
  • Las Vegas (NV)
  • Greater Los Angeles Area (CA)
  • Louisville (KY)
  • Milwaukee-Sussex (WI)
  • Newark (NJ)
  • New York (NY)
  • Philadelphia (PA)
  • Pittsburgh (PA)
  • Richmond (VA)
  • Rochester (NY)
  • San Diego (CA)
  • Savannah (GA)
  • Greater Seattle Area (WA)
  • Shawnee (KS)
  • Tulsa (OK)
  • Greater Washington D.C.
  • Area (DC)
  • Wilmington (DE)

What Are the Requirements?

For one to be considered for the Flex, there are some requirements that you need to meet including:

  • One must be at least 21 years old
  • You must have your social security number
  • A background check will be carried out on you and you will be expected to pass that. The background check will involve a look back at the last 7 years of your life to see if you have been involved in crime.
  • You need to have a valid drivers license.
  • Have access to a car that qualifies: a van, pickup truck, or 4-door sedan. Although there is no vehicle inspection, if your vehicle is too old to meet up, you may later be deactivated.
  • You need to have your proof of auto insurance.
  • A good smartphone; iPhone (iPhone 5 or newer) or Android (Android version 4.4 or higher).

Steps To Download and Install The App

Before you can be involved in the Amazon Flex, you will first of all need to download the app and have it installed. There is a version for Android phone which works on anything from Android version 4.4 and an iPhone version which works on anything from iPhone 5. Here are the steps to download and install the app:

  • Go to the Flex website
  • Select the region where you want to make your deliveries and then click on Next
  • Answer “Yes” if you are up to 21 years old and if you have a Valid US driver’s license.
  • Select “Yes” if you have a car or truck that meets the requirements
  • Select the kind of phone you have and confirm that it has all the needed specs.
  • Now, you can go ahead and download the app.

Once it has been downloaded and installed, you can now launch it and continue with the registration process. It will take some days before you can be informed whether you have been confirmed or not.

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If you are successful, you will need to always have your phone battery fully charged, always make your deliveries, and ensure that you meet your target because your account can be deactivated if there is any problem. Some reasons why you may be deactivated could include inactivity for 180 days, lateness for shifts, missing scheduled shifts, failure to deliver packages, poor customer service, and damaging or stealing packages.

Other Questions

How much money can you make delivering packages for Amazon?

The amount you are able to make from delivering packages depends on the number of hours you are able to put in. However, you will be able to make between $18 and $25 per hour.

How do I contact Amazon Flex?

If your account has been suspended or there is any problem, you can contact Amazon Flex via support phone numbers: (877) 212-6150 or (888) 281-6901. For Email Support [email protected]