5 Ways to Charge Your Laptop Without Using a Charger

Laptops are extremely versatile personal computers that you can always travel with. Perhaps this is why they are sometimes referred to as portable personal computers. A standard laptop features a built in monitor, speakers, touch pad and a keyboard. Most laptops are powered by a rechargeable battery.

Laptops are extremely energy efficient and only utilizes between ten to thirty watts of electricity. When fully charged, laptops can potentially serve you for many hours, depending on the model as well as the performance level of that particular machine.

Energy consumption and efficiency are arguably essential design elements that you should seriously consider before making any purchase. Research has shown that most laptop computers take close to eighty percent less energy than desktop computers.

Without your adapter or AC charger, you’ll often feel like your notebook is almost worthless. Even though latest technologies are being designed to help solve mobile power-related problems, the available options are still not that much effective. In fact, currently, there are no notable alternatives to powering your laptop battery without the original charger.

The question now becomes, how can you charge your laptop without using a charger? So today in this post, we want to examine five possible ways of how to power your little machine without the help of a charger. Peruse through it and enhance your knowledge.

How to Charge Your Laptop Without Using a Charger

1. Using a universal power adapter

universal laptop power adapter

Arguably, this is the most straightforward and practical way to your laptop charging woes. Universal adapters are readily available in a number of retail electronic shops. They are highly affordable and come ranging between thirty to a hundred US dollars. An adapter will come with a handful of tips, one of which will probably be compatible with your laptop’s charging port.

When correctly plugged in, a universal adapter will not only provide sufficient energy to your laptop but will equally charge your laptop battery as well. It is imperative to note that you should always check the features of a particular power adapter before you purchase. It is advisable that you go for that particular one which fits your laptop.

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2. External Laptop battery charger

External Laptop battery charger

External battery chargers have become useful power devices and can allow you to charge your device without necessarily using the original charger. If you didn’t know, external battery chargers are standalone devices which do not plug directly into your laptop computer. Instead, you’ll have to remove your laptop battery, connect it to the external charging device and connect it to an electrical outlet.

Once your battery is completely charged, you can now re-insert into your portable computer. It is crucial to mention that external chargers are typically model and brand specific and this only implies that you should buy the one which is in line with the specs of your laptop. One essential benefit of using an external charging device is that it allows you to charge spare batteries without necessarily exhausting your laptop battery.

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3. Use a universal air/auto adapter

Use a universal auto adapter for Laptop

Another viable option to power your laptop without the help of a charger is to use universal auto/air adapter. If you are an individual who spends most of his/her time in a car perhaps because of the nature of your job, then you’ll probably find this particular device quite handy.

To a larger extent, an auto adapter is quite similar to a standard power adapter. Perhaps the major difference is that the auto adapter features a modified end which plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car. When you start the car, the universal charger will automatically start powering your laptop.

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4. Take advantage of the so-called super laptop batteries

Super Laptop Battery

Super laptop batteries offer a decent option to charge your laptop without using the original charger. However, it is critical to mention that super laptop batteries are only suitable in cases where the laptop’s original battery can be removed. You’ll just need to remove the battery from your laptop and replace it with a super battery. On most occasions, super laptop batteries provide consistent power for up to 7 hours, a phenomenon that makes them the perfect alternative option.

5. The solar charging kit

Charge Your Laptop Without Using a Charger

Solar laptop charging kits have become popular devices for powering laptops in the absence of the original charger. As the name suggests, these charging devices take advantage of the solar energy through the use of battery kits as well as solar panels. As compared to the auto charging batteries, solar kits don’t solely depend on bulk power storage but harness the sun’s energy.

The latest solar technology devices have undergone tremendous improvement and are typically designed to produce relatively smaller, flexible and more efficient photovoltaic cells. This implies that they can easily be modified into portable folding panels which have the ability to harvest sufficient power to charge nearly all types of laptops.

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The Bottom Line

Laptops are essential computers that are not only portable but are equally energy efficient. The battery life of a laptop is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when buying one. In fact, a laptop that requires being plugged in after every 30 to 45 minutes is regarded to be of low quality.

For efficient charging, it is always recommended that one should use the laptop’s original charger. It can be a daunting task trying to power your laptop without the charger. Whether you’ve lost your laptop’s charger or you are just seeking for an alternative way to power your machine, we have provided you with alternative practical and proven ways on how to charge your laptop.


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