What Is 123hulu? Is It Safe To Use And Legal To Watch?

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123Hulu is a video streaming platform which allows you to access and download free movies. Like most other streaming websites, this comes with various categories of movies including animes and cartoons, while it also makes it possible for you to stream popular television series. With all that it is, it is important to understand that 123Hulu is completely different from Hulu.

With the birth of popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, we have also seen the rise of many others that were designed to tap from their successes in the form of 123Netflix, 123Hulu. 123mobvies, and much more. Despite their names, the second category of Hulu is very different from the first in almost every way.

Before now, it is not so difficult for one who searches for Hulu to end up clicking on the 123Hulu, even though as already mentioned, the sites do not have anything in common except for the name. On its part, Hulu is a streaming platform that began in 2007 as a brainchild of 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, Comcast, and AT&T as a streaming platform for their TV shows and other programs. Hence, Hulu is more concentrated on TV shows and series than other things like movies and documentaries.

Inasmuch as it is thinly different from Netflix and other streaming services, Hulu is the same as most because you get to pay for most of the services that you access from the platform except when you have a free trial. That is one of the things that separate them from others such as 123Netflix and 123Hulu.

What Is 123Hulu?

As indicated above, 123Hulu is a free streaming service through which one can watch and download various contents including movies, cartoons, animes, and series. The platform began under the shadow of Hulu although it doesn’t operate in the same way.

Also like Project Free TV which comes with free contents that you can watch or download, with this service, you will be able to watch directly on the site and download. It has a very large library of contents covering almost any kind of movies that you are looking for. The contents are provided by third parties and because of that, each movie or series has many links from which you can download or watch. But then, because there is no means for direct downloading from the site, what most people use is a free downloading app or website to have it downloaded.

According to the website, it does not store files on its servers and all the contents are provided by third parties. Nonetheless, one of the main issues that it is having (like many other free streaming services) is as regards the violation of the copyrights of the owners of such materials that are being distributed for free.

Is It Safe To Use?

When it comes to websites that offer things such as movies, music, and other contents for free, they are mostly not the safest places one would want to be on the internet. Unlike those that require you to pay to get such contents or those that the contents are uploaded by the creators, these come with a lot of advertisements and pop-ups or even some programs that you will need to install, all of which are not always as safe as one may want.

With 123Hulu, there have not been many complaints about its safety in the past, but that doesn’t mean the safety is guaranteed. The platform has many pop-ups and so no matter what you do, a page will open in a new tab with almost any click. The danger with this is that you can easily be led to a website that will get you to download things that may be harmful to your system.

Another important thing to consider is that because there are many links from which you can watch and download movies, there may be the possibility of following the wrong link that will get you to download malware or other things that could be harmful.

At the end of the day, like most other things that you do online, your safety on the platform depends on how you use it, even though the question of its safety will always remain very important.

Is It Legal To Watch?

To the question of legality which is the main problem with websites that allow for free streaming, 123Hulu is not exactly legal. Although the argument is that the contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties, the platform still makes it possible for others to access contents without the permission of the creators, thereby infringing on the rights of the real owners of the copyrights to such movies.

It is to this end that it has been blocked alongside other sites such as HDO and ETTV in Australia in June 2018. The website along with 14 others was dragged to court by Foxtel which sought to have the internet service providers (ISPs) in Australia to block access to the websites in the country due to copyrights violation for allowing users to stream free episodes of shows such as Wentworth and Game of Thrones.

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Finally, for any streaming site that delivers contents such as movies for free, there are only two ways that it can be fully legal; either it is movies that are under public domain or those with permission from the producers or other content company. Once a free streaming site does not fall under these, it is more than likely that the contents are not legal.

Other Questions

Can you get a virus from streaming videos?

When you are streaming videos, it is very much unlikely that you can get a virus from the streaming itself. However, if it is from a website that has viruses, you can get infected from the website most especially when you click infected links or you download an infected file.

Is streaming free movies illegal?

While not all services offering free streaming or movie services are illegal, most of them are. As shown above, most of those that are legal will have permission from the creators or the only things that would be made available are contents that are available in the public domain. More so, You will mostly not need things like VPN to access them.


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